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What the hell are you guys talking about? Ed, here is a detailed tutorial describing how to set the default email app on a Mac, it is done through the Mail application. From the Mail app you set Mail or Thunderbird or any other email app as your default email app on Mac. You should read it before commenting. I want to change my default email client from Mail to Airmail.

When I open Mail, it hesitates for a minute, then starts to open dozens hundreds? This happens ad nauseum until I force quit Mail. Any suggestions?

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Thank you! I also had the problem with my choice firefox. So I tried the command line fix above. Now firefox. How do I get the choice of a mil app when I use the Share pull-down menu? Or simply put, how can I now mail a web page or link from Safari? One step forward, two back. Changing default in Mail preferences still reverts to Thunderbird.

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How do I make it stay where I put it? Ran into the problem on 2 of may Macs. If you come across the additional complication that the mail default email reader setting reverts by itself back to chrome or whatever it was last set to…. I wnat saved. Go to finder window. Click on the file once. Then select the change all button if you want that to happen everytime. I went to preferences and my choices were Mail and Select. I chose Select, but if I select Firefox and then click on an e-mail which I did to test it it causes, no exaggeration, tabs to open and everything freezes.

Further to previous, I have finally found the solution — obscure, but sorted. Why always so difficult? I am having a reciprocal problem — can anyone help? I have moved from Outlook to Apple Mail as the default app, but whenever I try to access any email stored in my filing system using Finder whether stored as a. This should override any other settings. Worked for me with Outlook Thanks Nishad!

I was not able to set this through Mail. You will need to know your eMail password to set up Mail for Mac.

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  • Where ever your email provider is coming from is where you would reset that password. For example, you would use Gmail to reset a Gmail password, etc. Delete the false account afterwards if you want or leave it in case you need to access the preferences again at a later date i. Ahhh, this is awesome. I never would have guessed it would just allow me to click through like that. It will eventually override and let you in. Just keep hitting Sign In — it gives up after a few tries and creates the account. This should overwrite and other settings on OSX.

    Thanks for this. I cannot count how many times in the past I have been caught by accidentally clicking the hidden link and now my mail app fires up and for the next five minutes it syncs several past emails I normally use web mail. This is very frustrating especially when this happens when I least expect it.

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    Possible to do via terminal? I was aware that you can change the default in Mail Prefs, but you said that it changes what app launches throughout OSX. I have changed the prefs to Postbox. Same is true for some other Apple programs that allow you to email directly. Thanks for the reply. But in iPhoto, it only has the options to choose Mail, iPhoto Not sure what that does and Microsoft Outlook which is greed out. There does not seem to be a way of selecting another email client….

    You should be able to select another email app to use through the iPhoto preferences, as described here:. That said, what is the use in changing the default to Google Chrome for email, what does it actually change? Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. David says:. July 17, at pm. Charlie R. Japadermawan says:. December 12, at pm.

    Ed says:. August 12, at am. ThunderBob says:. Matthew says:. November 24, at pm. D says:. October 28, at am. Linda says:. May 14, at pm. Duncan says:. March 7, at am. David Tarnow says:. April 4, at pm. Dan says:. February 29, at pm. January 28, at am. Lynne Berman says:. January 23, at pm. Stu Estes says:. My goal is to have too active email accounts icloud and protonmail. One is for business related stuff like online shopping and protonmail is for personal emails.

    I like the way it is set up very simple and easy to use. Thank you, J Hubbard. Yes, I would appreciate if protonmail could be integrated into email clients like apple mail etc. Is it a security issue? Best Ingo. It would be very helpful if I could download Protnmail with Thunderbird. I would also appreciate if this mail service could be integrated into email client like Apple mail.

    Old user of fetchmail-procmail-mutt-msmtp with several mail servers. Using GPG with almost… nobody! However, I would like so much to have the possibility to integrate Protonmail with fetchmail-mutt-msmtp. Understand is not trivial…. Apple Mail integration, yes, please! I need to archive my emails. That way you could still keep the encrypted ecosystem intact. Please talk to the people running the Tails OS Tor-related. If your e-mail service could somehow become integrated with their system, it would be magical.

    My 2 cents. I am extremely excited to be involved with the projects user side. I feel that third party integration should be a high priority with Outlook and Thunderbird, second only to the development of the overall email system in itself. I believe that most would benefit from this integration and most would prefer to have this option in the future. Please we need this integrated into blackberry devices. Going to browser and entering 2 layers of passwords is very laborious. After all, that is one of the major things which makes ProtonMail so awsome. I love my new protonmail account. It almost seems like the implementation would have to be on the client side in order to work with protonmail.

    Since there are two layers of security in order to access your mail, the first layer for the account I would think is already a capability thunderbird or any client has. If there was a packet being sent to the client telling it about the second layer or if the expectation of a second layer was added to the client when looking up protonmail. Maybe contacting thunderbird would yield more promising results. Thunderbird being an opensource software I would expect they would be more then willing to add that functionality in their program.

    A vote for POP3 capability. I use a fantastic email client called PostBox which is made by the people who created Thunderbird. To be able to combine ProtonMail and PostBox would be a dream come true — a perfect email world. An absolute requirement! Excellent work from the PMail team so far — keep going! This is such an important feature for adoption. So many of us manage our email life through some sort of software like Outlook or Thunderbird.


    As for the integration with mail clients, it would be a nice thing for sure. Protonmail and BlackBerry phones. A match made in heaven! Please make this happen. Thanks for this privacy abiding service anyway! This would be neat, but it would result in the loss of an important feature of ProtonMail: a mailbox password.

    Fully supported in Thunderbird, K9mail, Claws-mail. Release the rights of the usage of PGP keys. Full function supported in encrypt, decrypt, sign, verify that operate both for PGP and V5. Or simply make your own email client. With even better security features and more privacy concious than what the current offer of mail clients is. I see that you are making an app for Android which has the most unsecured os of all devices but yet BlackBerry has been left out again who has the most secure OS of all devices.

    Millions of BlackBerry users would appreciate this. At the very least integration with existing technologies as a transitional measure would be your 1 vehicle for adoption. You should have this, build your bridges for your users to come. I really love seeing the progress here at ProtonMail and the attention to security details. Just some ideas; one step at a time and keep up the good work! Without 3rd party computer apps this is close to useless. I hate web based mail.

    You guys wrote ios and android, why not a computer based app? Thank you in advance. I would be very keen to see protonmail integrate in some way with Thuderbird, Mutt etc. In the meantime, since this is not trivial, a means of auto-redirecting certain non-encrypted mails github comments etc. Would be extra nice for Proton Mail to design and have their own e-mail client from the ground up.

    Hope to integrate PM soon to my Blackberry Hub. Is still the best solution for easy-usw communication. Some thoughts on this. We as a technology culture need more ready to use and apply end to end encryption. If the app does not yet exist then it needs to be made. Stay true to your roots and then work with people to fully enable end to end encryption from the device to the device. Not the first one to say it, but being able to interact with Protonmail in BlackBerry Hub would be a real blessing. Yes, I would definitely love to have protonmail on my thunderbird.

    Last piece of my massive email puzzle. I have been using Thunderbird for a very long time, and I like its features. I would be happy with being able to use it with ProtonMail. This would be enough to not need any other features, as I like to store emails for a couple of years. Yes Proton is rather useless without this integration. I feel like having a stand-alone client designed with ProtonMail at first place is better than sticking ProtonMail to something like Thunderbird. Way more secure on my laptop than it would be on a phone!! Plus one less browser page to keep open, something I already have too many of on a regular basis….

    That would be so awesome! Like download as a pst file or whatever formats TB can use. I like using Thunderbird for my e-mail and would really like being able to incorporate ProtonMail with Thunderbird provided the security already provided by ProtonMails security is not hampered.

    Good job ProtonMail!! Yep, I would love to have ProtonMail work with Thunderbird as well. As an aside: it took me quite a lot of reading on your website to find out for sure I could NOT use an email client program. IMHO you should make this more clear up front — it could save people a lot of time. I think it would be nice to let us know what time frame to expect for the release of a computer version like Apple Mail.

    Having a release date would help us decide if we wait for it or not. Is there any estimation time or due date or even any progress on this? I believe this is an essential feature to any email service. Please write a Thunderbird Addon similar to Enigmail or allow us to access your services on desktop using something other than the browser….

    This blog looks exactly like my old one! Outstanding choice of colors! I will ditch all native clients in a second. X-member,for now,of Proton Mail. I use Protonmail as my primary and only email account. It would be great to have a native Linux I use Debian program to access my Protonmail emails offline. An add-on for Thunderbird or Evolution email clients would be fine, as well, but I think a standalone Protonmail program would be better for maintaining security.

    Thanks and keep up the good work! Yes, this thunderbird feature would be a wonderful addition. Thunderbird is a quick and data-efficient way to receive and send email, and to do this through ProtonMail would be icing on the cake. Thank you. I currently use Windows Live Mail and would be most excited to continue to use that with Protonmail as well in the future.

    Thunderbird being my preference. A standalone Protonmail program for premium customers may be a way…. Thank you for all the work.

    The whole point of ProtonMail app is its powerful end to end encryption that wouldnt be possible with a universal email app… ProtonMail is meant to be your secure email app. We would even pay for it! I would be interested to use my dedicated server to connect with additional security features and larger possibilities. I would love to use my new Proton Mail account with Thunderbird if possible.

    I understand that to maintain security I have to be very careful so I do not store any pw on my computer nor on Thunderbird Sign in with a different pw to every single account I have every time. Thunderbird enables me to use separate email account for personal, business, and hobbyist email circular email but without having to log in every time and I keep my internet virus and identity protection software up to date all the time.

    I want to abandon Yahoo which I have used since they started becasue I trusted them more than hotmail and I still do not rust Outlook.

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    I really am most concerned about identity theft and ransom-ware type problems on the net and keeping personal banking safe as a retiree living overseas not in luxury but to save money as my home country is o expensive. First of all, I did not understand why there is 2 different passwords. One for the inbox and another for the mail box? Which of those password Thunderbird would need to use to connect to ProtonMail to be able to send and receive messages? Otherwise, communicating in plain text between ProtonMail and Thunderbird would be a nonsense. Normal email clients use the username and password as the extent of security aside from SSL or TLS, when supported, for encryption of your email data in transit , however most email is stored on the server in an unencrypted format.

    In this case, Proton mail is soaring your data on the server with strong encryption, thus the need for the second passphrase. First you login to Proton mail, username and password, then once logged in, you have to provide the second passphrase which decrypts the mailbox so you can view, reply, delete email from the mail box.

    When you exit from ProtonMail, the mailbox is put back into an encrypted state.

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    All of that said, it would be great if ProtonMail could find a way to use email clients, but their web app and phone apps are top notch so far. I wish there were protonmail for thunderbird because I in need of that in the future. If I can use a free account pop3 fir personal use then I would pay the extra ammount for another account for business use. I understand this may be for some reason tricky to allow Proton mail in outlook client. I can say honestly that this is what stops me from using proton mail as my main email address, but I would like to do that if I could.

    Please do not offer email app integration. In my opinion the possibility to manage emails off-line read, print, search, etc… is a key feature. A ProtonMail Application for desktop computers similar to that already existing for mobile devices would be a fine solution.

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    I really could use Thunderbird integration! I have four blogs and four addresses and it is crazy having to sign in to each one when thunderbird will allow me to see all four accounts at once. Are you any closer to this option? Two years of comments of people asking for the same thing, addons for emailclients. Same Request as above. PS: Im loving proton mail by the way. A secure, EU based email service removed from privacy invading, morally bankrupt companies like Google or FB is long overdue. Still waiting and yet no response.

    I really want to switch away from Gmail, but this just makes it very inconvenient. The Protonmail web client is really good, unfortunately my wife uses osX mail exclusively, this hold me back from porting our own domain email to protonmail. Hello, I just signed up for Protonmail and love it! The only feature missing is being able to use an email client like Thunderbird. And this is the deal breaker for becoming a Premium user.

    Please allow us to use an email client with Protonmail. I just signed up for ProtonMail Plus and was hoping to make a smooth transition off my Gmail account by viewing both accounts on Thunderbird. I am disappointed to see that the necessary Bridge application is not available yet for Linux. I am running Ubuntu. Integration with Thunderbird is why I upgraded from the free account. Why no date on this help article?

    The comments are dated, but IMHO every article should have release and update dates. What is the expected arrival date of the linux bridge?