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You also get the new DaVinci Neural Engine which enables features such as facial recognition, speed warp retiming, automatic color balancing and automatic color matching. The new DaVinci Neural Engine uses state of the art deep neural networks and learning, along with artificial intelligence to power new features such as speed warp motion estimation for retiming, super scale for up-scaling footage, auto color and color matching, facial recognition and more!

DaVinci Resolve Studio 16 features major improvements to existing ResolveFX, along with several new plugins that editors and colorists will love! You get new ResolveFX plugins for adding vignettes, drop shadows, removing objects, adding analog noise and damage, chromatic aberration, stylizing video and more! There are also improvements to the scanline, beauty, face refinement, blanking fill, warper, dead pixel fixer and colorspace transformation plugins.

Unlike cloud based software, DaVinci Resolve Studio does not require a connection to the internet and there are no monthly subscription fees. Plus, you get full nonlinear editing, advanced color correction, Fusion effects and motion graphics, and Fairlight professional audio tools, all included in the one easy to buy solution.

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Blackmagic RAW is a new and modern codec that gives you stunning image quality and blazing fast performance in an intelligent new file format. Blackmagic RAW is a hybrid codec with an intelligent design that moves part of the de-mosaic process into the camera where it can be hardware accelerated by the camera itself. This gives you incredibly efficient encoding and small file sizes. This gives you much better image quality, even at high compression settings.

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Plus, you get total control over RAW settings such as ISO, white balance, exposure, contrast, saturation and custom color spaces. With Blackmagic RAW you can shoot, edit and grade projects all from a single file format.

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Picture adjustments and settings that you make in the camera will come into DaVinci Resolve via metadata and are completely editable. You get a consistent look and controls between software applications, even on different platforms. When you have a client looking over your shoulder you need to work fast.

DaVinci Resolve control panels are designed to give you fluid, hands-on control over multiple parameters at the same time, allowing you to create looks that are simply impossible with a standard mouse! All controls are logically placed near your natural hand positions and are made out of the highest quality materials.

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You get smooth, high resolution weighted trackballs, along with precision engineered knobs and dials that feature the perfect amount of resistance so you can accurately adjust any setting. Unique user interfaces and dynamic configuration changes provide fast to use buttons and controls that are optimized for the task at hand allowing you to work faster with Fairlight audio than any other tool in the world.

Modular cast steel chassis available in 2, 3 and 5 bay configurations.

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Motorized fader panel with 12 channel strips and controls buttons. Fader panel featuring 12 precision motorized faders with call, solo, mute, and automation controls, along with LED display for each channel's status. Dedicated hardware control panel for high speed, precision audio editing that lets you work much faster than is possible with a traditional mouse. DaVinci Resolve runs on all major platforms so you can use it at home or in a post facility on a Mac, at a broadcast facility running Windows, or a VFX studio on Linux.

This gives you the freedom to use the platform of your choice, making it easy to integrate with your existing systems and workflows. Imagine building your own super computer for incredible real time performance!

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DaVinci Resolve has been designed to work with all major file formats, media types, and post production software. Learn more about Cut. Learn more about Edit. Learn more about Fusion. Learn more about Color. Learn more about Fairlight.

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Learn more about Media. Learn more about Collaboration. Learn more about Keyboard. Learn more about Panels.

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Learn more about Training. Free Video Cutter Joiner for Mac is great application for trimming and editing large video files. This can be useful for removing unwanted secti Free YouTube to MP3 Converter for Mac is a quick and easy way to download and convert YouTube videos and convert them into an audio format at the orig FreePlayer for Mac. FreePlayer for Mac is a simple and clutter free media player, which is based upon the powerful MPlayer project.

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