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If you only want to see the top ruler, click the View button in your toolbar or View in the menu bar and select Show Rulers. Mark the box for Show vertical rulers whenever rulers are shown.

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Use whichever works best for you. Select your shape and it will pop right into your document for you to move wherever you like. Select your object and then choose an option to make your change. To resize, scale, or skew your object, select it and pick an edge or corner. Then, just drag to the shape or size you want. To add text to an object, double-click inside of the shape.

Add a background color and border

Once you type your text, you can format it with the sidebar as well. Select the text and click Text in the sidebar. You can change the font size, style, format, alignment, and spacing or use bullets and lists. Pages lets you pick from a basic line, one with one or two arrowheads, and straight, curved, or angled connection lines. When you pick your line and it displays on the page, just select and move it to connect your shapes. With the Format sidebar open, click a line, click Style in the sidebar, and you can adjust its appearance.

Unlike shapes, you cannot just double-click and add text to a line.

However, you can add a text box to go with a line or place anywhere in your flowchart. When the text box appears, just type inside the box and then drag it to the location you want. You can make many adjustments to your text with the Format sidebar.

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Click the text box and click Text in the sidebar. You can change the style, layout, alignment, spacing, and font style, size, or color as well as use bullets or lists. Add a background color and border You can add color to the background of a paragraph that extends from margin to margin. You can also add a border or line at the top, bottom, or sides of paragraphs, and add a border around a page.

Applying a Border to Part of a Microsoft Word Document

If you want to change its transparency, add a block of color and make it a master object , which you can customize however you like. Add a background color to paragraphs Select the paragraphs where you want the background color to appear. In the Text pane of the Format inspector , click the Layout button. Choose a color in the Background Color section. To see colors that go with your template: Click the color well on the left. To see all colors: Click the color wheel, then choose a color in the Colors window.

This mode enables you to create a PDF document from scratch or add needed info or objects to an existing file. Add text, make notes , fill in forms , interact with your colleagues, classmates, family and friends inside a PDF file - everything is possible with PDF Expert!

How to Edit or Remove Template Borders in Pages for Mac

So you can see exactly how your text will appear in the PDF. For example, if you want to highlight important paragraphs in an agreement, make the font size of the sum of money in the invoice bigger or make your company name and logo bold you can restyle any part or all of the whole text as you wish using PDF Expert.

Change the margins between text and the edge of a text box or shape

Try PDF Expert for free or buy it right away! We are always here to help you. Thank you for downloading PDF Expert! We will send you link shortly.

Change the border and background of table cells

Click T in the markup toolbar. In a second, a text box appears on your PDF.

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  5. Click or double-click on it to change the text or type a new one.