Using mac mini with apple tv

Also consider maintenance.

Mac Mini and Apple TV – Intended Purpose

As great as Macs are, they are still computers. Computers need maintenance, but the Apple TV is positioned as an appliance and should rarely need anything like repairing permissions or other repairs initiated by the user. Consider how long you keep equipment. If you are planning on keeping either device for a long time, a Mac mini can be repurposed in numerous ways.

In a couple of years, it may not be the latest and greatest computer, but it may make a fine server or project box. An Apple TV is a single purpose device that will inevitably be hacked.

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Its usefulness over time depends on what kind of hacks will be available. A Mac mini does not need hacks to be useful, however. Just ask your spouse. Hard to beat that. The lower price is also an advantage. Otherwise, you pretty much have to either get the Mac mini or the HomeDock Deluxe to be used by your video iPod. The Mac Mini is a full-purpose computer. You could play games on it, watch YouTube videos on it, etc.

Apple announces 'all-new' TV app with 'Apple TV Channels' and more - 9to5Mac

Plus, you could add elgato to make it a DVR. Mac Mini will also allow you to surf the Internet on your big screen TV from your sofa. Just add an RF wireless keyboard. Potentially, it could also act as a DVR. The author also makes no mention of the CPU difference.

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A 1 Ghz Pentium M vs the Core Duo, imho that more than makes up for the dollar difference, and then some. Not to mention USB ports and peripheral support. Black bars on top and bottom, edges cut off or no display? I stream content photos, music, video to other laptops and desktops in the house from this setup and it works fine.

Apple TV vs. Mac mini – Which one is right for you?

I can also sit on the couch and actually use the computer to play games, check mail, or surf the web with my bt keyboard and mouse. To me there is now comparison between the two. The mac mini rules the media room hands down. Teddy, creating a reference movie for every movie in my collection is hardly a good solution! If it did I might be interested. As it stands a mac mini is a far better solution, and what the OP fails to mention is that AppleTV needs a mac in the first place to get content from. Thats what they are good at. Apple is has always been good at abstracting: abstracting technology into something that is understandable for normal human beings.

They are going after the basic couch potato in one sense as well as those who simply couldn care less which branch of bsd they have built it on. Even the mini is a far cry from the mac clasic in this sense. Good comparison. The The Apple TV can play anything you load onto iTunes. Though iTunes does not accept AVI files, you can take quick and easy steps without encoding to import such files onto iTunes.

So to put it simply, if you have videos that can be played in Quicktime, they can be played in iTunes using the method above. This means you should be able to play the same files on Apple TV.

How to Set up Air play from Mac to Apple TV

Also it lets me use plugins for xvid, divx and other piracy formats :P. You can check your email and websurf on a MacMini. Casting your screen is useful on many occasions. AirServer allows you to play movies and music on a bigger screen , and share photos and videos with friends and family. And this is the only guide to getting started with Plex you'll ever need to read. Read More , and Windows Media Center. AirServer can also record streamed content in high quality without the need for additional software.

Mac mini: What we want to see in an update to Apple's low-cost desktop

The form factor, stability, and overall aesthetic are big pluses. If you plan to use a 4K display, the minimum requirement is the Mac mini late model. The base model, which sports the Intel i5 1.

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However, you have to consider that these typically contain mechanical hard drives. Should you buy one?

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  6. Apple TV Versus Mac Mini: The Pros and Cons.
  7. But the dual approach will also have some inconveniences. Two devices may not be better than one in this case. The last components you need are a mouse and keyboard, of which the Logitech K is a great option. Armed with my iFixit toolkit, the iFixit website, and some determination, I got to work upgrading the drive to an SSD. I found that you needed to use a special tool available on iFixit to remove the motherboard from the chassis. I instead fashioned one using pliers and a large foldback clip.

    Installation is pretty straightforward. Then copy AirServer to the Applications folder and double-click it to start. Note that AirServer licenses are platform-specific. You can find the AirServer settings in the menu bar. The icon looks nearly identical to the AirPlay one. In iOS, you can access screen mirroring from your control center. Simply click on it to connect, authorize if you see a security prompts, and your iOS device will have its screen mirrored.

    In Google Chrome, clicking on the settings menu reveals an option to cast.