Como enlazar teclado bluetooth mac

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Potencia - 25W Medidas Ultimate Ears. Con 10 horas El soporte de aluminio para laptop simplifica y organiza su escritorio, Con una nave de patrulla espacial y un arsenal de armas de otro mundo a Adaptador de corriente MagSafe 1 Apple Q Adaptador de corriente MagSafe 2 Apple Q Adaptador de Lightning a 30 pin de 0. Adaptador de Lightning a 30 pines Apple Q Adaptador de Lightning a jack de 3.

Adaptador de vuelo MagSafe Apple Q Adaptador para viajes Travel Bud Kanex Q AirPods 2 con estuche de carga inalambrica Apple Q1, AirPort Express Apple Q Altavoces Bose Companion 5 multimedia Bose Q2, Altavoz Wonderboom Ultimate Ears Q The other is for use on iOS. Switch the keyboard ON. Press the Connect button for 3 seconds.

The blue LED on the keyboard will start blinking. The pairing mode is now activated.

Open the Bluetooth settings on your PC and search for new devices. Enter this code using the keyboard and press the Enter button on the keyboard. Wait until the connection is established.

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The keyboard is ready to be used! Where can I find the passcode? Open the Bluetooth settings on your device and search for new devices. Windows doesn't show a pincode. What is the pincode?

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When you try to connect for the first time, Windows will display a code to be typed on the Trust keyboard. What you can do to solve this, is to use a random code for example, on your own keyboard and on the Trust keyboard too. The first time you need to enter the code on your own keyboard e. Note: When you enter the code on the Trust keyboard, it must take place immediately i. My keyboard was disconnected.

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How do I restore the connection? To restore the connection please follow these steps: Make sure the batteries are full and making good contact. Unfortunately there is no FN-lock key on this keyboard, to make this possible.

How can I use PrintScreen on my Windows computer? Can I change the functions of the multimedia keys? Do I need to turn off the keyboard when it is not in use? Turning off the product by removing the batteries is not required, but optional. The keyboard is acting weird. Check if the batteries are full and making good contact inside the battery compartment.

I have already connected the keyboard before, but now it is not responding. Please make sure the keyboard is still connected to the device. Switch the keyboard on and press the connect-button for 3 seconds.

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The LED on the keyboard will flash blue. Go to the Bluetooth list on the device and select the Trust Bluetooth keyboard in the list. The keyboard is ready for use. I get incorrect letters and symbols when I type.

If your keyboard isn't typing the correct characters, you may have the incorrect input language selected. Please check the language preference settings of your system. If the correct language is not present, add this language to the system. If you use more than one language on your system, make sure to select the correct one.

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My keyboard is not working. What should I do? Please try to re-install the keyboard using our troubleshooting guide;. Sometimes letters are missing when typing. Clean your keyboard from dust and crumbles.