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For me, Fermob means dynamic furniture inspired by humans that really becomes a part of our lives. It's sometimes discreet, and always useful and practical. I particularly love the designs: understated pieces that are artistic and timeless. That's what I'm leaning towards more and more: pieces you never get tired of, year after year. Not just because of their high quality, but also because the combination of styles, materials and colors works perfectly.

We like Fermob because it is a quality French brand, that uses designers. I am particularly fond of the colour range, with lightweight but strong materials like aluminium. When I was asked to shoot for Fermob I was intrigued by the challenge it presented … to shoot real people in their homes.

I worked [with two families], both of whom were extremely kind. I have great memories of sharing special moments with them. Choose the size and colour, decide whether to place it or hang it, make it into a lamp for the house or take it with you for a beach party. Bainard, J. Technology transfer. Bakkeren, G. Lower Mainland Horticultural Improvement Association. Baldwin, D. Ban, Z. Banerjee, S. Baron, V. Youtube video. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Applied Research partnerships. Barret, M. Beaudet, V. Beaulieu, F. NAPPO diagnostic protocol. Beck, K. Beckie, H. Bell, A. Benchaar, C. Benedict, L.

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Holmes, M. Hofland, P. Miller, R. Cuthbert and L. Robert Byers, Fran R. Clarke, Yuefeng Ruan, Curtis J. Pozniak, Saikat K. Basu, and Ron M. Buchwaldt, L. Burrel, S. Burton, D. Bykova, N. Cabral, A. Cambouris, A. The nitrogen challenge: Building blueprint for nitrogen use efficiency and food security, Lisbon, Portugal, June July 3, Camilleri-Rumbau, M. S 5 Water Treatment I, p. ISBN print : , pp.

Cao, W. Cardillo, M. Cardinal, S. Carisse, O. Castagnino, D. Castonguay, Y. Catling, P. Royer, Plants of southern Ontario, trees, shrubs, wildflowers, grasses, ferns and aquatic plants Lone Pine Publishing. Vascular plants of Sable Island. Smooth Brome, Brome inerme: Bromus inermus Leysser. Catton, H. Cayouette, J. Inventaire du site des botryches au chemin de la Montagne, parc de la Gatineau, en Cervantes, M. Chaffin, A. Challa, S. Champagne, C. Bioencapsulation innovations. Chantigny, M. Charbonneau, F. Charest, J. Chatterton, S. Chen, H. Chen, L. R, Curtis, J. Chen, S. Chen, W. Chen, Y.

Chenu, C. Cheung, K. Chipanshi, A.


Chitnis, V. Chouinard, P. Claessens, A. Clair, T. Clements, D. Clough, S. Cloutier, S. Combe, M. Comeau, L. Conner, R. Cossentine, J. The challenges in introducing a classical biological control agent into other provinces. Coulombe, J. Crane, B. Cranmer, T.

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Crepeau, M. Crowley, J. Cumming, J. Cuthbert, R.

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Dakouri, A. Dalto, D. Danielescu, S. Darbyshire, S. Dash, T. Dastmalchi, M. David, C. Davidson, J. Dawson, A. De Clerck-Floate, R. De Koeyer, D. Dias, E. Dulloo, N. Maxted, S. Kell, E. Smith, J.

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Preston, S. Hutchinson eds. DePauw, R. Debnath, S. John's Research Centre, April 23, John's, NL, Canada, June 23, Developing innovative technologies to accelerate industry transition from 'wild' to cultivated cool climate berry crop production systems. Deen, B. Delaquis, P. Phenotypic diversity in Escherichia coli OH7 and its influence on survival in leafy vegetables. Delisle-Houde, M. Demmans, L. Deng, P. Deora, A. ZnO case study. Desjardins, R. Devillers, N. Dhariwal, R.

Dhaubhadel, S. Diarra, M. Diaz-Castro, E. Diederichsen, A. Ding, H. Ding, S. Dokken-Bouchard, F. Dorval, I. Dossett, M. Drury, C. Duarte Sierra, A. Italica during the postharvest storage.

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Dudemaine, P. Dufton, S. Duplessis, M. Durkin, J. Duwadi, K. Edge, T. Ehrhardt, F. Elberling, B. Ellert, B. Elliott, R. Laboratory and field evaluation of seed treatments for control of aster leafhoppers, suppression of aster yellow symptoms and improvement in seed yield. Interim report submitted to Syngenta Canada Inc. October Seed treatments as an alternative method of controlling leafhoppers and aster yellow disease. Annual report to SaskCanola, February , 70 pp. Interim report to SaskCanola, October , 47 pp.

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Giroux, M. Glenn, A. Gnanesh, B. Gobeil-Richard, M. Godbout, J. Goglio, P. Gonzalo, E. Gossen, B. Goyali, J. Goyer, C. Graf, R. Gregorich, E. Gruber, M. Guarna, M. Guo, T. Guo, X. Haak, D. Haldar, A. Hall, L. Hambleton, S. Hampson, C. NC state report for British Columbia. Hannam, K. Effects of three years of Big Horn Natural Compost on soil properties, vine nutrient status, fruit quality and yield - Industry report to Big Horn Compost. Jul 1, Uniqlo invite Barbara Rihl. Feb 19, Dec 24, Barbara Rihl signe une collection pour Disney. Dec 10, Nov 26, Apr 7, Sep 18, Jun 23, Barbara Rihl booste son offre.

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