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Let's take the upgrade or downgrade question as two separate inquiries. However, there's much more you should know before you make a final decision. Before you can decide whether you should upgrade to Snow Leopard, you need to know which Mac and processor you have. Only the word Hardware should be selected; none of the Hardware sub-categories should be selected.

The one thing that will make the most difference in how well Snow Leopard performs on your Mac is whether your Mac supports bit architecture and can, therefore, run the Grand Central Dispatch technology built into Snow Leopard. Core Solo and Core Duo both use bit Intel processors. Any other Intel processor that Apple has used has a full bit architecture. In addition to fully supporting Snow Leopard, the bit processor architecture also provides direct benefits, including speed, larger RAM space, and better security. Grand Central Dispatch allows Snow Leopard to divvy up processes across multiple processors or processor cores , which will significantly improve the performance of your Mac.

Of course, in order to take advantage of this technology, your Mac must have multiple processors or processor cores. You can see how many processors or processor cores your Mac has by clicking the Hardware category and looking at the Number of Processors and Total Number of Cores on the right side of the window. The more the merrier! OpenCL is one of the features built into Snow Leopard. This has the potential to provide vast increases in performance, at least for specialized applications such as CAD, CAM, image manipulation, and multimedia processing.

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Even routine applications, such as photo editors and image organizers, should be able to increase overall capabilities or performance using OpenCL technologies. Apple iDVD 7. Apple iPhoto 6. Quite sluggish in operation too since "upgrade" Apple Numbers 2. Use apple support file to remove 3. Not all plugins tested. Aqua Data Studio 7. May require new license purchase. Ascent 1. Audio Hijack 2.

Installing Mac OS X Snow Leopard on a Late 2006 MacBook

Audiobook Builder 1. Cover Art is drawn properly in the final Project output. Audiobook Maker 0. But should be easy to fix. Bank X 4. Need to quit and restart the program with the 3G USB modem plugged in for it to detect the device. Billable 1. Billings 3.

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Had to reinstall. Works except for screensaver; screensaver will be fixed in version 6. Move library to another Books cataloging app.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard Install DVD

BookSmart 2. Bowlet disappears after waking up your Mac. Box Shot 3D 2. Eventually quits back to desktop. May be an update, have not checked. Clear caches, access hidden OS X settings, much more. Caffeine 1. Some anecdotal evidence that it doesn't work. Selecting images on the camera works, but is very tedious since each image needs to be individually downloaded. CanoScan Toolbox 5. CaptainFTP 6. Carrara 6. See link for work around. However, a workaround is available to access networks protected with the Clean Access Agent.

Cisco Clean Access Agent 4. Reinstall following snow leopard install. Citrin 1. Became unresponsive Classroom Maestro 2. CocoaBooklet 2. Server is still running Leopard Console It works fine for me Corel Painter If you're upgrading, run our uninstall script 1st say y to all Crepuscular Life. CrossOver Games 8. CrossOver 7.

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  6. CrushFTP4 4. CSci d'accord 2. Per head developer v4. CuteClips 3. DarwiinRemote 0. DigitalColor Meter 3. Digital Performer 6. Disctop Pro 2. Crashes in Rosetta DiskTracker 2. Developer no longer in business since DockStar 2. Dev claims new version is on the way. DocumentsToGo 1. Tunes 4. Double Command 1.

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    Duke Nukem 3D 1. Won't work. DxO support says they have no plan to support The date of availability is not known yet. For details and workarounds, see: help. DYMO Label 8. Avoiding entering registration information on Dymo's site by downloading from softpedia. Have to upgrade to version 5. EasyBatch 1. Emulator Enhancer 2. Check and see if device is recognized by the system; if so use Preview to scan. Espresso 1. Earlier versions have various issues and may not launch. Eudora 6. Look for update link on the blog see link here on left ExactScan 2. Support for TrueType Collection.

    Import and export of font sets. Additional improvements and fixed issues. At least one user reported that the colorimeter may not be recognized in some cases.

    Mac OS X Snow Leopard - Apple

    Eye-One Match 3. EyeTV 3. The Optional Installs icon looks like an open box. Follow the instructions on the screen. Click the hard disk where you want the application to be installed. In most cases your main disk is called "Macintosh HD. Click the "Application" triangle to see a list of available applications. Select "Mail" by clicking the check box. Ensure the other check boxes are not selected unless you want to reinstall those as well.

    Click "Continue. Select "Software Updates" from the "Apple" menu at the top of the screen. Install any recommended updates including updates to Mac Mail. A published author and professional speaker, David Weedmark has advised businesses and governments on technology, media and marketing for more than 20 years.