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Crashes as soon as it tries to burn. Here is my crash report:. NetFS 5. AppleVAFramework 5.

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ServiceManagement 2. SoundManager 4.

ScalableUserInterface 1. RemoteViewServices 2. QuartzComposer 5.

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JavascriptCore - GSS 3. Kerberos 2. DiscRecording 7. IOSurface ChunkingLibrary 2. CoreMedia 1. MediaControlSender 1.

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GenerationalStorage 1. TCC 1. CoreWiFi 1. AppleSystemInfo 2. ImageCaptureCore 4. CoreSymbolication 3. PrintCore 8. CoreMediaAuthoring 2. Print 8. AOSKit 1. Symbolication 1. QuickLookUIFramework 4.

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These tags support alternate languages in the same way as the ItemList tags. Note that by default, ItemList and UserData tags are preferred when writing, so to create a tag when a same-named tag exists in either of these tables, either the "Keys" location must be specified eg. This is the preferred location for creating new QuickTime tags. Tags in this table support alternate languages which are accessed by adding a 3-character ISO language code and an optional ISO alpha 2 country code to the tag name eg.

ExifTool will extract any iTunesInfo tags that exist, even if they are not defined in this table.

Dts audio codec 8193 mac quicktime

Tags defined by the Spherical Video V2 specification. Tag ID's beginning with the copyright symbol hex 0xa9 are multi-language text. Alternate language tags are accessed by adding a dash followed by a 3-character ISO language code to the tag name. ExifTool will extract any multi-language user data tags found, even if they aren't in this table.

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Desktop Sidebar 2. LAN Monitor 4. Office XP Service Pack 5.

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Dictionary 6. Encyclopedia Britannica Deluxe 7.

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Pocket Oxford English Dictionary 8. CUE Splitter 9. Splash PRO FormatFactory Photoscape Adobe PageMaker Messenger Contact Us. DivX 7.

Download now. Size: DivX Player Brothersoft Community Toolbar 6. FormatFactory 3.