Change computer name mac address

If you have absolutely no idea what the box is, or who it is, then run nmap on it to see what ports the machine has open and what the make of the network card is. We know that it is a Dell computer, We know that it has to be wired in our wireless network has a different IP set and we know what the MAC address is. Also we know there is no current computer on the network that has the ip address that it had when it was causing problems. I think i might just have to go from computer to computer and check their mac addresses.

Set Computer Name by Mac Address - TechRepublic

Why is that? And why do you need the name? Are you switches not managed? On a managed switch you can always track down what port a mac address is connected too.. Even if the cheapest smart switches support this. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

How to set the Mac hostname or computer name from the terminal

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Mini Spy. Google Chrome 82 will remove FTP support, set to affect 0. Hello I'm totally not a powershell programmer and I need a small script. Can anyone help me? I suppose if you know powershell, this can't be difficult.

Change or Spoof a MAC Address in Windows or OS X

Thanks in advance. Best Answer. Perhaps like: Powershell. Popular Topics in PowerShell. Leave one imaged pc on the net at all times. Image your next pc's and power them on.

Change OS X MAC Address

It will automatically create a new SID and when it hits the network will see the name is in use and ask for a new one. Poster rated this answer. Thanks but I am already Syspreping the images, and have answer file to set up all relivant settings execpt a machine name. We have 30 machines per image roughly and currently the name is randomly generated. By the way your post was not unacceptable - it just didn't help me!

Thanks anyway, Kris. If you use Sysprep you can setup an image with different SID's.

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Also, you can create Unattended Installation script. Furthermore, the one that you seem to be interested the most in assigning computer names you can create a Uniqueness Database File. For the systema already setup I have no info for you other than to manually name them. I am more than happy to modify my image, or my sysprep answer file.

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The idea of creating a database for sysprep to use sounds ideal, but can I specify exactly the machine gets each name. Further help in this area would be greatly received. I use Sysprep, and I have created an unattended answer file, the machines set them selves up, modify their own network settings and then reboot. The entire process is automated - I never have to leave my chair - well apart from having to set blessed the machine names, hence the original question!!

How to Check/Identify Computer/ Host Name in your Apple MAC

I have found the relevant registry entries to change the machine name and cause a cascade effect through the registry since my last post, and can acquire the machines MAC address, I just need to create a batch file that sets the Machine name by MAC address. Posted the above in case the chap with the sysprep idea doesn't get back to me, as I had to reject his help in order to reply to him!?!