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Firewire attached SSD drives. RAID drives. So, if a SandForce-based drive can see some benefit, so will any other solid-state repository you install. In those. My question, I have an iMac Lion I was confused by SSD and external hard drives.

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Is one better or faster or even worth using? If you would like more assistance with determining an appropriate SSD or even External Solution , you can contact our Technical Support Team at 1 , via email or Live Chat for assistance. Should I get the 6g or 3g owc ssd?

On average what your lifetime? Thank you very much. Lifespan deals greatly with usage. See my comment linked here for a full explanation. I installed 8. The results are very poor, not what the company has promised OWC. I wonder what he debe. Muchas thanks! As already mentioned in the thread — Black Magic uses incompressible data for its test and is meant to gauge usage for high-end video production. However I have a problem, I could not do the correct speed tests because I could not get the program because it is costly quickbench.

Thank you very much, I hope your help. You can provide me in download code for a temporary test? Thank you! How do I format it so that it is reset to factory settings and initial performance? Do I use Disk Utility? I am looking to totally wipe out my hard drive and re-install the OS, so you can make me erase it all. Under normal usage, that should not be the case. For wiping the drive and starting over, using Disk Utility is just fine to reformat and partition the SSD. If you would like more assistance at determining the cause of the slowdown, you can contact our Technical Support Team at 1 , via email or live chat for assistance in troubleshooting the issue.

This is because that the secure erase would help to reset the drive to default factory setings, including the speed, just except the p cycles. Hi, I have a Mac Pro model 5. Is this correct? Is there any fix for this? We highly recommend the use of a SATA 2. Would I loose some data in this process? Thanks for the answers. On a SandForce-based drive, this would report lower speeds, since the Durawrite technology used in the Sandforce controller compresses data in part to achieve its speed. The BlackMagic test is good for a worst case scenario of write speeds. Raw video capture deals with compressible data… whereas conversion and editing of already compressed video file types is dealing with incompressible data.

How can I be sure? I thought they never needed any maintenance. That should not be the case — from our testing the speeds actually increased over time. You can contact our Technical Support Team at 1 , via email , or live chat for assistance in troubleshooting.

The performance have been top notch on the subjective level, also consistent using common benchmarking apps. As OWC claims in their website. What tool did you use to achieve that number and why?

Trim Enabler

That particular number was achieved on a 2. When finding our real-world marketing numbers we run several benchmark suites on several machine configurations to determine the optimal results. I contacted Sandforce regarding to Trim or not to Trim — They gave me good insight into their process:. In flash memory, Garbage Collection GC is the process of relocating existing data, deleting stale data, and creating empty blocks for new data.

When the OS writes a new file to the drive, it will eventually write to the previously used spaces in the table. An SSD only knows data is no longer needed when the OS tells it to write to an address that already contains data. Sandforce has a patented technology called Durawrite.

Kent Smith — Sr. Director of Corporate Marketing SandForce. Please see the linked chart from SandForce. I agree with Michael. In a worst case scenario with a unrealistic test load of completely incompressible data, still seeing less than 3X and without TRIM engaged. Between this efficiency and the top tier flash we utilize, the computer is likely to be years retired before the NAND write endurance cycles is reaching compromise.

I should add that other controllers are always well over 1. As Michael pointed out, If the SDD controller is not aware of which blocks are unused, it has less space available for reallocation during GC.

SSD for Mac Mini -- Need Second Opinion - Ask Different

This, however, only comes into play once the disk is fully written to, i. So I wonder if your test cases did consider this also, there might be an extra RAM cache involved inside the SDD which has to be overcome as well? How did you, BTW, monitor the write amplification and related parameters? I might want to perform my own tests should I find the time. I have deleted 80GB data and emptied the trash can.

But the space was still not visible. When I rebooted after 5 minutes or so the 80GB space was visible. Is there any way to configure the SF controller to immediately make the space available like traditional harddisk. That may have been an OS lag in reporting — once the item is deleted and trash emptied — the SSD operates no differently than an SSD and that space is made available on the drive. No special config on the SF drive needed, etc. Which model suit my laptop and can run best performance?

Mercury Electra 6G or 3G? On the macsale site the lowest MacBook pro listed is 5,1. Will the SandForce controller take care of garbage collection in 4,1 Macbook pro? I have an office that has about desktops that are about years old and users are complaining about system speed. OS X Lion disk encryption will not work for this drive, and secure-erase is showing as greyed out in the disk monitor.

How can i a get disk encryptino to work and b securely erase files from the drive. You need to install the recovery partition. There is a way to install the recovery partition manually. Just google for it. I had the same problem and after installing the recovery partition, it was no problem to use FileVault 2. Hello, forgive me I do not speak English very well. Results ssd:. Where is the problem? Otherwise the computer takes several seconds searching for the operating system. I see a lot of assumptions here that seem to conflict with fact.

TRIM just allows the OS to notify the drive of blocks that are no longer required by the file system. TRIM does not require the drive to do anything.

Заводим TRIM на SSD в macOS Mojave 10.14 – Hackintosh Clover

When a file is deleted, only the metadata is written to the drive, and as far as the drive is concerned, the file data blocks are still in use, so a write to an adjacent block requires that the now useless data be preserved. This causes additional unnecessary disk activity.

In my extensive reading of explanations of how SSDs work, what TRIM does, and reading extensive benchmark data, I would not install an SSD without enabling and using TRIM because benchmarks, including sandforce controller benchmarks show eventual severe write degradation without it that does not occur with it. TRIM is an aid to garbage collection, not a substitute for it.

So OWC folks, I suggest that you may want to do a little more research to see what others have discovered, and possibly reevaluate your stance on this issue. I appreciate your feedback on this matter — but will respectfully disagree. By comparison, non-Sandforce controller based drives show significant degradation even over a relatively short time of use and slow to become even slower than hard drives over a longer period of time. You have to shut your computer down each time you leave your computer idle — so frustrating.

And the OWC patch really does nothing. If you have one of those initially released drives and are experiencing sleep issues, contact our Customer Service Team and we can get the drive updated for you. This parameter change must be done on our premises. It has been well over a year since both issues were addressed. You are correct. I had searched several Apple Support threads to try to discover the Sleep problem, which I thought was combined with the Hibernate issue. While the over-provisioning is nice, usually SSDs are only over-provisioned to help the controller better compress the data and also use some of it for wear-leveling, when certain sectors on the disk go bad.

While the updater will be available soon, the 6G line of SSDs do not have a firmware update required at this time. Is there a way to make trim work only for the intel?

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Apples factory drive comes with TRIM enabled but does not turn on for other 3rd party drives. I have Trim support on now. Hi Michael…by drop off in speed, it was meant that other brands not using a SF processor do slow down over usage time. Yes the OWC drives are very impressive. There has even been suggestions on other forums that SF drives can suffer from lifetime thrott6ling but the amount of data needed to be written to the drive is beyond the average user. If the value is No, then you need to turn it on. The system will display a notice, then ask you if you are sure you wish to proceed.

Type in y and then press enter. The system will then indicate that it will reboot and ask you if that's OK. Type y again then press enter. Now wait for the system to restart by itself and you're done. If you check again, you will see that TRIM is now running on the system.

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