How to type superscript on mac

I use superscript for citations in technical docs and it works okay for that, but the dedicated superscript numerals look much nicer.

All Rights Reserved. If you need to raise characters above or lower them below the baseline, you can do it one of four ways. This is typically used in mathematical equations and chemical formulas.

How to Type Subscripts on a Mac | gofeqysyjiva.tk

You can use the baseline adjustments in many apps, special superscript and subscript characters, commonly-recognized symbols, and the equation editor in Pages. Can this method be used in writing music notes i. B sharp or D d flat. Gary Rosenzweig. Can we have this function in the same place on the Mac version?

How to insert superscript and subscript in PowerPoint

What Evernote Mac version are you using? I was able to reproduce your bug halfway; the subscript shortcut works but superscript one does not. It may look confusing, but it is standard behavior for Mac applications like Keynote and Pages. Yes, so, please disregard my first reply to this thread -- contrary to my initial thoughts, our superscript and subscript shortcuts are fully functional.

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It seems to be working now, I did get a weird thing for a minute where I got a Superscript on a superscript, but no I can't reproduce it. I will post back if i find any other weirdness, thank you for your help. This bug still exists when using the Dvorak-Qwerty CMD keyboard layout, and shift doesn't make it work there.

How to Superscript (Subscript) in PowerPoint w/ Keyboard Shortcuts

The same problem exists in Pages. I'd also argue that Pages' behavior is a bug, as it should really include Shift in the keyboard shortcut if you're supposed to hold shift.

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I don't think copying Pages' behavior is the right choice. The new Evernote Beta Program!

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