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It doesn't matter that Frank is significantly older than the rest of the gang, he is equally depraved. In one episode, Frank reconnects with an old girlfriend over dinner. He goes to the meal assuming they will get into dirty antics like old times, but throughout the dinner he finds out that she is straightlaced and only there to see an old friend. Immediately after he learns the truth, a young waitress walks over to the table asking if the two of them are ready to order. Frank ogles the young girl and even looks at her butt as she walks away.

It turns out, the actress who played that waitress was actually Devito's real-world daughter Lucy. At this point, it's hard to imagine any of the characters being named anything else than what they currently are. Charlie Day decided to keep his name for his goofball character and Rob McElhenney chose Mac, a name derived from his real last name. Glenn Howerton, on the other hand, chose to name his character Dennis, something that purposefully has no connection to his real name.

The character, who's become increasingly twisted over the years, started out as a relatively normal dude. For the season 11 finale of the show, the gang left Phily and embarked on a cruise. While the episode is full of memorable moments, especially Mac coming out of the closet and then immediately getting back in it, the under water sequence is the most impressive. In the scene, the gang all sit in on the floor in a submerged room of water.

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Due to DeVito's buoyant shape, the gang struggled to keep the actor under water long enough to get a good shot so they decided to weigh him down. The rest of the gang had no problem returning to the surface, DeVito struggled to get back up and was pulled out by safety divers. Since it was such a stressful moment, DeVito left the set after that and went home for the day.

A lot of things have changed since McElhenney, Day, and Howerton shot a low-fi version of the show before FX took on the project. Not only was the show originally called "Jerks" and set in Los Angeles as the gang pursues careers in acting, but the show's budget has gone up exponentially.

Since the creators didn't know how the gang would be accepted, each character was presented more so as misguided or misunderstood rather than being truly smug or terrible. That's less than it would have cost to buy all the beer in the season 10 episode "The Gang Beats Boggs". The shoot wasn't intended to land a television show; it was just meant as a short film project among friends.

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Much of the story in the original pilot ended up being recycled into the fourth episode of the series "Charlie has Cancer". DeVito has a disorder called multiple epiphyseal dysplasia, more commonly referred to as Fairbank's disease, that affects bone growth. Major side effects include joint pain, exhaustion after activity, and even flat feet. As of now, there is no cure for the disease, but if it's caught early enough surgery can help relieve discomfort for people who do have it. The genetic disease has stunted DeVito's growth throughout his life. As a result, the accomplished actor is only 4'10, a whole foot shorter than the average, white American male.

Making a television show together means all the performers are constantly together, interacting and cracking jokes. It turns out, every single member of the group sans Danny Devito is married to someone else from the show. Charlie, who is obsessed with a waitress who wants nothing to do with him, is actually married to Mary Ellis, the actress who plays the role. Despite how much Mac may talk crap on Dee in the show, McElhenney and and Olson tied the knot in Last but not least, Howerton, who plays the psychologically unhinged Dennis, married Jill Latiano.

While Latiano isn't a staple on the show, she did appear in the episode "The D. System" where her real world husband creepily hit on her. It's Always Sunny may be the longest running live-action comedy series, but that doesn't mean it's anywhere near the most awarded. Instead of being recognized for writing or performing, it was nominated for outstanding stunt coordination. In it, the gang is trying to get Paddy's Pub to win a city-wide bar competition and each of them try different, desperate measures to get key deciders on their side.

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Dee is suggested to be the physically strongest member of the Gang, easily outperforming both Mac and Dennis while trying out for the Philadelphia Eagles " The Gang Gets Invincible " , destroying a buzzer by accident " The Gang Goes on Family Fight " , and managing to become a decent boxer " Hundred Dollar Baby ".

However, this doesn't mean much, as the rest of the Gang are in generally horrible shape. Along with Mac and Dennis, Dee has been shown to be an excellent skier though the rules are different on the mountain. Dee is a poor waitress and an unskilled bartender—she can't make simple drinks like a mojito " The Great Recession ". She is also apparently very rude to customers " Here you go. Stupid customers. She also has admitted to intentionally using the same check for two different tables and pocketing the difference, a practice she calls "double-dropping" " The Gang Sells Out ".

Love is in the air at Paddy’s: The real life couples of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Dee consistently faces severe stage fright and often chokes under pressure when performing in front of an audience:. Dee was born on August 18, , an unknown amount of time before her brother Dennis, to Barbara and Frank Reynold's.

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Frank was a terrible father to both Dee and Dennis growing up. He would find out what they wanted for Christmas and then buy it for himself "A Very Sunny Christmas".

Frank's wealth allowed the two siblings to grow up in a higher social class than the rest of the gang, and Dee and Dennis seem to believe that they are still in that class " Mac and Charlie: White Trash ". Dee was unpopular in high school due to her severe scoliosis, which forced her to wear a back brace and earned her the nickname "The Aluminum Monster" " The Aluminum Monster vs.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Just 2 Cool Dudes getting married

And then we started secretly dating, and he really just wanted to be casual, but I had this hubristic confidence that this person is completely in love with me—and he has no idea. It was just like, oh, you don't know, you have no idea that you are completely in love with me. Investigations Suspect in North Philly police shooting charged with attempted murder. Illness Netflix launches medical detective-style docu-series, 'Diagnosis' from.

Dark Secrets Behind It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

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