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Rochacki, Miscellaneous Ramblings, Mac System 7. Yes, it is possible to run Internet Explorer 5. You just need to have all the updates — and make one modification for SoundJam. Appearance Manager Allows Internet Explorer 5. Want a fairly modern browser with an old, fast operating system? Mac OS 7. The truth is that this danger is overstated — and takes attention away from a greater danger.

Why Mac OS 7.

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These old black-and-white Macs are just fine for messaging, word processing, spreadsheets, scheduling, contact management, and browsing the Web. Fond memories of using a Classic II in elementary school lead to it being the first Mac set up for a month of vintage, very low-end computing. Which grows faster, hardware speed or software bloat? These benchmarks show vintage Macs let you be productive much more quickly than modern Windows PCs. A history of the Mac floppy from the K drive in the Mac K through the manual-inject 1. So how do you move the files?

System 7. Want the best speed from your old Mac? Which system software is best for my vintage Mac? Which system software works best depends to a great extent on just which Mac you have and how much RAM is installed. Why you should use Mac OS 7.

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System 6 was small enough to run quickly from an K floppy yet powerful enough to support 2 GB partitions, bit video, and the Internet. New to compact Macs? Ten things you really should know before you get too confused. LocalTalk and ethernet networking for compact Macs. A look at games that run nicely on the old based Macs. System 6. If they can use System 7, why use System 6? Foster, MacWeek, Some links will also be helpful to Classic II users. You may be able to find dealers with parts inventory either locally or on our parts and service list. Never connect an Apple II 5.

Macs with black-and-white only displays 1-bit, no grays may find Netscape Navigator 3 makes it impossible to view some pages and sites. The workaround is to use Navigator 2 or 4.

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The round trip problem - Create a file on a Macintosh. Copy it to a PC and edit it in Windows. Then copy it back to a Macintosh and editing it using the original application. Each time the file may lose font, formatting, and layout information and may require tedious editing to fix to get it back to the way it was originally.

The non-standard file format problem - Some file formats simply can't be converted from Mac to PC. The Mac applications that created the document do not exist for the PC, or the Windows version of the application lacks the ability to do the conversion. The custom written software problem - Many schools have invested thousands of dollars and years of time in developing customized educational software.

While it may be inexpensive to replace the old Macintosh computers with PCs, it is not a trivial matter to rewrite millions of lines of computer code or to purchase thousands of dollars of new software which may not be able to read the old files. The look-and-feel problem - While many Macintosh applications do have Windows equivalents, most Macintosh users prefer the look and feel of the Mac OS and the way that the applications look and behave on a Mac. We have a better solution. If you love your Macintosh software and would prefer to use Macintosh applications over Windows applications, but you either have to use a PC or can't resist the low cost of PCs , why not simply use the PC to run the Macintosh software?

What a simple idea! You benefit from the lower cost and faster speed of the PC, and still keep the use of your legacy Macintosh applications. Not only does this provide you the easy ability to copy files back and forth between Mac and PC, but it solves the round trip problem, it solves the non-standard file format problem, it solves the custom written software problem, and it solves the look-and-feel problem. Because with emulation, you don't stop using your original Macintosh software and you are not required to purchase additional Windows applications.

All you need is a PC, one of our emulators, and the Mac software that you already have. Using a Macintosh emulator, your PC can:. Have faster speed and larger memory - run Macintosh applications at close to the full clock speed of your PC with up to a gigabyte of memory. And it is a great way to replace an older Macintosh computer with a fast inexpensive PC while retaining backward compatibility with the older machine's software.

A solution for every PC and every budget. You may download our tools free of charge for home and personal use.

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It supports all versions of Mac OS from the original 1. Print and read carefully! By being able to emulate different types of Macintosh computers, SoftMac supports both " bit clean " and " bit dirty " Macintosh applications, and runs all 68K compatible versions of Mac OS including System 7, System 6, and earlier up to and including Mac OS 8. PowerPC native applications are also not supported at this time.

It features fast emulation with an extremely small disk footprint. Fusion PC 3. Download Fusion PC 3. Your results will vary depending on the exact type of PC you are using, the amount of RAM present, the version of Windows being used, video drivers, etc. For a good explanation on exactly what type of PC to use and how fast your results can be, see our Hardware Requirements and Benchmarks page. Without these two items, and emulator will not boot or work, just as a real Macintosh computer cannot work without these items.

All users of Mac emulators fall into one of 3 categories. The 3 categories are:. You do not currently own a Macintosh computer of any kind. You will likely also need to purchase Mac OS and other Macintosh software. You do own a Macintosh computer, but one that is not functioning.

In effect, transferring the functionality of your Macintosh computer into your PC. You do own a Macintosh computer that is functioning. SoftMac XP Suite 8. Both version include a more intuitive user interface over SoftMac Learn how to obtain the Mac OS 7. Some quick facts about the latest SoftMac XP release:.

This is both a legal and technical requirement. If your ROMs are listed as supported, congratulations, you can skip the rest of this page!

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If you do not have a working Macintosh computer or do not have the necessary model of Macintosh computer, you must use ROM card and plug in real Macintosh ROMs into the card which then plugs into your PC.