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Synthetic peak lists in Sparky format will be generated and saved in selected folder for specified model.

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The error, which will be introduced, can be set using the slider. If model 2 fast exchange was selected, populations can be calcualted if dw shift differences are known e. If relaxation dispersion experiments are performed at different temperatures, van't Hoff analysis can be used to calculate Enthalpy and Entropy.

The linear and non-linear van't Hoff models are included for calculation. This function can be used to perform van't Hoff analysis for different experiments.

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Values can be entered either manually directly in the data grid or read out of a text file. Either a NESSY csv file or any other text file tabulator, space, comma or semicolon separated columns can be loaded into dialog. For each data set, a figure legend can be indicated.

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In addition, users have the choice between6 different plot styles including energy landscapes and can select the color for the data set. The colomn number of x-, y- and error-values are specified per data set column numbering starts with 1 for the first column; white space does not cound. Data can be edited using in built editor Edit button. In addition, data can be manually entered using the editor. In addition, labels of x and y axis as well as the range can be set.

A file root for the plots has to be given. Any data in text files can be inserted comma or semicolon separated data.


Location of important data x, y or error can be selected. NESSY or any other text file can be used as source. The only difference is that the 3rd dimension can be specified using the 'Plane no. Multiply data sets can have the same plane number. This is usefull to plot a scatter plot with data points and a linear plot, which is the regression, in the same plane. If a NESSY project is loaded or data was analyzed, plots created during analysis will be added to the list in the dialog shown above. This function is very usefull to generate an ensemble of individual fits foeach residue to present in supplementary materials.

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Time to generate the plot above was less than 1 minute! Any values can be given and assigned to a residue number. A PDB structure file and an output file has to be selected. Values can be entered manually into the data grid or read out of a text file. Values in the files have to be grouped by residue number in first column and value in second column.

Columns can be separated either by space, tabulator, comma or semicolon.

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For further questions or support please suscribe at our mailing list. Use this function to import mutiple peak lists at once with the same format. Compete against other Nessy characters in a second race to the finish and find out if you have lightning fingers! Schools in the United States regularly teach touch typing, also sometimes referred to as keyboarding. The best thing about the program is that it teaches the keys in alphabetical order so it is much easier for children to remembre where the keys are.

I like the way they teach you alphabetically you learn letters in alphabetical order, which will be a great help to my daughter with her spelling , the lessons are short and clear with rewards, and the practise games are as fun as it can be, my daughter forgot she was practising because she wanted to win. A real winner. This is the first touch typing tutor he has tried that actually works.

He was diagnosed with dyslexia in June and since finding Nessy Fingers has been working away on it every day.

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Thank you so very much for producing such a great product and providing the best customer service possible. Recurring payments terms and conditions. Skip to content. Toggle navigation. Key Features. Many websites require Flash to play video or animated content. Nessy Numbers is the only Nessy program that still requires Flash and this is being changed in the near future.

Please sign in to leave a comment. Clear your browsing data When you load Nessy web pages, the browser creates a copy of that page on your computer. Chrome 1. Search 'Clear browsing data' in the blue search bar at the top of the page.

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Select the Clear browsing data option usually found at the bottom of the menu after the search 4. Safari 1. Select 'Clear Data' 4. Make sure both boxes are ticked and select 'Clear'. Solution 2.