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After selecting the columns or rows you can scroll the mouse over the column letters row numbers and the cursor will change to look approximately like this when it scrolls over the borders between columns or rows :.

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Holding down the mouse or clicker you can drag the column or row to be the width that you want. You can also double click on the double arrow cursor and the columns will automatically fit to the size of the contents in the cells.

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All selected columns or rows will be changed. Sometimes in Excel you'll get this:.

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This happens when the size of the number is wider than the width of the cell. You will be able to see all of your numbers! Questions, comments, concerns? Skip to main content. Google Tag Manager. Whether you want to take an email list and select a random winner for a contest or you have another reason for randomizing the list, there are several ways you can go about doing this.

You need to know how to randomize a list in Excel. Excel is like that one coworker whose name you never learned until it was too late to ask.

How to Lock a Picture to a Cell in Excel 2011

You've seen Excel around. Maybe you've seen it on a job description or you know it as the little green icon on your computer you never click. Image via Pixabay altered. Excel is part of the Microsoft Office collection of applications designed to for the workplace. You may be familiar with some other apps in the collection like Word or Powerpoint.

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One of the main functions of a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is that it organizes any data set into manageable rows and columns which can be easily viewed, searched, and arranged. Because of the way Excel organizes this data, it should be easy to manipulate, whether this means changing your ordering principles alphabetical , according to date, according to amount , searching for particular entries, and adding or deleting information.

This tutorial will focus on how to identify and delete duplicate entries which might exist within an … Read the rest. This article consists of all the basics of how to make a scatter plot in Excel. By using this guide, you will be able to generate your own plots as well as format them and add design features. Scatter plots, also known as scatter charts or XY scatter plots, are a powerful visualization tool for your data. They are used by engineers, statisticians, and other scientists to demonstrate visually a relationship between two variables using an XY axis chart.

Before we dive into how to make a scatter plot in Excel , we … Read the rest. Those wondering how to create a drop down list in Excel will be relieved to know that it is easier than it sounds.

How to Password Protect Excel Files in Office for Mac 2011 [HD][4K][Guide][Tutorial] 2017

As you may already know, drop down lists make data entry a breeze. For example, if you have ever used such a menu for surveys, polls, and web forms, you know how convenient they are. Adding a drop-down list to a cell or range using Data Validation is a simple matter. Data Validation is used to define restrictions on what data can or … Read the rest. Have you ever worked in an unorganized spreadsheet? We have to admit, there is nothing more frustrating. How are you supposed to keep track of where you are plotting data?

MS Excel for Mac: Protect a cell

This is where knowing how to freeze cells in Excel comes in handy. This way, you can keep specific information visible when scrolling down or across. It is time-consuming … Read the rest. Did this solve your problem? Yes No.

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