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Casey's second stop in Burlington is Myer's Bagels , which specializes in Montreal-style bagels , for the "McMyer", a sandwich of slow-cooked beef brisket, melted Swiss cheese, mashed fingerling potatoes , coleslaw, pickles and a horseradish -pickle sauce, all inside of a wood-fired beer bagel made with locally brewed beer. During the challenge, Casey attacked the sandwich in layers from top to bottom , getting almost halfway before starting to dip it in the syrup.

However, just past the halfway point, Casey began to experience the meat sweats, struggling with the richness of the flavors of the meat. After remembering the advice of his taekwondo master, Casey got his second wind and ultimately managed to scarf down the rest of the sandwich, winning the challenge.


Casey travels to the "Steel City" to discover their biggest and tastiest dishes. His first stop is the Church Brew Works , where he samples their locally brewed beer and the "Buffalo Chicken Pierogi Saute", potato-and-Cheddar-filled pierogies sauteed with beer-braised chicken thighs, diced onions, parsley, thyme and celery, all smothered in homemade buffalo-beer sauce as well as garlic cream, and sprinkled with shredded Parmesan cheese. Prior to their attempt, only 10 percent out of about teams have succeeded in the challenge. Casey chose pastrami, capocollo and Provolone cheese for his meat-and-cheese filling.

With their sandwich divided into four parts, Casey and Jeff started strong by finishing half of the sandwich in the first 5 minutes, but soon after they began to slow down, with Jeff suffering from the meat sweats, causing him to start eating his parts of the sandwich in layers. Casey, trying to follow Jeff's advice to just keep chewing, remained focused on his sections of the sandwich, and soon, he and Jeff stood up to help the food go down easier, but with Jeff still struggling, Casey decided to eat some of Jeff's sections.

The strategy worked in Casey's favor, and ultimately the two managed to finish the sandwich in time and win the challenge. Casey heads to the Southern California oasis of San Diego, California's second-biggest city, to taste their very best meals. After enjoying this delicious sandwich, Casey pays a visit to The High Dive to sample the "Kraken", a 1-pound burger patty topped with six slices of bacon, caramelized onions and crumbled Gorgonzola cheese, all sandwiched in between two white-toast peanut butter and jelly sandwiches which make use of homemade Sriracha peanut butter and strawberry jam.

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Casey had one hour to finish this challenge, which only 10 challengers out of over had previously defeated. Following a past champion's strategy, Casey separated the pancakes from the rest of the ingredients and first attacked the other ingredients, but the thickness of the meats slowed him down right after a fast start. He decided thereafter to start eating the pancakes, which helped him speed up initially, but soon the pancakes started to fill Casey up and he could not recover; ultimately, with 20 minutes still left on the clock, Casey gave up the challenge, clearly regretting not taking the earlier advice to leave the pancakes for last.

His first stop is the Daytona Taproom , where he tries the "Pig Burger": a cheeseburger topped with bacon, barbecued pulled pork prepared with a homemade dry rub and also rubbed in mustard before a hour smoke , spicy barbecue sauce, crispy onion straws and a fried egg, along with sliced pickles, lettuce and tomatoes.

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After getting a taste of this unique burger, Casey heads over to the Old Spanish Sugar Mill on De Leon Springs State Park , where patrons can make their own pancakes from a homemade pancake batter mix made with a vintage Hobart mixer and add in their own ingredients as they pour the batter onto their own flattop griddles. Casey customizes his homemade pancakes with chocolate chips, banana slices and pecans, and also tops them with molasses.

The challenge, which only 15 percent of challengers have completed prior to Casey, also includes an optional side of fries, which Casey accepted. Casey started the challenge by breaking the sandwich into sections and then finishing the two burgers in the first 5 minutes, with the fish soon following suit, but the bread was filling him up rapidly. After polishing off the bacon, vegetables and Texas toast, Casey - remembering some of his past challenges where the bread had gotten the best of him - set his fries aside and went on to finish off the buns, winning the challenge and receiving a free T-shirt as a reward.

This episode aired a month before the 60th Daytona Casey heads to the "City of Brotherly Love" to partake in their best and biggest dishes. Casey's second stop in Philadelphia is Mac Mart , a macaroni-and-cheese restaurant that originally started as a food truck, where he tries the "Mac and Cheesesteak", an Italian roll loaded with 7-cheese macaroni and cheese featuring Provolone, Mozzarella, and American, with the spices and other cheeses kept secret , sauteed chopped ribeye steak, and caramelized onions.

For the challenge, Casey goes to Spread Bagelry to do battle with the pound "Classic Whale Challenge": a 4-pound Montreal-style bagel loaded with a 9-pound filling of cream cheese, Nova salmon , whitefish , tomatoes, red onions, and capers. A 3-person challenge, Casey enlisted the aid of two locals named Nicky and Johnny to help him try to finish this challenge in under 30 minutes, but prior to the trio's attempt, no one had ever beaten this challenge.

At the start, the three challengers broke the sandwich down, with Nicky attacking the bagel first and Johnny going for the fillings. Though the sandwich slowed them down rather quickly, Nicky finished the top half of the bagel at the minute mark, allowing the three men to go in deeper on the fillings.

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With less than 10 minutes to go, however, Johnny gave up and walked away from the table, leaving only Casey and Nicky, who were both struggling with the fillings in particular, the onions. Then, with 5 minutes left, Johnny came back and the trio made one last push to finish the challenge, but ultimately their time ran out with less than 20 percent of the sandwich left to go, leaving the challenge still undefeated.

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  5. For losing, Casey, Nicky and Johnny had to pay dollars for the price of the meal. Casey's next city on his food adventure is Boise, the capital of Idaho a state that produces a third of the nation's potatoes. The first restaurant he visits in Boise is Edge Brewing Company , where he tries the "Over the Edge Burger", a large burger patty grilled with Kobe beef tallow and topped with amber ale -fried pickles, peppered bacon, and sauteed onions cooked with a Blackwater Russian Imperial barbecue sauce a mixture of locally sourced ketchup, brown sugar, molasses, horseradish, and a locally brewed Russian Imperial stout beer , all inside of a Brioche bun infused with the same grains used to make their beer.

    Next, Casey goes to the Westside Drive-In known for serving delicious milkshakes and an Idaho treat, finger steaks where he samples the "Ice Cream Potato": 9 ounces of thick vanilla ice cream dusted with powdered cocoa, shaped and split open to resemble a baked potato, then topped with whipped cream, sprinkled with cookie crumbs and chopped nuts, and garnished with chocolate syrup. After seeking inspiration from the aquatic life at the Boise Aquarium, Casey travels to Superb Sushi to take on the "Demon's Delight Challenge", a super-spicy piece sushi roll and soup combo that Casey only had 10 minutes to defeat.

    Before the challenge started, Casey signed a waiver.


    Casey started by drinking the soup, though immediately overwhelmed by its heat, in only 23 seconds which became a new record for the restaurant. He then poured his Death Sauce on his sushi rolls and attacked them; though the pain from the heat nearly stopped him by the final piece of the roll, Casey went on to finish the challenge with 4 minutes and 15 seconds left on the clock. In addition to a bowl of green tea ice cream to help him cool down, Casey received a free T-shirt and got his picture posted on the Wall of Flame.

    Casey heads to the tastiest establishments located within the picturesque Ozark mountains. Next, Casey travels to Billy Gail's Cafe in Branson, Missouri to get a taste of "French Cakes", large pancakes cooked with crumbled bacon inside the batter, after which they get dipped in a vanilla-and-cinnamon egg wash before a second round of cooking to give them a French toast-style crunch and flavor. After seeking inspiration from patrons while driving a local trolley, Casey goes to Kirby's Kupcakes in Rogers, Arkansas to do battle with the "Goliath Challenge", a 2.

    The cupcake is made with a mix of basic dry ingredients flour, sugar, salt, baking soda and powdered cocoa and wet ingredients eggs, water, oil, and vanilla, along with vinegar to make the cupcake rise even higher ; once baked, it all makes for a 2-layered creation that is also topped and garnished with thick buttercream frosting with its flavors chosen by the challenger; Casey chooses chocolate and peanut butter frostings. Prior to Casey's attempt, only 15 of about 60 challengers have succeeded in finishing the Goliath. Taking a past challenger's advice to mix the cupcake and the buttercream together and not leave the buttercream until the end and also using water to help wash down every bite, Casey started strong by eating half of the cupcake in the first 5 minutes, but then his sugar rush quickly turned into a sugar crash , causing him to slow down from the thickness of the cake and the sweetness of the buttercream.

    After separating the top layer of the cupcake from its bottom layer, Casey quickly recovered and kept eating away at the cupcake. Soon, he gathered many of the remaining crumbs together into larger bites; though he almost ran out of steam by the final bite a fate that had befallen some other previous challengers , Casey ultimately finished off the challenge with 4 minutes and 30 seconds to go. For winning the challenge, Casey received a free T-shirt and got his picture on the Wall of Fame.

    Casey sets his sights on the best eateries in "Music City, U. His first stop is Biscuit Love where he tries the "Wash Park", two hamburger patties topped with pimento cheese , bacon jam, and a fried egg, all sandwiched between two halves of a buttered homemade biscuit. During this segment he also meets Frank Olivieri, the owner of Pat's King of Steaks and a big fan of this eatery, who says "the Wash Park biscuit is like the cheesesteak of Nashville". Before the start of the challenge, Casey put gloves on his hands to protect them from spice burns.

    Casey's strategy for the challenge was to eat fast, but the first bite of the challenge immediately hit him hard with the level of heat and rendered him speechless. After being stopped by the heat for a couple of minutes, Casey fought through the pain and went on to finish all the tenders with under two minutes to go, claiming victory in his hottest challenge to date. Casey's second Man v. Food season finale sees him searching for the best eats in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

    After this, Casey goes to his second stop, the Beltline Bar , where patrons can reserve an alcoholic drink or shot for a friend by putting that friend's name on a chalkboard. This establishment also claims to be the inventor of the wet burrito , and here, Casey gets a taste of his own wet burrito, filled with locally butchered ground beef, refried beans , shredded lettuce and diced tomatoes, all smothered in the restaurant's signature red enchilada sauce made with chili powder, garlic, and several top-secret spices and topped with shredded aged Colby cheese.

    After seeking inspiration from dog handlers at a pet resort and spa, Casey travels to Dog Central in Mount Pleasant located an hour-and-a-half northeast of Grand Rapids for the "D. Challenge": a tray with three fully loaded foot-long hot dogs, along with a 1. For his hot dogs, Casey selects a classic chili dog also topped with mustard and ketchup , the "Detroit Dog" topped with chili, mustard and chopped onions , and the "Carolina Dog" topped with chili, coleslaw, mustard and onions.

    It happens but only once a year, but that makes it even more magical! Pizza Fest not only offers delicious tastings of pizzas from all around Hoboken, but the main event is a pizza eating contest. The challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to eat an entire pizza pie in 10 minutes. One of her favorite travel memories is when she cried at the sight of the giant tortoises in the Galapagos Islands.

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