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It was practically a battle for survival until you built up your strength to take a few shots. This comic truly represents the average player's experience with the game. After you spend some time on the game, increase your heart count, collect some powerful weapons, and found some decent clothing, your baddie troubles will quickly become a thing of the past. The enemies in Breath of The Wild will start to feel more of a nuisance than a threat. Why not just have fun with it by taking selfies while it tries to attack you? Certainly, it would make a battle more interesting and you could get some funny moments from it.

Another comic from the same series, but in the same way it is a funny one because of how true it is. Because of how limiting the space is for Breath of The Wild initially, having different weapons would be a good idea. Of course, there is also the issue of weapons breaking rather quickly, forcing you to be resourceful and choosing when to engage in a fight.

Once you obtain stronger weapons that last a bit longer, then weapon collecting starts becoming more of an annoyance. Weapons you used to treasure start becoming more and more frequent to the point where you would have to leave behind quality weapons. This just puts further emphasis on being thankful for what you do have. It is important to take the small things and appreciate them for what they are worth. So to the first little tree branch that you encounter, I thank you for being the first possible weapon to pick up. Thanks to you, you started a long-term snowball effect where I was able to overcome the early challenges and continue to get stronger weapons.

The Nintendo 3DS is a very successful system that continues Nintendo's dominant history in handheld video game systems. However, in Nintendo made an interesting decision and released a new design for the system. This redesign stripped the Nintendo 3DS of its signature glasses-free 3D feature for a very bulky design.

It was a very perplexing decision as to why Nintendo would make a redesign like that. Redesigns are nothing new for them, but usually, they are redesigns that make a product better, not worse. This comic represents the question every gamer asked when Nintendo unveiled it: "Why? Nintendo's public reasoning for the creation of the 2DS was to create a system that children under the age of 7 can use since they are advised to not play games in 3D. However, the real reason why is because of a lawsuit they lost to a former Sony employee claiming that he had already had the glasses-free 3D technology patented.

By designing a 2DS, they are not in violation of that patent, thus sales from any 2DS system wouldn't go to the guy. Sneaky move Nintendo! One of the common ways of finding rupees is taking every pot and breaking them to collect the goods inside. This comic depicts what is hilariously wrong with that. Princess Zelda barges in wondering why on earth is Link destroying all of the pots, to which Link responds with his secret to how he gets rich, only for Zelda to respond by showing Link why pots are not piggy banks.

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Who would have thought that you can just put your hand inside a pot to grab whats inside? At least Link can pay for all the broken pots with all the rupees he collected from them. It's pretty spectacular that has been such a common possibility for most of the Legend of Zelda games, you would think that at some point the people of Hyrule would do something to prevent Link from doing it again. I guess they just don't want to possibly criminalize the legendary hero chosen by the Goddess, it would not be a good look for sure.

Isn't that nice of Mario to do for Luigi? Just slow down a bit and let your typically 2nd place brother take home the gold. Oh, wait, Mario is doing this in order to win? Well, it looks like he was being trailed by a blue shell all of this time. That's why Mario gave up the first place position, now the blue shell is going after Luigi! This was a common tactic for how players avoided blue shells in Mario Kart if they were involved in a tight race or sometimes if 1st place is getting hit, then they will try to take others with them.

Just when you think he is going to be the winner or the center of attention reality slaps him back in the face. In a funny way, this kind of represents life sometimes, things can be going well and then BAM! Adversity hits. Whenever Luigi is about to win or has a year of games dedicated to him, it always looks good for a short while, but eventually, he is reverted back to being player 2. Just another warning of the pending doom of the reign of Luigi. This comic brings back memories from all of those years ago when Mario was trying to rescue Princess Peach from occupation of Bowser in Super Mario Bros.

Just when he has finished traversing through a dangerous castle in hopes of rescuing Peach he would be greeted by a random toad who then tells Mario that the Princess is in another castle. This would happen again and again in the game until Mario finally defeats Bowser and rescues Princess Peach. I'm sure when the moment happened, Mario is actually relieved to not see another toad again saying that she is elsewhere.

Talk about always having your hopes up, only to be disappointingly let down. Maybe that is why Mario can treat Luigi like a player 2. Although it doesn't actually happen in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker , I'm sure Mario must get a great deal of satisfaction when he pulls the same thing on Captain Toad here.

Just look at that excitement he has when he is finally going to obtain treasure, and then look at his reaction when Mario tells him it's in another castle. It is a fine example of how mean karma can be sometimes. It is a treacherous volcanic mountain range that includes many steep cliffs, live lava rocks, and very little footing for anyone traveling beyond the set trail. In addition to that, Death Mountain is so hot that if you don't have proper protection, your body will catch fire and take damage.

You are also warned that Death Mountain will burn anything that is made of wood. So if you had a wooden shield or weapon equipped, it will catch fire and eventually be destroyed. Yet another little detail that can only make sense in a video game. In Death Mountain, there are plenty of Koroks hiding about.

Koroks are small little wooden creatures with leaves on them. Koroks shouldn't be able to exist in a place like that, they would burn up in just seconds, but they seem to be comfortable enough to hid under rocks. Perhaps it is the protection of the Great Deku Tree that allows this? Or maybe they have an infinite supply of fireproof elixirs. Either way, these guys are pretty brave to hide out there. This one will make you say "Yikes! I mean, couldn't Palutena at least pack some snacks for Pit? Having to leave Pit to resort to picking up food from the ground or in this case, clouds?

That's quite a scary thought, if I were to be turned into an eggplant I don't know what I would do. Heck, would I even be able to think? On top of that, eggplants are disgusting, why would Pit eat one of those, even if it may be his only option? I guess this is also a funny little knock against vegans, better think twice about eating that eggplant, it might just happen to be a human after all!

All jokes aside, in Kid Icarus: Uprising there is a Tempura wizard who can transform you into something a bit more appealing, that can be far more dangerous than being transformed into an eggplant. This comic actually made me lose my appetite a bit. But even the developer Monolith Soft can't avoid the standard Nintendo silliness in their games. In this side quest, Juju is heading up the reconstruction of Colony 6, which was destroyed in an attack from the opposing mechanical life forms, the Mechon.

Juju is telling his sister Sharla that in order to rebuild part of the colony, he will need items called "rainbow slugs. How does that make sense? Also, what is the point of having ice cabbages if no one who is actually helping can eat them? Something tells me that Juju must be working with a nopon in deciding what material is needed for the rebuild.

Only the nopon would have that type of attention span to prioritize silly items like rainbow slugs or ice cabbages. They typically have two things in mind most of the time, money and food. So they likely are telling Juju that if he wants their help there better be food ready and part of their business would be collecting rare creatures that can be sold for a decent price.

However, one of the most perplexing things about the system was the very oddly shaped controller that the system used. It was this odd, 3 pronged boomerang or spaceship shaped thing. It was a very uncomfortable design because some players were not sure how to handle the controller. Nearly all of the buttons were on the right side of the controller, with the analog stick in the center and a directional pad on the left side.

No matter how you held the controller, it wasn't in a position where you could reach every button, so the way you held it really depended on what game was being played. It really does make you wonder what was Nintendo thinking when coming up with the design for the controller. This comic humorously details that the Nintendo 64 controller must have been created by aliens that had more than two arms, because only they could have the physical biology of being able to create a controller that they find comfortable.

Once that happens, Kyogre would then summon a terrible deluge of dangerous thunderstorms. These thunderstorms end up becoming dangerous for all life, even those that make their living underwater. What's funny about this comic is how it alludes to the fact that this was exactly the type of scenario that Team Aqua's leader Archie intended for. I mean, if it wasn't what he wanted, then what exactly was he expecting? Yeah, I don't really think they would appreciate it. At least the Team Magma perspective actually makes a bit more sense considering the Hoenn region is essentially one big island and the game's map rather infamously featured a very large area of water.

They could use a bit more land.

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The trainer thinks his best option is to use his Graveler. Initially, it might already sound like a bad idea since Graveler is super weak to water types, but if it has the ability Sturdy, it can take at least one hit and possibly knock it out with a strong rock type move since Gyarados is a flying type. However, reality sets in and Graveler takes an unfortunate dip as soon as it is released. No magical platform here! Why couldn't the trainer just use the Blastoise that he is riding on? I'm sure that would make for a cool way to battle.

It's a shame they don't account for that in the games, yet they still introduced air battles at one point. It is very odd considering that Doduo is based on an ostrich bird, which are large birds with long legs built for running, rarely if at all do they ever actually fly.

Doduo here doesn't appear to have any wings, so how on earth does it fly? Yeah, I'm pretty sure that wouldn't actually happen. That is where this comic caught me off-guard. I was expecting some kind of hidden wings to come out and fly, nope! It just goes wild and shakes its heads like there is no tomorrow. It looks like Doduo does to its heads as Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog does with his tails, creating a helicopter like spin.

Als,o I love the look on the trainer's face as he is flying on Doduo. I bet the moment you saw the reveal trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild , you were probably in awe of the landscape. But you may not have been thinking about how much grass there was in the trailer, furthermore how easy it could be to gather rupees with so much grass to cut.

Even though the amount of grass in the final product was still plentiful, I'm sure Link was pretty disappointed to find out that cutting grass won't cut it this time pun unintended.

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He'll be even more livid to know that he can't "earn" rupees by picking up pots and smashing them all over the place. Sorry Link, but it is too late to take Zelda's advice of simply putting your hand inside the pot and grabbing the rupee that way. It actually took me a while to figure out how to make a living collecting rupees in Breath of The Wild. I relied on the old fashion way for too long not realizing I wasn't making much out of it. It turns out that by just collecting a lot of special rocks you can make more than ever. I guess Link will find a more successful side job when he isn't fighting darkness after all!

There were plenty of things I didn't understand like how did types work, what did each attack do, what was the point in status changing moves, etc. I used my first ever Master Ball on a Caterpie. My way of thinking was that Master Balls would be available to purchase in the shop, but it wasn't, it was a one time use only and I used it on a Caterpie because I didn't have one at the time, oh well. Super Smash Bros. You just never know what kind of crazy random surprises you are going to get.

There are also so many funny little puns that can come out of using items like seeing how certain characters swing back and forth using the hammer. Here Marth throws a party ball and a few items come out, one of those is the beam sword. Marth grabs the beam sword and cleverly gives himself a new name going from being the Hero King to a tragic Jedi turned to the dark side, Marth Vader.

I know, it is a lame pun, I can relate with Samus' facepalm here. But can't you imagine how scary Marth would be with a dual sword weapon? His swordsmanship skills are seriously top notch, with the power of the force at his side he could be one of the strongest Jedi ever! One thing is for certain, instead of choking his underlings out of anger, he would just lead them recklessly into battle, but just like it is encouraged in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon , he would probably be advised to let his comrades die and not try to save them.

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As mentioned earlier, the original Xenoblade Chronicles is one of the greatest games ever featured on a Nintendo system with an incredibly deep story line. The cast of characters are some of the best and most memorable you will ever have the pleasure of knowing. Some of their best moments can even turn into an amazing meme. About half of those memes comes from Shulk's best friend Reyn. Reyn is the kind of guy who will stick up for Shulk in any situation, but he is also one of the funniest characters you'll meet on your adventure.

One of his absolutely meme worthy lines is something he says in different variations during battle, "Reyn time! It isn't an official attack, aura, or anything, but the way he says it just makes it sound so epic. Nearly every battle he is involved in he will let you know what time it is. When it is Reyn time it usually means he will do what he can to draw the enemy's attention, he is such a powerful tank that he can take just about anything and take it for a very long time.

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Users may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy. This site contains links to other sites. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the privacy practices of such other sites. It ends with Little Mac knocking out Glass Joe, and me regaining a little bit of faith. Little Mac and Doc Lewis head to Tokyo to fight Piston Honda, and we get a nice treat for sticking it out this long — an appearance by Mario the boxing referee. The Best of the Nintendo Comic System offered very little in terms of nostalgia or, quite frankly, fun.

The Best of the Nintendo Comic System is not good by any critical evaluation, and is by no means a must-read, even for Nintendo die-hards. This book, however, is evidence to the contrary. Listen Shop Insiders. Thank you for signing up! Keep an eye on your inbox. Go here to enter for a chance to win , or just click the image below. Good luck! Book Riot has Avada Kedavra-ed the comments section, so please come chat with us on Twitter or Instagram!