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By comparison, the rest of her tenure in the Mac was lying in bed eating strawberries while hubby's at work. Traces of Buckingham's work lingered in McVie's post- Tusk recordings, although the ever-shiner surfaces began to obscure their increasing irrelevance. She coasted on the memories of a grand passion, but rarely convinces that her new ones are worth sharing, or even measure up. Still, she rarely sang or wrote badly.

The thing is ear candy, a sweet tart of chewy goodness filled with tinkling pianos, more fantastic McVie-Buckingham harmonizing, and what sounds like 87 guitar parts crisscrossing over the coda. The ballad "Only Over You" needs to be heard once, a total drip of a number whose title cobbles bits from earlier songs and whose chorus has the line "I'm out of my mind", which is truer than she realized. But in McVie didn't stop thinking about tomorrow, although maybe Buckingham did the next seven years would mean increased dependence on his studio wizardry to save neglible tunes.

I interpret Tusk 's last song as McVie bidding farewell to the high ship of peak-period Fleetwood Mac, and, it's true, the band conjures a rather sunny, almost pastoral mood on "Never Forget". As the morning sun shines into a recording studio stuffy with the smoke of last night's cigarettes and arguments, McVie allows her voice to express the optismism she'd suppressed for 19 songs. Since this is an adult, though, she tempers the optimism with realism.

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None of the band was reticent about flashing their cash. But she bought into the rich-and-famous lifestyle more enthusiastically than anyone, having been taught to spend money, she claims, during her affair with the notoriously ostentatious Don Henley.

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I need to go to LA. I need to go now. That was the biggest surprise. Everybody was angry, because Mick was married to a wonderful girl and had two wonderful children. I was horrified. I loved these people. I loved his family. Within five months, Nicks had become stepmother to the child by marrying the father. The rest of the band were appalled, and Christine McVie admits she even refused to buy the couple a wedding present.

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Their misgivings were well-directed. Within eight months the couple were divorced. Touring for Fleetwood Mac by now meant private jets and all manner of preposterous demands. Hotels would be told to paint rooms pink and install grand pianos. White, like the one on the cover of Imagine, of course. Somewhere in the midst of the madness, the group managed to record further albums. Following Rumours was never going to be easy and the double album Tusk, released in November , met with distinctly mixed reactions. Again it took over a year to record and cost a million dollars — an unprecedented amount of money at the time.

I wanted something that had a little more depth. The title track employed a piece marching band. And the excess was equally gargantuan on a non-musical level. Exotic food delivered to the studio, crates of champagne. And it had to be the best, with no thought of what it cost. Really stupid. Somebody once said that with the money we spent on champagne on one night, they could have made an entire album. Ultimately, it went on to sell eight million copies. Impressive for a double album, but in comparison to 25 million, a relative failure.

Other band members were not slow to point the finger at Buckingham. There was open hostility. The initially disappointing sales of Tusk were boosted by a mammoth date world tour, on which every date was recorded for a live album. When a battle-weary Fleetwood Mac ended the Tusk tour at the Hollywood Bowl in late , they were physically and mentally drained and barely able to stand the sight of each other. Nicks, Buckingham and Fleetwood all made solo albums. But when only the former was successful, accountants and record company executives were soon agitating for another Fleetwood Mac album, and the band reconvened to make Mirage.

Released in , it was an unsatisfactory album that lacked either the raw emotion of Rumours or the runaway ambition which Buckingham had injected into Tusk. It sounded like a record made for the sole and cynical purpose of sustaining the Fleetwood Mac brand. For me, none of the albums after Tusk quite had it. I think we lost something after that.

But we missed a vital ingredient. Along the way he went bankrupt and was relieved of his duties as band manager. Much of his money went up his nose on drugs, although he insists even more was lost on property deals that went wrong. It was fun, but it was a bloody nightmare and I would never do it again. It became boring and sordid. Her use had begun as much as a way of coping as a means of getting high. I was doing a lot of drugs just to get me through to the next thing.

But we spent an awful lot of money on it. And with coke you can stay up way too late. And the payback is a bitch. Nobody should go through what I went through. There was a little bit of fun. It creeps me out to talk about it even now. Fleetwood Mac are a British-American rock band, formed in London in They have sold more than million records worldwide, making them one of the world's best-selling bands.

Bassist John McVie completed the lineup for their self-titled debut album. Danny Kirwan joined as a third guitarist in Keyboardist Christine Perfect , who contributed as a session musician from the second album, married McVie and joined in At this time it was primarily a British blues band, scoring a UK number one with " Albatross ", [7] and had lesser hits with the singles " Oh Well " and " Black Magic Woman ".

All three guitarists left in succession during the early s, to be replaced by guitarists Bob Welch and Bob Weston and vocalist Dave Walker. By , all three had either departed or been dismissed, leaving the band without a male lead vocalist or guitarist. In late , while Fleetwood was scouting studios in Los Angeles, he was introduced to folk-rock duo Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks.

Fleetwood Mac soon asked Buckingham to be their new lead guitarist, and Buckingham agreed on condition that Nicks would also join the band. The addition of Buckingham and Nicks gave the band a more pop rock sound, and their self-titled album, Fleetwood Mac , reached No. Rumours , Fleetwood Mac's second album after the arrival of Buckingham and Nicks, produced four U. Top 10 singles and remained at number one on the American albums chart for 31 weeks.

It also reached the top spot in various countries around the world and won a Grammy Award for Album of the Year in Rumours has sold over 40 million copies worldwide, making it the eighth-highest-selling album in history. The band went through personal turmoil while recording the album, as both the romantic partnerships in the band one being John and Christine McVie, and the other being Buckingham and Nicks separated while continuing to make music together.

The band's personnel remained stable through three more studio albums, but by the late s began to disintegrate. After Buckingham and Nicks each left the band, a one-off performance for the first inauguration of Bill Clinton featured the lineup of Fleetwood, John McVie, Christine McVie, Nicks, and Buckingham back together for the first time in six years. A full reunion occurred four years later, and the group released their fourth U. Christine McVie left the band in , but continued to work with the band in a session capacity. Meanwhile, the group remained together as a four-piece, releasing their most recent studio album, Say You Will , in Christine McVie rejoined the band full-time in Peter Green had previously replaced guitarist Eric Clapton in the Bluesbreakers [9] and had received critical acclaim for his work on their album A Hard Road.

Mayall gave Green free recording time as a gift, in which Fleetwood, McVie and Green recorded five songs. The fifth song was an instrumental that Green named after the rhythm section, "Fleetwood Mac". Soon after this, Green suggested to Fleetwood that they form a new band. The pair wanted McVie on bass guitar and named the band 'Fleetwood Mac' to entice him, but McVie opted to keep his steady income with Mayall rather than take a risk with a new band.

Brunning was in the band on the understanding that he would leave if McVie agreed to join. Brunning played only a few gigs with Fleetwood Mac. Fleetwood Mac's self-titled debut album was a no-frills blues album and was released by the Blue Horizon label in February The album was successful in the UK and reached no. The band's second studio album, Mr. Wonderful , was released in August Like their first album, it was all blues.

The album was recorded live in the studio with miked amplifiers and a PA system, rather than being plugged into the board. Shortly after the release of their second album Fleetwood Mac added year-old guitarist Danny Kirwan to their line-up. Green wanted Boilerhouse to become a professional band but Stevens and Terrey were not prepared to turn professional, so Green tried to find another rhythm section for Kirwan by placing an ad in Melody Maker.

There were over applicants, but when Green and Fleetwood ran auditions at the Nag's Head in Battersea home of the Mike Vernon Blue Horizon Club the hard-to-please Green could not find anyone good enough, so he invited Kirwan to join Fleetwood Mac as a third guitarist. Green had been frustrated that Jeremy Spencer had little desire to contribute to his songs.

Kirwan, a self-taught guitarist, had a signature vibrato and a unique style that added a new dimension to an already complete band. With Kirwan in the band they released their first number one single in Europe, "Albatross", on which Kirwan duetted with Green. Green said later that the success of 'Albatross' was thanks to Kirwan.

Wonderful , new songs from Kirwan. Their second compilation album, The Pious Bird of Good Omen , contained a collection of singles, B-sides and a selection of work the band had done with Eddie Boyd. These would be Fleetwood Mac's last all-blues recordings. Along with the change of style the band was also going through label changes. Up until that point they had been on the Blue Horizon label, but with Kirwan in the band the musical possibilities had become too diverse for a blues-only label.

The band signed with Immediate Records and released the single " Man of the World ", which became another British and European hit. Immediate Records was in bad shape, however, and the band shopped around for a new deal. Records through Reprise Records , a Frank Sinatra -founded label , the label they have stayed with ever since. Although the initial pressing of the American release of this album was the same as the British version, it was altered to contain the song " Oh Well ", which featured consistently in live performances from the time of its release through and again starting in Then Play On , the band's first rock album, featured only the songs of Kirwan and Green.

Jeremy Spencer, meanwhile, had recorded a solo album of s-style rock and roll songs, backed by the rest of the band. They appeared at the festival again in By Peter Green, the frontman of the band, was not in good shape. He had taken LSD at a hippie commune in Munich, which may have contributed to the onset of schizophrenia.

We were touring Europe in late When we were in Germany, Peter told me he had been invited to a party. I knew there were going to be a lot of drugs around and I suggested that he didn't go. But he went anyway and I understand from him that he He was never the same again. This recording was released as Green's mental stability deteriorated. He wanted to give all of the band's money to charity, but the other members of the band disagreed and Green left the band.

Fleetwood Mac: ‘Everybody was pretty weirded out’ – the story of Rumours

His last show with Fleetwood Mac was on 20 May During that show the band went past their allotted time and the power was shut off, although Mick Fleetwood kept drumming. A more complete remastered 3-volume compilation was released by Snapper Music in the late s. Kirwan and Spencer were left with the task of replacing Green in their live shows and on their recordings. Kirwan's songs on the album moved the band in the direction of rock, while Spencer's contributions focused on re-creating the country-tinged "Sun Sound" of the late s.

Christine Perfect , who had retired from the music business after one unsuccessful solo album, contributed to Kiln House , singing backup vocals and playing keyboards. She also drew the album cover. Since Fleetwood Mac were progressing and developing a new sound, Perfect was asked to join the band. The B-side has been reissued only once, on a Reprise German and Dutch-only "Best of" album, making it one of their most obscure songs. The album was relatively successful, and the band continued to gain popularity. While on tour in February , Jeremy Spencer said he was going out to "get a magazine" but never returned.

After several days of frantic searching the band discovered that Spencer had joined a religious group, the Children of God. Green brought along his friend Nigel Watson , who played the congas.

Green was only back with Fleetwood Mac temporarily and the band began a search for a new guitarist. He and Watson played only the last week of shows. The San Bernardino show on 20 February was recorded and still exists. The band held a few meetings with Welch and decided to hire him, without actually playing with him or listening to any of his recordings. In September the band released their fifth studio album, Future Games. As a result of Welch's arrival and Spencer's departure the album was different from anything they had done up to that point, and there were many new fans in America who were becoming interested in the band.

In , six months after the release of Future Games , the band released their sixth studio album, Bare Trees. Mostly composed by Kirwan, Bare Trees featured the Welch-penned single " Sentimental Lady ", which would be a much bigger hit for Welch five years later when he re-recorded it for his solo album French Kiss , backed by Mick Fleetwood and Christine McVie.

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It also featured "Spare Me a Little of Your Love", a bright Christine McVie song that became a staple of the band's live act throughout the early to mids. While the band was doing well in the studio, their tours turned out to be problematic.

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Danny Kirwan had developed an alcohol dependency and was becoming alienated from Welch and the McVies. When Kirwan smashed his Gibson Les Paul Custom guitar before a concert, refused to go on stage and criticised the band afterwards, Fleetwood fired him. The next two and a half years for Fleetwood Mac were their most difficult. In the three albums they released in this period they constantly changed line-ups.

After the tour the band fired Walker because they felt his vocal style and attitude did not fit well with the rest of the band. The remaining five members carried on and recorded the band's eighth studio album, Mystery to Me , six months later. This album contained Welch's song " Hypnotized ", which received a great amount of airplay on the radio and became one of the band's most successful songs to date in the US.

The band was proud of the new album and anticipated that it would be a smash hit. Despite this success, personal problems within the band emerged. The McVies' marriage was under a lot of stress, which was aggravated by their constant working with each other and by John McVie's considerable alcohol abuse. Courage fired Weston and the tour was cancelled. The lack of touring meant that the album was unable to chart as high as the previous one.

In , the band's manager, Clifford Davis, claimed that he owned the name Fleetwood Mac. He recruited members of the band Legs, which had recently issued one single under Davis's management, [33] to tour as Fleetwood Mac. The members of this group were told that Mick Fleetwood would join them on later dates, and claimed that Fleetwood had been involved in the planning stages before dropping out. As the tour got under way, Fleetwood Mac's road manager John Courage realised that the line-up was not authentic. The lawsuit that followed regarding who owned the rights to the name put the original Fleetwood Mac on hiatus for almost a year.

Although the band was named after Mick Fleetwood and John McVie, they had apparently signed contracts in which they had forfeited the rights to the name. Nobody from the alternative lineup was ever made a part of the real Fleetwood Mac, although some later played in Danny Kirwan's studio band. While the other band had been on tour, Welch stayed in Los Angeles and connected with entertainment attorneys. He realised that the original Fleetwood Mac was being neglected by Warner Bros and that they would need to change their base of operation from England to America, to which the rest of the band agreed.

This did not end the legal battle but the band was able to record as Fleetwood Mac again. The band released their ninth studio album, Heroes Are Hard to Find , in September and, for the first time in its history, the band had only one guitarist. In late Graves was preparing to become a permanent member of the band by the end of their US tour. He said:. I'm looking forward to adding something to this already great band. I helped engineer their album 'Heroes Are Hard to Find' and got to know each member well. It came to me as a shock when Mick asked me to join but I am enjoying playing live with the band, and hopefully will start a new studio album with the band soon.

However, Graves did not ultimately join full-time. In , Christine McVie explained the decision:.


The band wanted me to expand my role and have a little more freedom, so he played some organ behind me, but he didn't play the same way I did. Neither musician proved to be a long-term addition to the line-up. Welch left soon after the tour ended on 5 December at Cal State University , having grown tired of touring and legal struggles. Nevertheless, the tour had enabled the Heroes album to reach a higher position on the American charts than any of the band's previous records. After Welch announced that he was leaving the band, Fleetwood began searching for a replacement.

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Fleetwood liked it and was introduced to the guitarist from the band, Lindsey Buckingham , who was at Sound City that day recording demos. Fleetwood asked him to join Fleetwood Mac and Buckingham agreed, on the condition that his music partner and girlfriend, Stevie Nicks , be included. Buckingham and Nicks joined the band on New Year's Eve , within four weeks of the previous incarnation splitting. In , the new line-up released another self-titled album , their tenth studio album. The album was a breakthrough for the band and became a huge hit, reaching No.

In , the band was suffering from severe stress. With success came the end of John and Christine McVie's marriage, as well as Buckingham and Nicks's long-term romantic relationship. Fleetwood, meanwhile, was in the midst of divorce proceedings from his wife, Jenny. The pressure on Fleetwood Mac to release a successful follow-up album, combined with their new-found wealth, led to creative and personal tensions which were allegedly fuelled by high consumption of drugs and alcohol. The band's eleventh studio album, Rumours the band's first release on the main Warner label after Reprise was retired and all of its acts were reassigned to the parent label , was released in the spring of