Pcsx could not check cd rom mac

I had and earlier, it probably used since that's the first one in the list.

Install PCSXR

I think the labels on the analog L-stick settings are reversed though: up should be down, and left should be right. Is there any change log for PCSX reloaded? What's new since 1. I can't get discs to run. Yes I have the bios and dynarec is off. So with everything exactly the same, I can run discs in the older version and not the newer one. Anyone have a solution?

Step 1: Files

It's had 79 downloads at the time of writing this post. We can keep an eye on that site to see if it gets updated with a new version before a new version is posted on here. I won't take any credit for this port, and I apologise for not including your names to the person who is hosting this file and to the people who worked so hard on this build. But, the project lives on!

PCSX-Reloaded - ArchWiki

HDL wrote: I can't get discs to run. Also note that this is based on pcsxmac 1. A few questions: For some reason when I load a save state, my controller stops working. There doesn't seem to be any way to fix this or to reset the controller without quitting the game which forces me to reload from the save state, causing the controller to quit. Does anyone know a workaround for this or if it will be fixed in the near term?

For a while I was using ePSXe under Windows and there were some very nice plug-ins that would up the resolution on 3d shapes with a similar result to anti aliasing. Does anyone know what the cause might be? It seemed to run my games just fine, but now my MacBook isn't producing any sound. Also, iTunes won't play anymore. Do you know why this happened?

Could it have been related to the emulator? Also, how do I control this emulator? Can I customize the controls? I have another problem now.

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The emulator had been running perfectly. But now, it doesn't completely work in full screen. The audio still plays, but the video pauses and doesn't move. Can anyone please help me? Also, thanks for making it possible for me to play Policenauts. I've been trying to play is for many, many years. Using the ESC key which I didn't know did this will switch to fullscreen with no problems.

PCSXR error when trying to open up the ISO from MacbooK?

Last Edit: 9 years, 7 months ago by TooTallTony. Reason: new info. John wrote: Which CD plugin were you using in 1. If it was a different plugin for 1. Let us know if that helps. Hello everyone! I downloaded PCSX-reloaded for intel mac and of all things, the keyboard won't work! It works fine in PCSX 1. Does anyone know why and how I can fix it?

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  7. I think you may be a little confused. ROM Read Only Memory isn't a format, it's a term used to describe all the information that is stored on the little chip inside the computer game cart. Formats ROMs are typically stored in are.

    Re: PCSX - problems reading CD-image

    There are several convertors out there but you need to get the right on for the job. Check the file extension ie SuperMarioWorld. XXX and google 'the extension' convertor. If you can't find what your looking for repost but be sure to give the following information: What's the game? What system is the game for?

    What format is it currently in? What format do you want it in? I don't think there is a ROM. If you mean you want to make a CD image out of an actual game CD, then you have to get a special program to do it. People usually take this opportunity to suggest paid programs that are impossible to get or even don't actually let you do it Nero doesn't actually let you make an iso, only nrg file that emulators don't read.

    It's a little unstable, it's shareware has a nag screen asking you to pay for it , but has no MB limit like most other programs like this.

    Hmm, OK thanks for the response.