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You should never ever run this script on a production environment! If this saved your life, you can express your happiness by your little donation click Donate button. Thanks in advance! This can help as reported by user Jack. As you power MBWE first time, it should go off after a couple of seconds. Then power it on again, holding power button for 3 seconds. Hello, please can you help? Try Ubuntu It worked!!

Thank you for making this so easy! Your MBWE version? Thank you! I repaired my bricked MBWE with your instructions, it is really very helpful information! I have a WD My Passport and this problem does not exist. Jul 4, PM. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate.

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Answer: A: Answer: A: Fixed it! WD Backup. I checked the file by count and data amount, thinking it was OK to delete the source, and then found the suffix designation. The mp3 files are unplayable as such, but they are in the first folder tree. I would like to simplify the process and want to delete of the structure what I can, which would also save some space. The aforementioned music is GB, now taking up double the space. Thank you in advance for any direction you can give me. Glad you found the thread. You might also want to shorten the names of the folders on your computer.

Also, the file names you describe sound like system files, not just data files. Consider just backing your data. You can always re-install the operating system and your applications. Alternatively, again use a different application to do backups, one that will reliably backup your whole computer and provide you with a way to restore it back into working order.

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I personally use Acronis True Image which has been pretty reliable over the past few years. PC Magazine recently reviewed several good alternatives that may be of interest to you. I recently purchased a 3TB My Book and began backing up my files gigabytes of data. My question: Is it possible that My Book is analyzing the gigabytes of not backed up files and trying to figure out how to back them up? Hi, I noticed the back-up creates weird directories and has several versions of a file. Cay you replicate the source file structure? As you noticed, the software that comes with the WD My Book backup drive maintains multiple versions of documents when you edit them so that you can go back to previous versions.

The last release in was version 3. You can also get it on other versions of Windows by installing Cygwin.

One Stop Solution for Mac Data Recovery

Thanks for your help. There is no power button, and it does not indicate when it is safe to disconnect. I read somewhere to disconnect the power at the source, not from the back of the HD. I am assuming that it should be disconnected instead of running constantly. Also I first purchased a 3 TB version that was incompatible, and had to return it, and then find another store that carried the 2 TB version.

That one works. Do you have any advice concerning this application? A hard drive, like the My Book, can run constantly for years. Heat will kill electronics faster than almost anything else.

Unlocking the Drive

Although they are more expensive, they also use a lot less electricity. If the little LED light is bothering you at night, put a piece of black tape over it. The only way to have the drive power down automatically when not in use is if the device to which it is connected, in this case a DVR, supports that feature. If it is supported by your DVR, you may need to enable the feature somewhere in its menus. Check the manual or contact the manufacturer for more information on this. As for manually disconnecting it, again, this will depend a lot on the device to which it is connected.

Unless you are constantly recording shows, DVRs are not disk intensive like a computer. If you only record and playback once in a while, most of the time it will be doing nothing. Watch it for about seconds. When the light is flashing, this means that information is being recorded or written to the drive. The worst time to disconnect a drive is while information is being written to it. This is typically when you start loosing information or even damaging the hard drive. How you check the dates really depends on the backup software you are using. Sounds like you figured it out. Help, I bought the my book 1 TB external harddrive.

Did I do something wrong? Is there a way to fix this? Loose means not tight. I am grateful to hear that you are finding the tips helpful. I appreciate it very much. I love being told that I am doing something wrong because it is always an opportunity to learn, grow or teach. I will endeavour to pay more attention and apply the correct spelling of these words and correct existing instance. Thank you again ReRyRo for taking the time to share your tips with me and raising my awareness.

I am grateful for your contribution. Then, I realized this was a bad idea and I clicked for the download to stop. For some reason, the entire documents file is now no where to be found. Any ideas where it went or how I can get it back? Any ideas would be hugely appreciated! Got to hate when that happens Jennifer. If the original location no longer exists, the file seems to end up in oblivion. If you were copying files from an old computer onto a WD MyBook Backup drive and then copied the files to the new computer, your file should still be available on the old computer as well as the WD My Book backup drive.

If you were doing a move instead of copy, it might be a lot harder to recover your file. However, if you have been using the drive or your old computer since then, there is little chance that you will be able to recover the file. Only install it on your new computer, not the old one. I have two 1 TB drives C and E …. But…if I use Documents and look at at the. What might I have done incorrectly 2. Hi LarryC, sounds like a bug in the backup software. As you might have read here, I am not a fan of the backup software included with the WD backup drives.

Just to be certain, create a file and save it on your desktop. Then manually copy the file to either your I: or M: drive but not both without using any backup software. If everything is working properly, the file should only end up on one of the two drives, not both. Next, delete the file from that drive and copy the file from your desktop to the other drive. Again, check both drives. The file should only be on one of the two drives.

If this is the case, your drives and drive mappings are working properly so the problem is very likely with the backup software. Using a different backup application should resolve the problem. If one or both of the above mentioned the test failed, your drive mappings are incorrect more likely or your computer has some serious driver issues less likely. Hi Michael. I have 2 , 1T external drives that I use for backing up certain files. The older one about 6yrs. I recently bought a 3 T wd external simply to back up both of my other 2 smaller drives.

Mac WD SmartWare SW Release Note | gofeqysyjiva.tk

Can I just copy and paste my files onto the new drive. The videos and picture are in different folders ex. Can these files simply be manually copied and pasted to the new back with out installing all the firmware. Hi Diana, thank you for your great question. The answer is… it depends on how you backed-up the files.

Some backup applications just copy the files to your backup drive while others may compress them or even combine the files into huge files.

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  4. You can usually tell by just looking at the file names. As long as you are just copying the files and not moving them, I would say it is safe to give it a try since your new drive is empty. In that case, you need just delete the files you just added to the new drive and you will be back to where you started with the two old drives which still have their files. If you were to move the files to the new drive and something went wrong, you would have no way to go back. One last tip. Hello, My question is, will the backup make more that one copy?

    Hi Tom, that really depends on the software you are using. Good backup software does have that feature. My first question is can I go into my book and just delete old backups to make more room on my drive or would I have to erase all contents to free up space. I am still using windows xp…yup I know…lol…and finally moving to Windows 7 Ultimate…would there be any issues with OS compatibility.

    Also should I disconnect the backup from computer when not in use or just power it down? In general, you should be fine to delete old backups. However, some backup applications keep track of what backups exist for the purpose of offering restore options and prefer that you delete the old backups from within the application. You might want to keep an eye out for options in your backup software that automatically delete old backups.

    Some backup programs will take care of that for you, for example, deleting backups that are more than 3 months old or whatever interval you specify. With that said, you might want to consider leaving it plugged in and connected so that automated backups take place.

    WD My Book: The External Hard Drive With Massive Storage Capacity

    The drive at least the one I have automatically powers down if it is not connected to a computer. My laptop is running Windows 7, the My Passport shows it is working normally, but I cannot access it to store files. I want to install GTA V, but lack the space on my laptop and bought this just for this purpose. Any help is appreciated. This discussion is about the WD My Book drive. This is unusual since the drive usually contains things like the bundled backup software. There could be a few reasons for this. If so, then Windows recognizes that the drive is connected.

    There are several reasons why this can happen. One could be that there is insufficient power coming from the USB cable, especially if you have other USB drives connected. If that is your case, both must be plugged in for the drive or unplug all other external drives in order to give the My Passport enough power. More information. Because you would need to apply this fix to every computer you want to plug the drive into. This is the reason I stopped buying My Passport drives in favour of Seagate drives which have never needed a driver fix. They just worked out of the box. Nothing can be move to the TB.

    We have no idea what were are doing and we want to move all our stuff to the TB just in case the computer aka the mac could crash. Is there anyway you can help me move our stuff over to the TB? Any helpful advise would be appreciated. Hi David, in order to try to provide you with helpful advice, you would need to provide some additional information.

    What do you mean by TB?

    Are you using a My Book drive? What backup software are you using? What makes you suspect it is not working? What have you tried? I have 2 external hard drives WD My Books one added in and one in I have them both connected to my desktop PC. Can I operate both connected My Books from a single software? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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