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The app has an intelligent autosave feature.

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It protects the changes as soon as they are made, when you open the scanbook again it will begin with all the scanned files already saved, and you may resume editing from where you left off. You may choose, to export the scanbook into PDF format for emailing the file to anyone, who does not use OrganizerMax.

You may get new invoices regularly from time to time and would prefer to keep them all under a scanbook file collecting invoices during a particular time frame. Download Now Buy Now. The tags are universal to a system so that you can tag files, downloaded files, email attachments and scanbooks with the same tags for better organization on your system. A simple and intuitive user interface to help you reorder, delete or edit pages and auto-saves any changes as you make them.

Now digitize all your physical mail, documents, invoices accurately all with the digital files on your Mac.

The only app that lets you import scanned physical files and manage them with digital data all from a simple to use User interface. Now organize your scanned documents on mac along with your files and folders.

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Automatically detects if your scanner supports Duplex Scanning. Scanning documents on both sides; back and front. Compatible with all popular scanners that are supported by macOS. Why is document scanning module for macOS a must-have for you in OrganizermaX? If you have regularly faced the below scenarios, you should at least give it a try once to see for yourself how it makes your life simple: You get lots of physical mails and have tons of paper documents.

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Be it business or personal; these are all stacking up and lying around in boxes. You have go through the pile of boxes when you need to refer these once in a while. There have been instances when you were unable to find the documents and wish it would be just more comfortable if you had a digital copy of it on your computer. There has been a chance when one of the documents got damage d due to some uncontrollable circumstances, and that was the only copy you had of it.

You get stressed and start to panic whenever you have to search for a document from the pile of boxes. You wish there was an app that would let you quickly scan and tag the paper documents on a day to day basis without any fuss. A complete solution for your paperless office Now going paperless is made simple with help of OrgnaizerMaX. Auto Color Optimization Support Intelligent code to help in color optimization in documents to ensure the scanned documents are saved at the optimal file size.

Auto Detects Scanner The app can automatically detect the scanners installed and available on Your Mac. How Scanning physical Documents to your Mac can help you with staying Organized? Download Free Trial Just don't take our word download and run a fully functional day trial version now, and we are sure you'll say that the app takes all the stress away and helps you better focus on the tasks of the day at hand.

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Most importantly, use the Scan To drop-down to chose where your scan will be saved. The default option is the Desktop. When the scan is finished, you'll find the scanned file saved in the location you set previously. Once the scanning head returns to its resting place, open the scanner and take out the document. Higher DPIs should be reserved for documents that will benefit from a higher resolution, like photo prints. If you select PDF, you'll see a checkbox labeled Combine into single document.

This setting combines all your scans into one multi-page PDF.

If you forget to click this box, PDFs can also be combined in Preview after the scans are complete. Share Pin Email. Alexander Fox is a freelance tech writer who loves translating tech for consumers. To insert a selection box: Click an area of the scan not surrounded by the box.

Click and drag to create a bounding box around the object you want to scan. Repeat as many times as necessary to get all your objects selected. Click Scan to start your scan. Changing this will update the overview scan to reflect your selection. If your scanner is properly calibrated , the colors should be very similar to the original document. Resolution : Set the DPI , or dots per inch, for your scan. Each dot of the DPI represents a single pixel. The higher the DPI, the more pixel in each square inch.

Sizing : Set the size of the selection box in inches. Rotation Angle : Rotates the selection box clockwise by a specific number of degrees. Auto Selection : During the overview scan, Image Capture automatically detects your document edges and places the selection box around them.

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If it's not working right, you might want to tweak your options here. Detect Separate Items : Locates multiple items on the scanning bed. Each item gets its own selection box and its own file.