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To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. When I tried to exit the Warning page, I got the warning that I may have two trojans on my computer. Is this a virus?

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How do I fix this? Please Help! Posted on Jun 29, AM. Page content loaded.

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Jun 29, AM in response to justsmileandwave In response to justsmileandwave. Jun 29, AM. Thomas is a regular contributor on here and has very good guidance on dealing with this kind of material. It's not a virus.

Mac OS is infected with Spyware – yet another version of this tech support scam

It's a JavaScript scam that only affects your web browser, and only temporarily. Some of those scam pages can be dismissed very easily. Press command-W to close the tab or window. A huge box will pop up. Press the return key and both the box and the page will close. If that doesn't happen, continue. Leave the preferences dialog open. Close the malicious window or tab.

Iphone gift card virus

Re-enable JavaScript and close the preferences dialog. If the Preferences menu item is grayed out, quit Safari. Force quit if necessary. Relaunch it by holding down the shift key and clicking its icon in the Dock. From the menu bar, select.

How to remove "Security Warning! Your computer may be infected!" pop up

Open your Downloads folder and delete anything you don't recognize. Note that you should not, under any circumstances, call the number provided in that message! If you do, they will attempt to scam you, either asking for payment so they can remove the "virus" or for remote access to your computer, or both.

Many manufacturers of anti-virus solutions offer free versions of their products for trial or one-time scanning — we recommend you to run one of these products on your machine.

Critical Security Warning! Your Mac is Infected…Fix

If it detects a virus or a Trojan, make sure you send a copy of the infected file to the manufacturer of the antivirus solution that failed to detect it. This will help this vendor faster develop protection against this threat and protect other users running this antivirus from getting infected. If an alternative antivirus does not detect any malware, it is recommended that you disconnect your computer from the Internet or a local network, disable Wi-Fi connection and the modem, if any, before you start looking for the infected file s.

Do not use the network unless critically needed. Do not use web payment systems or internet banking services under any circumstances. Avoid referring to any personal or confidential data; do not use any web-based services that require your screen name and password. Detecting a virus or Trojan in your computer in some cases may be a complex problem requiring a technical qualification; however, in other cases that may be a pretty straightforward task — this all depends on the degree of the malware complexity and the methods used to hide the malicious code embedded into the system.

In the difficult cases when special methods e.

What Is Mac Malware Like?

This problem may require special utilities or actions, like connecting the hard disk to another computer or booting the system from a CD. However, if a regular worm or simple Trojan is around, you may be able to track it down using fairly simple methods. The vast majority of worms and Trojan need to take control when the system starts. There are two basic ways for that:.

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  8. Special attention should be paid to the files located in the Windows system catalog or root directory. Remember names of these files, you will need them in the further analysis. This is due to 2 facts: the contents of these catalogs are not shown in the Explorer by default, and these catalogs host a great number of different system files, functions of which are completely unknown to a lay user.

    Even an experienced user will probably find it difficult to tell if a file called winkrnl This will display all recently created and modified files at the top of the catalog — these very files will be of interest to the researcher. If any of these files are identical to those occurring in the autorun keys, this is the first wake-up call. Advanced users can also check the open network ports using netstat, the standard utility.

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    It is recommended to set up a firewall and scan the processes engaged in network activities. It is also recommended to check the list of active processes using dedicated utilities with advanced functionalities rather than the standard Windows utilities — many Trojans successfully avoid being detected by standard Windows utilities.

    However, no universal advice can be given for all occasions. Advanced worms and Trojans occur every now then that are quite difficult to track down. In this case, it is best to consult the support service of the IT security vendor that released your antivirus client, a company offering IT assistance services, or ask for help at specialized web forums. Such web resources include www. Similar forums designed to assist users are also run by many antivirus companies.

    Solutions for:. Unlike the in-depth articles in the Knowledge Base, every definition in the Glossary is succinct, while remaining highly informative.