How to wipe old mac computer

Before you begin wiping your MacBook Air, you will want to back up any data on the machine so that you have a duplicate. Any data remaining on the laptop when we begin the procedure will be permanently lost. Follow these steps to backup your MacBook to an external storage device using Time Machine which is already installed on your Mac :. When purchasing an external drive for backup purposes, ensure the drive has enough capacity to cover your internal drive.

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Within a few minutes, the backup process will begin. Your first backup may take a few hours or more depending on how much data is on your machine.

  • Before we begin: Backup your Mac!
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Check back in the Time Machine preference pane to confirm when Time machine has finished its first backup — it will note when its latest backup completed. For more information, check out our detailed tutorial on using Time Machine. If you don't sign out of said features, future users may be prompted for your login information.

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  • Deauthorise your computer;
  • Create a backup?
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Follows these steps to easily log out of iCloud on your device:. When the dialog asks whether you wish to keep a copy of your iCloud data, select the Keep a Copy option as we will be erasing all data shortly.

Reset your MacBook and clear your data back to factory defaults

Once you have confirmed that your data is backed up to an external storage device, you can begin erasing your MacBook Air's internal storage of all information. Follow these instructions to begin the process if you want to erase the machine and not reinstall macOS:. The following steps will completely erase your MacBook's internal storage device; all data and information will be lost. Begin by shutting down your Mac from the Apple menu or by pressing the power button once on your keyboard.

How To Wipe a Mac Before Selling or Donating It

Once your computer is completely off, hold down the Command and R keys on your MacBook's keyboard simultaneously. Choose your startup disk and click Erase. Wait until the process is finished.

Now, with your hard drive completely erased and free of any data, you can perform a clean install of macOS. You can do so while your Mac is still in recovery mode. Your Mac is fully prepared for its new owner.

Get your Mac ready for resale or gifting with this guide on how to factory reset

We hope you found this guide helpful. This optional step prevents accidental input on the Mac if the computer and the Bluetooth devices have separate owners but remain within Bluetooth range of one another. When the dialog asks if you're sure, click Remove. After macOS installation is complete, the Mac restarts to a Welcome screen and asks you to choose a country or region.

How to erase your old MacBook before selling it

If you want to leave the Mac in an out-of-box state, don't continue with the setup of your system. Instead, press Command-Q to shut down the Mac. When the new owner turns on the Mac, setup assistant will guide them through the setup process. No matter the model or condition, we can turn your device into something good for you and good for the planet. Moving to a new Mac? Create a backup Be sure you have an up-to-date backup of your important files and data.