Alt codes list on mac

Capital Y with acute. Lowercase y with acute. Capital Y with umlaut. Lowercase y with umlaut. Capital Y with circumflex. Lowercase y with circumflex. Capital Y with grave. Lowercase y with grave. Capital Y with dot below. Lowercase y with dot below. Capital Y with hook above. Lowercase y with hook above. Capital Y with tilde. Lowercase y with tilde.

Capital Z with acute.

What is Bullet?

Lowercase z with acute. Capital Z with dot above. Lowercase z with dot above. Capital Z with caron. Lowercase z with caron. Lowercase ae. Capital AE with acute. Lowercase ae with acute. Lowercase ij. Lowercase kra. Capital Eng. Lowercase eng. Lowercase oe. Lowercase long s. Lowercase sharp s. Capital Schwa. Lowercase schwa.

how to get foreign symbols / windows 7 alt codes on your computer (list of alt codes)

Capital Eth Icelandic. Lowercase eth Icelandic. Capital Thorn Icelandic. Lowercase thorn Icelandic. Superscript one. Superscript two. Superscript three. Vulgar fraction one half. Vulgar fraction one third. Vulgar fraction two thirds. Vulgar fraction one quarter. Vulgar fraction three quarters.

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Vulgar fraction one eighth. Vulgar fraction three eighths. Vulgar fraction five eighths. Vulgar fraction seven eighths. Double exclamation mark. Inverted exclamation mark. Inverted question mark. Left double quotation mark. Right double quotation mark. Double low-9 quotation mark. Left single quotation mark. Right single quotation mark. Single low-9 quotation mark. Single high-reversed-9 quotation mark. Left-pointing double angle quotation mark. Right-pointing double angle quotation mark.

Single left-pointing angle quotation mark. Single right-pointing angle quotation mark. Horizontal ellipsis. Horizontal bar.

How to Type Symbols and Characters in Windows and MacOS | Digital Trends

Double low line. Zero width non-joiner. Zero width joiner. Modifier letter circumflex. Modifier letter macron. Small tilde. Double acute. Combining grave accent. Combining acute accent.

Accent Codes for the Macintosh

Combining tilde. Combining hook above. Combining dot below. General currency sign.

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French franc sign. Peseta sign. New sheqel sign. Section sign. Copyright sign. Registered trademark sign. Feminine ordinal indicator. Reversed not sign. Double dagger. Per mille sign. Double prime. Numero sign. Trademark sign. Upper half block. Lower half block. Left half block. Right half block.

Cut, copy, paste, and other common shortcuts

Light shade. Medium shade. Black square. White square. Black small square. White small square. Black rectangle. Black up-pointing triangle. Black right-pointing pointer. Black down-pointing triangle. Black left-pointing pointer. White circle. Black circle. Inverse bullet. Inverse white circle. White bullet. White smiling face. Black smiling face. White sun with rays. Female sign. Diamond suit. Eighth note.

Beamed eighth notes. Multiplication sign. Division sign. Greek lowercase letter pi. Fraction slash. Superscript lowercase n. Estimated symbol. Partial differential. N-ary product. N-ary summation. Division slash. Bullet operator. Square root. Right angle.

Top half integral. Bottom half integral. Almost equal to. Not equal to. Identical to. Less than or equal to. Greater than or equal to. Broken vertical bar. Degree sign. Paragraph sign. Leftwards arrow. Upwards arrow. Rightwards arrow. Downwards arrow. Christian Zibreg on July 3, Keyboard Viewer helps visualize key assignments for special symbols. Text replacements are kept in sync across iOS and macOS through iCloud so you can use the same shortcut to type on the Apple logo symbol on your Apple devices. Pair a wireless keyboard with your Apple TV to type the Apple symbol faster.

As mentioned earlier, the Apple symbol is defined in the extended ASCII character set in one of a private-use character points intended for apps and devices that need to display glyphs unspecified by the Unicode standard. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Can I use alt-codes in Windows 7 on a Macbook pro? Ask Question. Asked 7 years, 9 months ago. Active 7 years, 9 months ago. Viewed 1k times. Why the downvote? Is my question phrased poorly or inappropriate for this site? Any keyboard remapping tool should work for you. Here are some I found: KeyTweak sharpkeys this one may look more "respectable" since it is open source Here I found a review on these tools and others: the ultimate guide to keyboard remapping.

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