Use same keyboard and mouse for pc and mac

Your client device can be paired with multiple Across Servers, and you can select one of them to use. For example, you can make your smartphone Bluetooth pairing with your home and office computer, and you can select one of them to use at home or office.

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Across does not affect your Bluetooth gadgets e. Our solid technical background provides you the complete stability for every function.

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And your keyboard can be any country keyboard. Across completely supports multi-monitor environment. It does not matter how many monitors your computer has are. All rights reserved. To try the connection, click the Start button: first on the server and then on the client PC. Try moving the mouse off the server screen.

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If all goes well, it will land on the client screen safely! If the second computer is a Mac, download SynergyKM. Enter the name of the server computer in the Client Configuration tab and click the Apply Now button. To try the connection, click Turn Synergy On in the General tab.

If all goes well, it will transport seamlessly to your client PC. Note: If you have any problems during this step on your Mac, I've found that entering the server's local IP address seems to work. When you're satisfied with the results, close the Synergy window. Synergy will continue running in your system tray, from which you can start or stop the application as needed.

Now you're sharing the mouse and keyboard between two computers simultaneously. Piece of cake. You can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Share one mouse and keyboard between multiple computers

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The Root. The Root The Grapevine. Share Tweet. I bought a device at MicroCenter that uses one mouse, one keyboard, one moniter and a place or speakers that switches between two computers as I only work on one computer at a time. Two with Windows 10, one with Windows 7, and the other when used with various Windows Op. Works for me in every way possible. Switch back and forth with ease. Works with whichever computers are turned on, two at a time or all 3 or 4. No problems whatsoever running programs, transfering files or whatever. Tried Synergy, which also worked, but not as well as Mouse Without Borders for my setup.

In that way, I can have a monitorless system, or even keyboard less system, where possible, just Power On, with VNC server active as service.


Then from my computer I access them when needed. Skip to content. Is this article useful? Yes No. Comments Facebook Tweet. Apr 13, at am. Apr 14, at am. Just get Synergy! Apr 13, at pm.

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