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This also does not work for me. I'm running Yosemite and edited the info. Then executed the following commands in the terminal:. Followed by the second one. I am using Illustrator CC is set as default open with which can be viewed in the info panel and if you click on an ai file it will auto open in Illustrator but if you use open with menu it shows Preview as default.

Adobe Illustrator is in the Lust of applications it can open with but not the default. Nothing has worked to change Preview from showing as default. In my experience when a native app such as Illustrator was installed it overrides Preview as a default in the open with list. I have tried everything even wiped and reinstalled op system but still does the same thing.

Default Applications Reset Upon Mac OS X Lion 10.7 Restart

It is not a huge issue as clicking files opens in the correct application but it is annoying to see Preview as coming up as the default in the Open With menu list. Tried with Mojave Any word on whether this works for Mojave? Get the Gadget Hacks Daily Life hacks for your smartphone. Sign Up. This does not work in Yosemite! It worked thanks!

Method 1: Use Terminal to Clear Duplicates. I then used the method of adding a program to the list. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thank you! I downloaded Adobe Acrobat for my photoshop files but found that Acrobat kept opening my pdf documents too rather than native Preview. It was clunky, took longer to open, and had less of the functions I loved. I spent so long trying to open docs in preview one-by-one; glad to have run by your article!

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Highlight the file. How do you change the app to open a file type without the file? I agree with Shawn — it seems to randomly reset itself all the time. Did everything like you suggested and it is not working. When I go to change all it is defaulting back to the original application. Any other alternatives? Do you have an idea? OSX Possibly this is new though, as I never tried it in earlier versions.

Same problem as Ray. I am trying to change default for numbers and. Is there anywhere else to change Filetype Associations? Select the new version of Numbers to open the document with. You have to select the version you want to associate and open the document with.

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Why do you have a new and old version of Numbers on the same Mac anyway? That is kind of unusual, I suggest going for the newest version. In the old Macintosh OS9 era everything went much smoother and effective. Do you remember?? Easy it was! The ultimate solution for everybody. Useful for files got from other people removable media. I could not get a Raw file to open with Preview, instead it was opening with Adobe Photoshop.

But with method 2, it seems to be working!

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I have a mystery that is close to this matter. When I receive text files or. The names are greyed, and unselectable. When I export a small test file, that name is selectable for import afterwards. Both files have same owner and rights. Both files are text. But some restriction keeps mee from importing.

Pls help. I agree does work, need to open old pages docs with 3. This ability has been around for a very long time in OS X, and you should find it in everything from the earliest releases of Mac OS through Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. On Windows this is an intuitive selection available in the context menu, and sets the extension association permanently or rather, until you CHOOSE to change it again , rather than arbitrarily until your Mac decides to change it for you.

Excellent point, we made an adjustment to the post to clarify that this indeed works in Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, and all other versions of Mac OS X. Thanks for the input! This did not solve my problem and a few minutes with Google did not give a solution either. So, my files are generated automatically on the form name. Now you can use TextWrangler to open remote items, and […]. Enough with the hating man! I really appreciate the help. Thanks so much. It seems you cannot override them. Is there any way to unlock MS Word from using as the default app for its associated files?

How To Delete Chess And Other Default Apps In Mac OS X Lion

I hate Office , and I want to change it back to Office How can I change the document to launch a previous version of the same app such as MS Word back to MS Word without it reverting them back to version? I have looked everywhere and finally found the way to do this. So simple. This fixed a long time issue that was showing Outlook as the default app for emails. Good information. I had a situation where upgrading Xcode screwed up my file associations. Using the Get Info method, however, works like a charm. Using For Quicktime seems it scan and change to its default.

I tried to natively open with VLC too. It works for a while. After sometime it changed back to Quicktime again…. Any ideas how to turn this function of Quicktime off? Its sure that it associates the app with the file type and not only the specific file? Just because i tried to associate. Please explain what are these red yellow green butons in the left top corner for? I just cannot figure it out for myself. Keep in mind that we have a diverse readership ranging from complete newbies to advanced users.