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Posted 20 November - PM. As I said it worked up until today and I have never encountered this problem before.

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I have no idea what could be causing this and know it isn't the vcr or ports for sure. Thanks for any recommendations you can give. Posted 21 November - PM. When complete the installer should prompt you to restart your computer, indicating the driver has been installed completely.

Due to the increasing driver installations for Microsoft Windows products and software, it is possible that a driver conflict may exist between the capture box and other devices that may be installed on your computer. In the event that the above steps do not resolve your issue, please contact our support staff.

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Can someone help? Started by leader2 , Nov 20 AM. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. Posted 20 November - PM As I said it worked up until today and I have never encountered this problem before. Thanks for any recommendations you can give You may not be at the point of being able to demonstrate that the above is true.

But for a moment, let's assume it is true. If it is not the vcr hardware, and not the USB connection ports Then it is most likely - software. If defaults are not the culprit, and the problem is application software related, then it may be that a complete uninstall of the Golden Videos software and re-install of the Golden Videos software would fix you up. On to a more important question Best Regards. The help you receive here is free.

If you wish, you may Donate to help keep us online. Posted 21 November - PM I tried to uninstall the Golden videos software and the exact same thing happened. The hardware wasn't detected and I could proceed no further. As for your question about which forum I put my thread in I'm surprised you asked.

If I had really known my question was related to another forum I would have put it in there in the first place and not here. I only put it here, because I honestly didn't know where else to put it. Thanks for your suggestion, but the uninstatllion didn't work so I'm back to square one. Do you have any other recommendations? Thanks again, leader 2.

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I'm not so sure. If your computer use is anything like my own or the usage of ordinary users, then USB Ports get used and disconnected multiple times with various memory devices, external hard drives, USB Receivers, Printers, and other USB connected devices. Even if you carefully and always use the "Safely Remove Hardware" feature which should always be used before disconnecting a USB Device, the shear number of different devices can result in "driver confusion" due to the occasional poorly written software of devices.

Some devices may even try to "own" a particular physical port by labeling its path for use by the particular hardware's driver. This can be cleared up a couple of different ways. Start here, with the Microsoft sequence of suggested repair steps. If still no joy, consider going a little deeper to uninstall "hidden" devices.

The following description of steps was written for XP. I think from your profile, you are running Vista. The steps work just fine on Vista. Therefore, this procedure can become a little "tedious", but is important in clearing up any conflicts that may exist between, ports, devices and drivers.

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Shutdown and unplug all USB devices. Scroll down to USB and click on the plus to expand it. Uninstall them one at a time. Shutdown and reboot, let XP rediscover everything and load necessary drivers. This can take a few minutes, be patient. I appreciate all the hard work you put into your posts. I checked the link you provided in your 2nd post. The USB ports are working fine. So no problem there. Also in your third thread I uninstalled the drivers I had originally with the vid box and installed the driver from the website.

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I wasn't getting the error message you mentioned and the capture device still didn't capture anything despite being detected by the software. As for going to device mgr that was a real doozy. One loaded, the software is extremely easy to use opting for a simple image-led user interface. If you know the length of the clip you can select it using the slider and this means you can leave it running safe in the knowledge that you will not end up with 15 minutes of a wedding and 2 hours of static.

Whilst I would love to see more settings such as brightening the videos as it exports, after using it for what much be almost 30 camcorder tapes and VHS videos I had a new appreciation for its simplicity. Insert tape, press play, press record, leave and repeat. You must be logged in to post a comment. Why am I telling you this? Leave a Reply Cancel Reply You must be logged in to post a comment.