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However, when you lookout for one, you can see there are quite a large number of options available with a lot of additional features. So it is important to check if the editor supports these languages. Most of the popular editors these days support these languages. When you are handling a large stretch of code, it will be really helpful if there are options to provide highlighting varied elements.

This would make it much easier to read and understand code.

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Syntax highlighting is the feature you are looking for here, which will highlight multiple elements of the code syntax with different colors. Some of the other features that improve readability of the code are code folding and automatic indentation. The ability to show line numbers is another feature that can help you with debugging. Most of the modern code editors that you find in the market will have these options.

The best text editor for macOS

However, it is better to look for this in the features list to be sure. When you are working on a complex coding project, chances are high that you need to make some changes in multiple places in the code. Manually finding the part of code to modify would mean you are in it for a long time.

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It can get even worse if you are dealing with multiple files. This is where a powerful search and replace option could help you a lot. A powerful search and replace option would automatically manage this for you. It will help you manage changes much faster. Another feature to improve coding speed is autocomplete option. Basically, the editor will provide a few suggestions when you start typing the code. When you are trying to find a suitable text editor, this is another feature that might be relevant to look for.

FTP support will help you access files directly from your web server. With the help of this option, you will be able to deploy files directly from the code editor. FTP support will be an important feature in a code editor that will help you streamline your workflow.

What makes a good text editor?

Version control is an important aspect of large coding projects. It helps you go back to an older version of your project in case you encounter some mistakes in code. There are several third party options to help you with version control. While choosing a code editor you ca check if it has in-built version control or whether it supports third party options that support it. Vim is a really flexible text editor that will help you create or modify any kind of text. This open source text editor can be used on Mac, Window and Linux systems.

Some of the standout features of Vim include:. Sublime Text offers more sophisticated features to help you edit code. It offers syntax detecting algorithm, distraction-free writing more, etc. Here is a quick look at some of the features of the editor. One of the main advantages of this text editor is that it is equally comfortable for beginners as well as advanced users.

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With quite a range of flexible features, this one is used by software developers, web authors, writers, etc. It is a freemium tool, which you can use without restrictions for a day period.

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After the evaluation period, you will have to purchase a license to use some of the exclusive features. TextMate is another popular and flexible text editor for macOS It is an open source product and offers support for a variety of programming languages. Here is a quick look at the features. Fortunately, there is no shortage of alternatives.

Below is a roundup of the best text editors in including free and premium options. Text editors are also useful for removing formatting, font styles and hyperlinks from text. There are certain online-based text editors available which are built for collaborative use. Whether that be for interview purposes, team coding session, or easy code sharing, these collaborative text editors are great for easily getting more than one set of eyes on your code.

CodeShare is the first service that allows you to share your code in real time. One differentiator from CodeShare is that it also allows you to talk over video, which in some cases can prove to be quite beneficial. You are required to port code over from your local development environment and it should be noted that code is only saved for 24 hours unless an account is created. Codeanywhere provides a variety of useful features for coding on the go.

It comes with an intuitive editor, allows you to connect remotely, has a built-in terminal console, and provides the ability to track revisions. With Codeanywhere you can easily share files or complete project folders with any collaborator via a simple share link. CodePen is already known as a quite collaborative platform.

You can create pens directly on the CodePen platform and share them with others.

Premium Text Editors

However, CodePen also comes with a Collab Mode which allows you and other collaborators to edit a pen at the same time. Furthermore, this mode also comes with a handy chat feature so that you can discuss any changes with your team in real-time. All of the options below support most major programming languages, but none of them support every single language. Atom is a relatively new released in an open source editor that works for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Atom even comes with a built-in tool for creating your own plugins. Like Atom, Visual Studio Code is still relatively new also released in however has been successful in gaining quite a bit of traction since then. It is built to run cross-platform, has an extensive plugin ecosystem, and comes with a few welcoming features to make life easier including:. VSCode has also shown to be faster than other popular text editors such as Atom. Brackets was made with web developers in mind. Consequently, there are versions of Brackets for Linux, Windows and Mac. Plugins provide additional support for things like W3C validation and Python tools.

It allows you to open documents in tabs so that you can edit multiple files without having to open and close them. You can also control all the tabs simultaneously to compare documents for differences, search for text and replace text.