Apple tv access to mac

The good news is that you totally can, just by installing an app on your Mac. First, you should download Reflector 2. Also, AirServer never works on my Mac. Your iDevice requires no special software. Your Reflector-running Mac just shows up as a standard AirPlay device on the network. This is the easy part.

Farewell iTunes: Apple brings standalone Music, Podcasts and TV apps to Mac – TechCrunch

To watch a movie or YouTube video on your Mac, just play it on your iPhone, tap the little AirPlay sharing icon the triangle in the rectangle , and choose your Reflector-running Mac in the pop-up list. You can now sit back and enjoy a movie, or whatever. And remember, because this is AirPlay, it has other uses too. A visitor to your home can run a slideshow of their photos from their iPhone, for example, or make a Keynote presentation the same way.

Also, the thing is a size of a hockey puck. If your room can't fit an extra hockey puck, you got no business buying a new TV. Apple's Beats brand in April unveiled the Powerbeats Pro, a redesigned wire-free version of its popular fitness-oriented Powerbeats earbuds. MacRumors attracts a broad audience of both consumers and professionals interested in the latest technologies and products.

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Use Apple Configurator to connect to an Apple TV over a network

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When iOS We have a Samsung TV set the Q6F that's compatible with the new Apple offerings, so we thought we'd check them out to give MacRumors readers a look at how Apple features work on third-party television sets. Tags: Samsung , AirPlay 2. Top Rated Comments View all.

Setting up Apple TV

They aren't phasing it out. I wish there was a way to filter out all of the stuff that I can't watch without paying.

Mirror your Mac display to Apple TV

It's annoying to still see so much "pay-required" content integrated in with stuff that is either free to watch, owned, or a part of an existing subscription. Is there "cord cutter" type term for people who heave their streaming device through a window? We have the ATV 4K and it works perfectly for us.

So Beancounter Tim's plan is to commoditize Apple's ecosystem to the point that you can be an "Apple fan" while buying hardware from Apple's single largest competitor. This definitely isn't what SJ meant when he said they'd cracked the television problem.

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I don't think they can. They will always need a fall back but more importantly, to retain a strong negotiation position of strength, they can't leave themselves at the mercy of the TV makers for getting Apple content on screen. Samsung and others can now sell their TV's with the incentive of "save money on an Apple TV by getting it built in".

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No ATV and there's no sweetener in the sale anymore. Apple did well to persuade so many to include it in their TVs. Remember that an ATV box only needs to be sold at cost price by Apple. The money is made in services and consumables. It's like the ink jet printers which were sold dirt cheap only for us to be price gouged for the ink refills.