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Setup finished successfully. Any hints? You are right, you are not dumb. The tutorial was written with Version 0. The output in Version 0. Is there any working download manager on DNS that supports these with premium account? Tucan download manager does not support fileserve and filesonic with premium account. Slimrat and plowshare has not got GUI.

Any idea? Once added, the NAS starts to download the Files and you can disconnect your computer without any problems. I have tried and it works. Thank you! Settings can be updated only with manual editing of pyload. But it is not a big issue for me. This will work on the dns Uli, thank you for this very useful site. I followed the tutorial but I can not launch the web interface local and external. However, I left everything default. I really do not understand. All installed well, the daemon starts but nothing after. I have a dns The web interface cannot run on DNS, it seems that is required more RAM or maybe there is something incompatibility.

I tried python pyLoadCli. It just never connect. Command line just hang and GUI on windows show cannot connect to host.

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All the settings are default. Any help?

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See here. Hi Uli great website and tutorial. I had the same issue and managed to fix it by: 1 changing the first line in the file S95startPyload. Is there anyway you can help me to install this into my environment? By remote session. I am basically a noob at networking and setting up all that. But I know what I want and I have got all the stuffs required. What stumps me: 1 Which should I set up first? The remote access via DyLink provided software? I managed to get the starter script working by: 1 changing the first line in the file S95startPyload.

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Hi all, I have install pyLoad on my dns Download works fine but I encountered an issue. Delete function also does not work. The only way to I try to move is login via ssh then use these function. Any advice? Check the settings in pyload, there is a option to set the permissions on the download-folder e. I managed to install pyload on my DNS Please try again.

To reset your login data or add an user run: python pyLoadCore. It's considerably lightweight and packs a lot of features. It also does not require any extra installation or any installation, for that matter! However, on the downside, the initial configuration can be confusing for some users and therefore it's not a very common download manager. Although, this is not likely because the plugin uses the API exclusively. First of all, you need to download pyLoad.

After obtaining the details required above, follow the steps below to learn how to initially configure pyLoad. This will launch a command line tool that will walk you through basic setup. Remember, any options that have a [] bracket around them are default options, so if you'd like that option, simply type nothing and press Enter. This tutorial will type everything in for clarity, however. Default option is n no. This is the username you will use to login to the web client of pyLoad to actually use it. The password you type in here will not be shown , so you need to be very careful with what you type.

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You will be asked for a confirmation type again, so remember what you typed. This will not be shown, so make sure you typed matching passwords. While not required, this may come in handy later. Default value is yes. Language is, as always, en English. The Download folder value should be left as is. Please don't change it, as it references itself inside the pyLoad folder. But the tutorial has set it to 1 for example purposes.

You can change it now or later to your desired value. We don't need to configure ssl, so let that stay as n no which is also the default value. We'll use pyLoad through a web interface, so select y yes to configure web interface next. So set The port is as a default value, which is what you should leave it at. You can contact us through the "Contact Us" form. Linking to our page s however is very much appreciated. Tweaking 4 All. PyLoad for put. Search for:. Moderate - The average user should be able to do this, but pay attention to the details!

Related Articles - Jump straight to an overview of related articles if any Google Plus - Share this page What is Put. Download chunks failed, fallback to single connection 28, 'Operation too slow. Restart pyLoad through the webinterface.

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Related Articles. May 3, - PM - sadsack Comment Link. Nice guide, i love all these QNAP-automation threads you have written Can i ask is there any way to have sickrage upload torrents to put. Hi Sadsack … PyLoad is only used to download torrents from Put.

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