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You can select the background you want! From your wallpaper or a random image jpg, png or gif files , as well as the option to capture the current screen. Select between warm and cold, salt water fish, and fresh water fish, or mix them all together! Remember virtual fish can all survive in the same virtual water! The fish's eyes move , so they now look around as they swim across your screen.

Many options so you can customize it to your liking.

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  2. Free Fireplace Screensavers.
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With the full version, you can have as many as 40 fish swimming around at once, as long as your CPU can handle it! New in v1.

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If you have a laptop with a sudden motion sensor you can tilt it side to side and the water level will stay parallel to the ground! This is still in the testing phase, so please give feedback by clicking here! We need to know if it works or not on your motion sensor Mac! Feedback is always welcome! If this isn't the best 3D aquarium there is, then let us know how you think it can be improved.

Anywhere I can get free realistic 3D screensavers? (Aquarium or fireplace) | MacRumors Forums

Click here to see them all! Features Include: Outstanding graphics and space ship models , remember, it's only a screen saver, not a movie or game! Ships chase down their enemies and protect their comrades. When ships explode, debris flies off in all directions creating a fantastic intergalactic fireworks display! Highly detailed background scenes. Each background is a work of art, and you can download new ones like you can download space ships for the full version.

Lighting effects. The ships are now lit by the local suns in the background scene. So depending on the background there can be many lights with different colours and intensity. New ships and backgrounds can be downloaded straight into the full version of the screen saver via the Settings screen on Mac OS X, or from the website for Windows.

Couldn't be easier! The Space Wars are getting more and more deadly! Beware the Pirate Insurgents of Rigel 8 - a whole new fleet added to the story! There are also many more fleets from outside the story available for download! Including some old favourites! Already loads of new ships available for the full version, with many more on the way.

First, find your video

Optional background music. If it's not the best space battles screensaver you've seen, tell us why and we'll try our best to please you! Features Include: Beautifully Detailed Dragons! Forget dragon training, these guys are all about looking good as they cruise around the city! They even breathe FIRE, as all good dragons do! Beautifully Detailed City!

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  • The dragons are just part of the display, the city itself is so detailed you'll want to fly around it for hours, and it's all in real-time 3D! Features Include: Real time 3D cars tearing up your desktop and leaving skid marks all over the place. Cars drive and collide all in 3D!

    There's even some real physics thrown in so they move like actual cars. Many different types of cars are available to download directly from the settings screen of the full registered version. So you'll be able to pimp out your desktop's ride with your favourite cars! Realistic skies and cities in the background for added depth.

    You can select to use your wallpaper or a random image as the background, or just let the cars hoon around the screen you were just using! Screen Saver v2. Features Include: A Zombie is not just for Halloween! Sure, we all love the undead, but they usually just get an outing at Halloween. So here's a screensaver that's nifty enuff to be used all year round! Blood, gore, and fun! As the zombies roam around, they fight, eat each other, and leave messy foot and hand prints all over the place!

    But if you don't like the sight of blood, you can change the settings so the blood is less creepy!

    Virtual Fireplace

    Or gone altogether! Use any image you like! The zombie will walk around the screen you were just working on, or you can set them to walk about your desktop background, wallpaper, or any other image you like! Take a virtual camel ride around the pyramids in full 3D, without the 3D camel smell! Sit back and relax as the camera glides past the pyramids and monuments showing the Giza Plateau from angles that are totally impossible to reach in reality!

    All while wind whistles softly across the desert. Features Include: Real time 3D butterflies that fly around your screen and land on both the desktop and the "glass" of your monitor, as if your monitor is a glass box filled with butterflies! As each butterfly goes near your desktop, it casts a shadow. Many different types of butterfly are available to download directly from the settings screen of the full registered version.

    You'll never see so many different butterflies elsewhere! Butterflies actually fly like real butterflies! Next best thing to having a real fireplace with the sound of wood burning. Thinking about purchasing full version. Mac App Store Preview. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Description Turn your screen into a beautiful fireplace!

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    Oct 10, Version 3. Size Category Entertainment. Fireplace is a very simple but soothing way to bring the aesthetics of a log fire into your home. Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more.

    Top 5 Screensavers For Mac (Mavericks)

    Fireplace is an impressive log fire simulator which fills your screen and offers the romantic View full description. CONS Only one changable variable. Softonic review There's nothing like a roaring fireplace. Takes up less disk space