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Sure enough, I took it to an Apple Genius bar and they have a diagnostic tool that indicated my logic board failed.

Adding Nvidia GTX 660 Card to Old Mac Pro - Filmmaking Today

They replaced the logic board at no cost, and I have had no more display issues. I've got a 15" MacBookPro mid Computer freezes, screen goes into a massive gray flicker with horizontal lines and vertical lines then goes black and shuts off. The shut off sounds like a bad hard drive. Apple replaced the logic board and hasn't been able to fix it after multiple attempts over the last year. Apple has extended warranties to 2 years with users who have these issues with this model too. Hope this helps!

Now i want to know if Apple will take responsibility for this Failure or they are going to keep ignoring this problem and charge the clients for the Repair? I just found this after posting and it seems to have fixed my issue.

Graphics Card Mac Pro NVIDIA: gofeqysyjiva.tk

Rebooted in Windows 7 So far no crashing Same issue. Updated driver all the way from Now display driver doesn't crash as often, but now that it does, it does not recover and I must reboot.

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Very frustrating problem considering most users pay top dollar for a Macbook Pro and have this issue, and mid Macbook pro's do not support jumbo frames to boot with the Gigabit Ethernet card. Apple really cut corners on these machines but didn't reduce the cost to consumers. Macbook Pro 17 inch mid model is having video card failure Nvidia Just by visiting websites like Youtube the Macbook will get a Black Screen and just freeze and doesnt matter which OS i am using this problem keeps happening even on Bootcamp.

Every update starting from Reverting it to the last working update does the trick, just sad it doesn't include the latest updates for most recent games. Noticing now also Mac users have this problem, I think Nvidia should really start working on it. The biggest trader of GPUs are breaking there reputation like this with ten thousands of users.

The power in the tower

We pay for your gear, we then expect to solve our problemos! Apple thread has now almost views and posts. I have a Macbook pro with nvidia M. Sporadically, the mac displayed a black screen of death when I was on Snow Leopard or Windows. After an update to driver It became worse. Sometimes every 3 minutes, the graphical driver crashes on Windows. Not by running a game, simply by opening a window minimized in the task bar, clicking on a window element, sometimes doing nothing, etc.

According to other users, it seems that if you update to Lion, the problems gets far more frequent and it becomes impossible to use the laptop for normal work To reproduce the problem easily on Mac, open photobooth application and click on "Effects" button: the Mac crashes immediately whether on Snow Leopard or Lion. I tried the new beta of the drivers No official reaction from Apple. We don't even know if they are investigating on the problem. And this problem was reported several months ago This problem seems to be related to the use of the nvidia M and happens on Snow Leopard, Lion and Windows.

I can very easily reproduce this problem on Windows. It leads to a raise of the temperature of the chipset and the crash of the graphical driver fortunately it doesn't crash Windows. Or on Snow Leopard with Photobooth application black screen of death. I'm ready to do any test to help identify the origin of the problem.

Update AMD graphics drivers for Windows in Boot Camp

And if you have information about this problem, please communicate. I can't say if you need to installed nvidia drivers on the virtual machine. Regards, Valentin N. Same problem with my MBP. Didn't happen til I updated to Lion though. I ran Tech Tool Deluxe and every time it got to testing the Video RAM the application froze and quit so I took it to an Apple store and the guy there told me he'd seen it before and it was a problem with the graphics card becoming unseated with the logic board or something like that and that it was a known issue.

Mine's currently having the logic board replaced, which was covered by my Apple Care. Same issues here. Screen goes blank for a bit and windows returns with a video driver failed error message. I got the same problem with my Macbook Pro For the moment you can use gfxCardStatus and use only the Intel graphic card, so you can work. Same issue, similar specs of the first poster, macbookpro 15" 6,2 with geforce M. With mine, it happened with both the new lion osx and with the one before it. I can recreate it when I have safari and itunes open, and if I open pages app as soon as I click black document the screen will shut down with the keyboard glowing and whatever music playing skips on 1 second.

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Warranty expired, and I went to the genius bar today and I luckily was able to reproduce the problem when I ran a youtube video while I was on Pages. They told me they need to replace the logic board and the tech told me he thought it was the video card as well. Come to think of it, after he printed my repairs sheet he never mentioned a video card again, just the motherboard.

I guarantee if they do that which will cost too much , the problem will start up again. How can we get apple or nvidia or whoever to fess up to selling us a defected product? Shouldn't they be paying for it?

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I've also heard that if enough people report the problem to apple they'll fix it. After all, all I did was take care of the computer and babied it the entire time I've had it. Minus a few scratches from inadvertantly setting it down on a gritty surface here and there. I am having the same problem with MBP and windows 7 64bits and model M card.

I couldnt install the graphics driver I downloaded from the nvidia site: it said it didn't recognize the hardware. They also replaced a connector in that repair part number , though I do not know if that had anything to do with the issue being fixed. That is terrible, and clearly a cop out by Apple I am have the same issue with the same MBP model The only way I can get it to blank on command is by running the "Windows Experience Index".

I have read over several threads which suggest the original driver in BootCamp 3. Can anyone out there help me? My issue was finally resolved by apple replacing the main logic board. Single screen, works fine. Attach a monitor using VGA, as that's the adapter I have , it works for awhile and then both screens go blank, with the computer itself running along fine, just unable to output anything to either monitor.

In Linux, you can jump to a virtual terminal at any time by hitting Control-Alt and a function key. That switches to text mode, which usually bypasses any X setting problems. In this case, the screens stay blank, pointing at a video issue deeper than X. Possibly there's an issue with the card itself, or the driver does something that causes the card to lock up?

This sounds very promising :- Thank you and maintain your efforts Nvidia team! I am still on Mac Pro 5. Was planning to upgrade to Titan X when this thing happened. I am holding back my decision to upgrade for a few months, hoping against hope that will be made compatible to Mac OSX. That would be a real boon. Mac Pro towers 4. Otherwise I would have shifted to Windows long ago! The ti is supported in older versions of the Mac Pro's. So if you don't want to wait and need a cheaper, fast solution it's still a great card.

Those dustbin Mac Pros are everywhere at my wife's place of work, and she says they hate them. Palmer Lucky says if Apple make a decent machine for VR they'll support it, but right now there's no point trying until they ship something with enough GPU horsepower. Using Nvidia's web installer, you'd get a Steam VR-ready system on paper! The GTX does 9 Tflops. I hear what you're both MacVador and digitalvisual saying and agree. Hi, I run pretty much the same system as MacVador 4. This is a standard setup for many video and web professionals.

I have already purchased a completely forgetting about having to wait for driver support. Probably need to return it but I'm adding my voice to say there is a great market for these - especially as the only takes 1x 8 pin w molex. Easily achieved with an internal Y cable joining taking power from the two internal 6 pin 75w ATXs. Its a neat solution which isn't possible with a Titan. Hi all. In fact the market exists. One is "legal" as the Mac Pro 4,1 and 5,1 are rock solid and we can improve them significantly and GPU is a big part.

Its listed as v The Win10 install on bootcamp worked correctly though. As far as I can tell from reading TonyMacx Sorry to be the bearer or bad news. I found this, not sure if it would work, but it looks promising I'm also curious to see if this works. Will be awesome if it does! I have the same question. Any answers anyone? Update avatar. Browse or drag an image. File must be atleast xpx and less than xpx.