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Welcome to the Etsy Community. This topic has been spoken of and for some reason closed recently. But the problem has not been fixed. It's horrible UX to force your users to keep track of a new tab for every item they look at on the site. We are expecting to use our "back" button an dremain within the same tab for the entire shopping experience. This is an easy fix guys.

Have you shopped anywhere else lately?

Use tabs for web pages in Safari on Mac

Like in the past 10 years? It's atypical, bulky, and annoying as heck. Please fix this issue before telling me this is an old issue and is closed out. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.

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BootifulLabels Community Member. This is not a glitch or bug, it is the way many websites work. It is designed to make it easier for shoppers to go back to a list of products more quickly and easily without having to use the back button multiple times or scroll up and down to find where they were up to. When you click a product and it opens in a new tab, you can click around to see the detail on the item and then just close the tab when you are done and you are back where you started ready to look at the next.

Many people use right click and "open in a new tab" to achieve the same result. Good websites set it automatically to save their customers time.

Reply Loading It's not an error or glitch. It's the way Etsy and many other sites now choose to have pages open in new tabs.

I didn't like it at first but have grown not only to like it but to appreciate it. Still when I have a lot of tabs open I grouse a bit. TheHomespunLoft Community Member. I like it. ADragonsGarden Registered Member. It's super annoying. I wish it was optional. I use Firefox and it happens here too. Turning this off makes searching much less frustrating.

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How to Open Links in the Background on Safari on iPhone and iPad

Leave this field empty. I had the same problem, and Google helped me find this page. Great post. Ctrl Command -Alt-click: Opens a link in a new window behind the current one.

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Ctrl Comamnd -Alt-Shirt-click: Opens a link in a new window and selects it. Then select Open Link in New Tab. Alternatively, if you have a multi-button mouse with advanced feature to assign different function to each button, then you can assign a button to do a Ctrl-click in Windows or Command-click in Mac OS X. Drag and drop a link from web page to Safari Tab Bar, a new tab will automatically created and the destination site of the link will be loaded in the new tab. Note that if you drag and drop the link into existing tab, the linked page will open in that existing active or inactive tab instead.

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