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Select the iMessage account. Enter your Apple ID and password. Click Sign In. Make sure the Enable This Account checkbox is selected. Enter the code on your iPhone. SMS messages sent to your iPhone should now be sent to your Mac, too. Send a Message Click the Compose button. Begin typing a name in the To field.

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Pick the desired contact method. Type a message in the chat field at the lower right and press Return. To invite people to a group: Click the Compose button. Type another name in the field. Click this to see your options: Name the chat: Any member of the group can edit the Untitled Group Chat field. This makes it easier to find the chat in your messages list. Invite more people: Click in the Add Contact field and start to type a name. Choose a contact from the drop-down menu that appears. Share your location: If group members use iOS 8 or later, they can share their locations by tapping Details and then tapping Send My Current Location from their iPhones.

This is particularly handy when someone needs a ride. This software provide three way for you to extract and export your data from your device, iTunes backup and iCloud backup to computer, which will be very flexible and convenient for us to view iPhone messages on PC or Mac. Actually, expcept messages, the program can also extract and export iPhone notes, photos, contacts, videos, music, call log and more. From the above introduction we can know that dr. Now, let's check the 3 method:. Run the program on your computer after downloading and installing it, and then connect your iPhone to the computer.

When your device is recognized, just click on "Recover" the main window of the program. Click on "Recover from iOS Device".

How to View iPhone Text Messages on Computer or iCloud

This will save you time for scanning. If you want to check all contents on your iPhone at the same time, you can choose to check the items all. Then click "Start Scan" to begin. When the scan finishes, a scan result as follows will appear. You can preview all data in it. Choose messages and you can view the items one by one. Check the items you want and click "Recover to Computer".

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  • How to Get Text Messages & iMessages on Mac.
  • You can save them on your computer. If you're a Mac user, please download the Mac version of dr.

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    Switch to "Recover from iCloud Backup File" on the left side menu and then you'll be at the entrance of iCloud. Enter your iCloud account and get into it.

    iMessage Not Working? How to Sync Messages from iPhone to Mac & iPad

    Wondershare never keep any record of your account or leak it to others. Once you're in, you will see a list of all your backup files in the account. Choose the one for your iPhone and click to download it. It will take you some time. When the downloading is complete, you can begin the extracting, and then wait for a second.

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    In the scanning result, you can choose anything you want to view. Click on the "Messages" and view the content in detail on the right. After viewing, you can choose to save it to your computer or device by clicking on "Recover to Computer" if you have a need. As we all know, iTunes backup are not readable on computer. That is to say, we can't directly view iTunes backup. In this case, we can use dr. Here let's see how it works:.

    Use Messages with your Mac

    Choose the iTunes backup file for your iPhone and click "Start Scan". Then the program will start extracting your iTunes backup files automatically. You can start viewing the content since the scanning begins. Choose "Messages" and you can view the whole content for free.