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Visit the Mac Gems homepage for a list of past Mac Gems. There are times when you need to find which of your files have changed in a folder full of sub-folders and files; this is especially useful for developers looking to see which files have changed in a project, or for web designers needing to find which files have been updated.

With files, you may want to look at changes in source code, HTML code, or other data. VisualDiffer Mac App Store link is a simple, drag-and-drop tool that performs these comparisons and displays the results in a two-pane window, with one file or folder on each side.

Drag a folder onto each side of the window and click on Show Diffs to find which files are different. You can check for differences by file content, by size, by timestamp and more.

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I tried a number of different folders, and comparing my iTunes Music folder with a backup, it took VisualDiffer about 30 seconds to scan some 65, files and find ones that had not yet been backed up. A set of different colors will clue you in to folders that are different; you can then expand folders to see which files are not the same. You can delete any item, or copy them to the other folder. The program also offers a number of file exclusions; I chose to exclude certain types of music files when scanning my iTunes Music folder, for example.

A web designer could choose to exclude HTML files if she is only looking at a folder of uploaded images. The list of sync options is impressive as well. Starting from personal data to media files and folders. SyncMate offers several non-sync options like device mounting, SMS management and others. SyncMate is probably the most feature-rich featured app in this list and the only one that allows syncing data from numerous devices and accounts with Mac apps iCal, Address Book, iTunes, etc.

ChronoSync is a handy utility for not just syncing data, but backing it up and restoring as well. The list of supported devices is not really big.

The List of Best Mac Synchronization Software

You can sync data between Mac computers and iOS devices only, syncing with other non-Apple devices or accounts is not offered. ChronoSync allows syncing any type of files between Apple devices, whether you need to sync media files or documents - ChronoSync can do this for you. Not a bad tool for files synchronization, but impossibility to sync personal data and support of Apple devices only which in fact can be synced without any third-party apps frustrates a little. Hope developers will expand the list of supported devices and sync options offered for them.

Though Synchronize! You can even make a bootable backup to a disk image over a network.

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In case of this app it would be more correct to name this section Backup options. There is a lot of them in fact. You can back up personal data as well as folders with files. Besides this Synchronize!

Compare two folders' contents in Terminal

Pro backs up your OS X startup disk to another hard disk, so that the backup disk is bootable. GoodSync automatically backs up and syncs files on your Mac OS X with any computer, drive or mobile device. GoodSync allows syncing folders with files between supported devices. Note that sync is performed only between pair of folders, not between folder and Mac app iTunes, Photos. GoodSync offers a wide range of devices you can sync data on your Mac with, but the list of sync options is rather poor - no possibility to sync contacts, calendars; no interaction with built-in macOS apps.

The main advantage of these tools is that you can access data you are storing in the cloud from any device provided that this device is connected to Internet.

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  4. Use VisualDiffer to compare the contents of folders and files.

Among the disadvantages is that not all of them offer interaction with Mac OS X apps or allow storing and syncing personal data like contacts and calendars. The main advantage of iCloud is that you can not only store data in it, you can also manage personal data in iCal, Address Book, Reminders, etc. Dropbox is probably the most popular and reliable cloud storage for now.

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It offers you cloud space for free and allows storing folders with any files there. You can not only store but also share data you have in Dropbox account. Just like Dropbox, SugarSync provides you with a cloud storage where you can transfer files and folders.