Inserting youtube video into powerpoint 2010 mac

Microsoft PowerPoint has the capability of embedding multimedia objects in your presentations. Embedding a video is a relatively simple process. On the insert tab on the top toolbar, click on the Video drop down box and then select either Video from file, Video from web site or Clip Art Video. Choose your desired video and simply press Insert. PowerPoint is another version of this program that allows videos to be embedded directly into a presentation slide. To insert a video simply click on the Video drop down in the Insert tab and then select either video on my PC or online video.

4 ways to insert a YouTube video into your PowerPoint presentation

Then simply select the video you wish to use and press insert. YouTube is the most popular online video hosting website available today. Next, go to the insert tab and click the Video drop down — finally click online video and paste the URL into the address box.

This is a known error message that prevented many YouTube videos from being embedded into PowerPoint presentations. Once added, you will be able to enter a search term.

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You can then simply select a video and hit the insert button. More Articles You Might Like. How-To Geek is where you turn when you want experts to explain technology. Created in , our articles have been read more than 1 billion times. Then you can play it during your presentation.

PowerPoint (Mac) – Embed YouTube Videos on a Slide | Instructional Support and Training

Below the video frame, click Share , and then click Embed. If you neglect to click Embed , you'll end up copying the wrong code. If the highlighted text that you copy begins with "http", STOP. It's the wrong code to copy. Return to step 2 and click Embed :. In the From a Video Embed Code box, paste the embed code, and then click the arrow.

A video rectangle is placed on your slide, which you can move and resize as you like. To preview your video on your slide, right-click the video rectangle, select Preview , and then click the Play button on the video. In the Search YouTube box, type the name of the video that you want to insert, and press Enter. Once the video rectangle is on your slide, select it, right-click it and choose Preview. Because the video is on a web site, rather than actually in your presentation, you must be connected to the internet in order for the video to play successfully.

On a slide in PowerPoint, you can embed content from Slideshare. On Slideshare. That button opens a window where you can copy an embed code like an embed for a video. The text you've copied contains more information than you need, so it needs to be trimmed and re-copied. Copy that text. On the toolbar ribbon, select the Insert tab, select Video , and then select Online Video.

Method 1 – Use Embed Code

It takes a moment for PowerPoint to absorb the content. When it has done so, a black box appears on your slide. To view the content, select the Slide Show button near the bottom-right corner of the PowerPoint window. Your use of online videos is subject to each provider web site's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You can view a complete list of requirements and supported formats. To preview your video on your slide, right-click the video rectangle, select Preview , and then click the play button on the video. Switch to the Playback tab of the ribbon to make choices about how and when the video plays:.

How to Insert a YouTube Video into a PowerPoint Presentation

For details on these options, such as starting the video automatically or playing the video full-screen, see Set the 'Playback' options for a video in your presentation. Once the video rectangle is on your slide, select it, then select the Playback tab on the PowerPoint ribbon.

At the left end of the Playback tab, select the Preview button. YouTube videos on PowerPoint have stopped working. YouTube recently discontinued support for the Adobe Flash Player, which PowerPoint uses behind the scenes to play a YouTube video embedded on a slide. As a result of this change, you can no longer play a video in PowerPoint Instead you get an error that says:. Following are two ways to work around this problem.