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Note that the migration duration depends on the amount of data which needs to be transferred from PC to Mac. Click Next. Then click Next. To proceed, read this message, select I want to continue , and click Next. Click Choose and locate where you chose to store your data. If you'd like to cancel the subscription to this article, follow the confirmation link from the email we've just sent you.

Toggle navigation Knowledge Base Knowledge Base. Resolution Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac offers the user a PC migration experience that is faster, more stable, fast and much easier to follow. Follow the installation procedure and run the Parallels Transporter Agent. Step 2: Choose the migration method Choose the desired method for importing your data from your PC to your Mac.


Select Network and click Continue. Choose where you want to install your data.

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Once the migration is complete, click Done. Start Windows. External storage To import your data from a PC using an external storage device: Connect an external storage device to your Windows PC. Choose the External storage migration method.

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Once the migration is complete, click Done to quit the Parallels Transporter Agent. Disconnect the storage device from the Windows PC and connect it to your Mac. Select Migrate from a PC and click Continue. Select External Storage Device and click Continue. Choose where you want to install Windows and your data, then click Continue. If you have an issue with migration, please refer to these articles: KB KB Was this article helpful?

Tell us how we can improve it. I did not have to call Support for any activation issues. I've had trouble before just upgrading from one suite to another at work, and this time it was seamless and trouble-free. I'd say they've worked out their licensing issues, which I truly appreciate because they were really frustrating. Your best bet is to call the number in "Stores" and see what they can do for you. I was really astonished at how little trouble it was, not to mention that CS2 is so old, it shipped with the web elements in Macromedia Studio packaging.

Thanks Deborah. Actually, I ended up calling the number and got the cross platform upgrade, sold the old version to a friend and we successfully transferred the license to him. It is all good. Oh, no, you cannot do that. Your upgrade is tied to the previous version, and you are not eligible for it unless you own previous version.

When transferring licenses, you must transfer all the licenses, as well, the whole path to the first full version. It is clearly in the EULA parts 4. I was told by the operator on the number that I could transfer the license. If she was wrong then that is Adobe's problem. Pretty lame deal considering I've been a faithful, legally upgrading Adobe customer since the days of PS4. The fact is.. But being informed that my work office PC CS4 will "stop working" and that I have no options in regard to volume licensing I will not be giving Adobe any of my money.

In fact, I would have purchsed the upgarde for the office anyway. Hi Jean, it can be confusing and you may not have gotten the best guidance - but if you already own CS4 then in theory you should be able to purchase an online upgrade to a Adobe CS5. I now want the new PS5. Why is it that for a single user I can not just sign a letter of destruction and pay a nominal fee for and upgrade. How are the little guys suppose to do this? Talked to several people at adobe about this including a supervisor, they can't do anything, or won't.

Spent months saving for a MacBook Pro - last time I checked, there would be no fee to switch from Windows to Mac platform With the perpetual boxed products, there's no charge to change platforms - provided you're on the most recent version of the CS software, because Adobe never sells or distributes old releases CS4 was "current" four years ago, but CS6 is now.

So you can have Windows, Mac, or both. Adobe does offer upgrade pricing to Creative Cloud for CS users back to CS3 , so that might be an option depending on your needs, if you decide not to get CS6 on its own. Hey you still interested in trading me? I have a mac formatted Cs5 version and need a version for my PC. I quit upgrading most of them because I do not like how the company treats its loyal product users, and more importantly the latest upgrade policy and Create Cloud crap. I still use specific products because I have no choice presently, but I am slowly finding alternatives.

I hope to be rid of this money hungry company as soon as I can. I think others should do the same, we made them we can sink them. Error: You don't have JavaScript enabled. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Please enter a title. You can not post a blank message. Please type your message and try again.

What can I do But as I do not want to use it on both machines, I didn't like the idea to buy a second copy. This content has been marked as final. Show 52 replies.

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Seems like the answer is no. The actual answer is: it depends. If you purchase your license for Photoshop CS3 as a retail product i.

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There are important reason and restrictions for this policy. Adobe Customer Service might be able to sell a "crossgrade". Aandi Inston.

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Hi Juan Carlos, what exactly are these important reasons for this policy? Not only that. This doesn't only apply to the platform. Our little company has german and english speaking employees and we would need to buy two copies of Photoshop for Windows for example just to support German and English.

This kind of licensing policy may have made sense in the 90s but not today. Adobe is doing the right thing with Lightroom which is multi-language and cross-platform with a single license. So it can be done. Please please fix this for Photoshop and the other programs as well. Otherwise Adobe just looks greedy. Best regards Frank.

Frank, Your feedback is important and I'm forwarding it to the right people within the organization.

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Thanks for making the comparison with Lightroom in the same context. Hmmm, interesting reading. I'm just about to ditch PC and go for all Mac at work, at home and travelling, for wife for student children Hi William, you can get a cross-platform upgrade from CS2 to CS3 from Adobe but you can do that only once per license. The price is the same as a regular upgrade on the same platform. I'd say that's called the "consumer surplus", i. So if you want to go all Mac then just get a cross-platform upgrade and you're done.

Sorry, You Can't. According to this thread on creative cow, you can switch for a nominal fee. Please improve this Adobe.