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All you need are tools and the SSD! You can either restore a whole back up, which includes macOS or you can migrate using the Time Machine after installing a new macOS. Warning: If you have a mechanical hard drive with High Sierra or Mojave formatted as Extended Journal then you can not restore from Time Machine, you must clone. Detailed explanation here. Remove your old hard drive, and install SSD. We provide detailed printed instructions when you order an SSD, just include your Mac Mini model in the notes at checkout. If you have a wifi time capsule make sure it is turned on.

Restart your Mac holding down the Option key. This tells the Mac to find all disks attached that it can boot from. It will recognise the Time Machine and display the icon on screen. As the drive is shipped to you unformatted, you need to initialise the SSD to get it ready for the transfer of data. There is an option after you click into Time Machine called Disk Utility. Click apply and this will format the SSD.

Installed SSD in my 2010 Mac Mini Server

After formatting the drive your Time Machine back ups should be onscreen. Choose the latest, and the Mac will ask if you want to restore back up? Time Machine will now start restoring onto the new SSD. It will take a while, approximately gb per hour. These are instructions for to Mac Mini.

Cloning allows you to make an exact copy of current hard drive to the new the SSD. The benefit is software does not have to be reinstalled. The process is largely automatic and the cloning takes hours depending on the size of your drive. Download and Install SuperDuper! As the drive is shipped to you unformatted, you need to initialise the SSD to get it ready for the cloning by initialising the SSD.

Clone your hard drive using SuperDuper!. When cloning is complete, power off your Mac and replace the hard drive with the newly cloned SSD. We ship detailed printed instructions with your SSD order. Cloning is an excellent way to quickly copy your current drive onto a new SSD. The Mac Mini shipped a M. The M. We ship detailed printed instructions with your SSD.

All the tools and installer USB you need are included. The MacOS Utility page will appear. We are not installing a new operating system but using Disk Utilities to clone. Click on Restore button on top menu. If you require a different version like High Sierra please specify in the notes section on checkout. Sometimes a Mac needs a fresh start. Either you feel your Mac is compromised with malware, or multiple OS upgrades have taken it's toll. Whatever the reason, Apple makes it possible to reinstall macOS. This method takes a little bit of planning. Recovery Mode is installing the macOS from a Time Machine or a Mac drive recovery partition such as your old hard drive.

If you are using Recovery mode, plug in your Time Machine or Mac drive, restart the Mac holding down the option key. Select Time Machine or recovery disk. This is to be avoided, turn off power to abort, as the macOS it will install is the earlier version that originally shipped with your Mac. See How to install a macOS for detailed information. There are many options when starting fresh.

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You can install the current version of macOS or a later version that is more compatible with your apps and programs. You do not have to connect to another Mac, you can connect to a Time Machine or external startup disk to transfer files! If you want advice or check with an expert, please call, chat or email. The and Mac Minis not server version can have two drives by replacing the optical drive with a Datadoubler bracket. Turn your Mac Mini into the server version. Please watch installation videos first to make sure you are comfortable do a complicated install.

Alternatively, Upgradeable offers an instore installation service. Fit the new drive on the Datadoubler bracket. Remove optical drive DVD and replace with the Datadoubler. We recommend watching installation videos first. You should now have two drives: your old hard drive and the new SSD in the optical bay. Power on your Mac Mini holding down the option key this starts the boot manager and shows all drive you can boot from.

Your old hard drive should appear onscreen as a device to boot from. Select and start up macOS. The new SSD needs to be initialised formatted. Click on Erase. Give the new drive a name such as "Macintosh SSD". You need to choose format type usually Extended Journaled. The drive is now ready to be used. Will you be cloning your old drive onto the new SSD? If you are cloning, install SuperDuper! There are now two bootable drives, you need to make sure macOS uses the right one! It is a good idea to use the new SSD for a while.

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Make sure everything is ok. If you do not need the 2nd drive as a backup and the new SSD is working perfectly you can erase the original drive in Disk Utility. The 2nd drive can be use as a Time Machine for back ups or use as internal storage. This upgrade is complicated, so we provide printed illustrated guides and free phone tech support if you need help. The and non server Mac Mini models Mac Minis can have a second drive installed.

Upgradeable sell a kit that includes all the tools, accessories and cables you need. Please watch installation videos first to make sure you are comfortable with this complicated install. One of our steps below show you how to check. It is not a big issue, the same cable is used but in a different way. To check the drives location, open Disk Utility and click on the grey drive icon at the left edge of the window.

Click the "Info" button on the toolbar. A window will open. Scroll to the "Location" item; if you see "Lower" Do a standard installation. If it lists "Upper" then watch this install video and you will need a small wrench. Fit the new drive in the lower or upper bay which ever is empty, should be "upper". Full printed instructions are included with order. We recommend watching the installation videos first. You should now have two drives installed. Upgradeable sells kits that can add a second drive to both option 1. If you want a second drive, there is a SATA port on the motherboard.

You can replace your SATA drive with a faster 2. There is no room in the model for two SATA drives as in previous models. To add a second drive you must add a PCIe cable. There is a free PCIe port on the motherboard. You can replace the SATA drive with a 2. All these upgrades are complicated, but we do provide printed illustrated guides and free phone tech support if you need help. These SSD drives are a standard 2. The model also had a SATA option, please see our notes on upgrading. Proprietary here means an industry standard NVME drive is not compatible. Not everyone wants to do their own installation.

We offer an installation service at our Sydney Pymble office. An Apple qualified technician does all our hardware and software work.

OWC Internal SSD : The best upgrades for your mac

We match Crucial's warranty, so our labour warranty is also 3 years. This means if you have to claim your Crucial warranty, we will not charge a second installation fee! How can I get my new SSD installed? Below we have a full range of SSD drives with installation included. Just choose the size you want, there are no hidden extras. The price you see is the price you pay. In Store Services Menu. These are the kits or parts you need for a successful installation of your SSD.

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  7. Add to your cart what you need with the SSD you have chosen. When checking out, don't forget to tell us in the customer notes which Macbook or Macbook pro you have, and we will include full printed instructions. All key commands now install the original macOS that came with your Mac.

    Which SSD disk is compatible with Mac Mini Mid 2010

    Model Release Date: Late Connectivity includes two Thunderbolt 2 ports, four USB 3. This model has a 1. Upgraded Mac Mini 3. All have been thoroughly tested by Apple and in perfect working condition. Results Pagination - Page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. CTO Apple Mac mini 3. Make an Offer. Apple Mac mini 3. Make Offer - Apple Mac mini 3.

    Make Offer - Apple Mac Mini 2. Make Offer - Mac mini i7 2. Apple Mac Mini Mid 2. Make Offer - Mac Mini 2. How do you choose the right Mac Mini on eBay?

    2010 Mac Mini RAM and SSD Upgrade/gofeqysyjiva.tk!

    What is a solid-state drive? What are the main types of solid-state drive configurations? Here is what you need to know about them: Primary drive: In this configuration, the solid-state drive is the primary or only means of storage. The hard drive is either absent or relegated to a secondary drive. This is the configuration of all fourth generation Mac Mini computers.

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    Secondary drive: In this setup, the solid-state drive is used as a secondary form of storage. The hard drive handles most of the long-term storage, but you can still use the SSD to store large programs or files that you load up frequently. Fusion drive: A Fusion Drive combines a hard drive and solid-state drive together, so they are recognized as a single drive by the computer.

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    The drive will automatically store the most frequently used data on the solid-state drive, while the more infrequently accessed data is relegated to the hard drive. Only some late third generation Mac Mini models are equipped with a Fusion Drive. These models had a 1TB hard drive and a GB solid-state drive combined together. Content provided for informational purposes only. Shop by Category. Release Year see all. Memory see all. Processor Type see all. Intel Core i5 3rd Gen. Intel Core i5 4th Gen. Intel Core i5 6th Gen. Intel Core i5 8th Gen. Intel Core i7 2nd Gen.

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    Intel Core i7 4th Gen. Intel Core i7 8th Gen. Hard Drive Capacity see all. Operating System see all. Mac OS X It only takes a minute to sign up. In theory, a very fast drive could saturate a SATA2 bus, but if it does, it will still send the data, just slower than it's capable of. Regardless, you'll be very happy with the performance upgrade over a slower drive. It's the best upgrade investment you can make. My advice: Always take the latest SSDs. They have a more refined garbage collection.

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