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Nowadays this is enabled per default. Then the maximum file size depends on the used file system. With ext3 it can be as small as 16GB if the drive is formatted with a small block size.

Time Machine Backups to Server 2012 Essentials

Usually it is 2TB though with standard block size. With deduplication data blocks which are the same in different files are saved only once on the hard disk. ZFS is able to do that. There are also professional storage systems which do deduplication - sometimes in hardware. Btrfs does support offline deduplication. There are some other fuse file systems which support deduplication but those do not seem to be stable or performant. UrBackup can be configured to accommodate a slow deduplicated backup storage. UrBackup can also use btrfs in a way that makes deduplication sometimes unnecessary.

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File compression If you want the backups to be compressed the underlying file system has to do that for UrBackup. Sorry for all the questions, just about to install my 3x 3TB HDD's and want to ensure I set them up and format correctly. A little more research has shown that Mavericks uses SMB2 which is what Microsoft uses so should be fine. My only question really is is it wise to create a partition on my 3TB HDD dedicated to Time Capsule backups or can I just use a dedicated shared folder?

Can you explain what a GPT partition is and how I could use it? It's true that Mavericks uses the newer SMB2 protocol but this is only for direct file sharing with Windows machines.

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In the past there were a number of hacks which managed to get TM to talk to SMB shares but I don't think any of these work correctly with Mavericks any more - Apple tightened up the specs for the transfer protocol. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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