The fan on my mac computer keeps running

Your CPU comes with temperature-sensitive diodes as do other components in the MacBook that are temperature-sensitive. Peculiarly, OS X doesn't have a built-in utility that reports these temperatures to the user. Available temperature monitoring programs include "Temperature Monitor" and "iStats4" links in Resources. Your MacBook is constantly running multiple processes, and sometimes those processes hit the CPU particularly hard. You can find the Activity Monitor utility by clicking on "Applications" in the dock and then selecting "Utilities.

The System Management Controller is the piece of hardware that controls how the parts of your Mac respond to heat and other factors. If your fan is constantly running at a high speed, even when there aren't lots of processes running on the CPU, resetting the System Management Controller may be called for.

Shut down the computer and plug in the power adapter.

Hold down "Shift-Control-Option" while holding down the power button at the same time. Release all three keys and the power button at the same time, and then power up the machine.

Apply Activity Monitor to Kill Runaway Processes

This may solve the problem with a fan running at high speed constantly. Skip to main content. Overheating Problems Depending on what year it was released in to seems to be the primary culprit , the batch of Macs it was made in and some software settings, early MacBook Airs and contemporary MacBook Pros had a problem with overheating. Noisy Fan Problem Apple raised the maximum RPMs on the cooling fans after , either in response to the overheating complaints or the requirements of Intel's latest series of processors. Monitoring Temperature If you're concerned about your CPU's temperature, there are several temperature monitoring utilities available.

TG Pro is awesome too because it will show you the temperature of all the separate sensors and there are a lot of sensors, ranging from several built into the CPU to a palm rest temperature sensor and can warn you if any of the sensors or fans are defective. Information on how to do that can be found here.

If this doesn't seem to work the first time, I recommend doing it two or three times. Don't ask me why I've just learned from experience that doing it the once doesn't always work. Oh, so you're still reading. That means that your fans are still whining away and you're getting ready to head out to the Apple Store, right? Well, I do have one more trick that you can try.

Macbook Pro Fan Always On, Loud or Not Working

If it is overheating, and the problem isn't a defective fan, then chances are that it's down to dust buildup inside the system. The most effective way to clear this up is to use a vacuum cleaner at the air vents and RAM access port on iMacs to suck it out. Hold the nozzle an inch or so away from the vents and only use the suction briefly as you can damage the fans. Don't use compressed air because that will damage the fans and all it will accomplish is to blow the debris and detritus deeper into your Mac.

Macbook Pro Fan Always On, Loud Or Not Working

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Fixing a Noisy Macbook Pro Fan

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Noisy Fan Problem

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