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I thought it was the cartridge problem but I tried 3 used an off brand , then went to the store to get a Kodak black cartridge and it still doesn't print in black. I loved this printer until this happened. Don't make me lose my faith in Kodak! Call kodak and it is most likely your printerhead that needs to be replaced, they sent me one for free.

They no longer have phone support so you can only contact them online now which I haven't done yet. I am sooooo frustrated!!!! I have an ESP 9,and my printer stopped printing black ink. I did a copy function and still no ink so I knew it was the printer and not the driver.

I changed both colour and black to no avail and tried cleaning the print head with a damp cloth, also to no avail.

Kodak Esp 5250 Printer Setup

Figuring I had nothing to lose I ran the hot tap in the kitchen and allowed the hot water to flow into the print head rinsing out each of the colours and the two blacks. You could literally see the ink residue flowing through into the sink. After a couple of minutes I gave the print head a shake, gentle wipe with paper towel and re-assembled the print head and cartridges. Colour is a bit squiffy but black is now perfect. I have that many documents to print today and tomorrow that I would have had to buy another printer.

Interesting to note, our printer is located next to the fireplace and we have had the fire on more than normal. When I get the chance I will relocate the printer to a cooler more ventilated place. I ended up spending too many hours messing around with the printer in the following days. There is a black, red, yellow and blue tank to fill, they are clearly visible from the side of the printer. The printer will pay for itself in the first year, it is so fast compared to the Kodak, no clunking around after it's been resting. I will be taking the Kodak to the local waste tip on Monday.

Simon Connelly was spot on for me. Black was working; I had to take it out for a day. Then no black ink when printing. Under the hot tap, lots of ink poured out, and hey presto, now the black is normal. Awaiting a new printhead, as only just saw this tip. John Savio. If you copy something on the scan that has black and it prints it fine its a software issue.

If it don't then the print head may have dried up. I recommend replacing the print head.

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You can wet down a paper towel with rubbing alcohol and dab the print head and see if you can get the ink flowing again it worked on mine. I also found if you leave it turned on so that it can run a cleaning cycle once in awile this can be avoided. Hope this helps. Copied from this website Thanks a million for this speedy reply.

Software update did not work thou, so I will start taking it apart The test page prints moderately well, the calibration print page also looks "acceptable. Will try reinstalling the K driver. Everyone complaining about the same issue; No solutions! You get, "It's the print tray" or," It's a Windows driver" without actually specifying which of the umpteen drivers it is, durrrr , and countless other random posts without any real solution.

Does anyone actually know what the issue is because I could sure use an explanation. No, it isn't the print tray, it isn't the fact that some of us use "Non Kodak" ink and it isn't something that just decides to happen at will. Kodak DO know what the issue is and it's more than likely a simple fix, but when you are skint it makes sense to encourage people to buy more of your products and services. The pigment in black ink is thicker and dries much quicker than lighter colours. Kodak print trays in particular i feel, are manufactured without taking this into consideration so the black tends to get bunged up during sporadic use.

It suits Kodak though because a replacement print tray costs about as much as a new, low end yet perfectly acceptable printer Hahahaha, printers - one of the biggest scams on the planet, lol!!! I have had the same problem - I changed both cartirdges then cleaned the printhead but no success - I have just replaced the printhead and it's now working.

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Kodak ESP User Manual | 73 pages | Also for: ESP , ESP

I had the same issue with black ink not working and it was driving me mad. After reading all these comments it gave me an idea of removing the black ink and giving the holder a blast with a can of airduster, it now works perfectly :- hopefully this will help others out.

I've had the same issue - for a couple of years now!! Change the printhead. Dont waste anymore time. It was a risky move considering the printer didnt have much value left as it is old kodak hero 3. Im sure buying the cheap ink cartridges isnt the best thing for the printer but hey now i will hopefully get a few more years! Doug Payne.

Easy WiFi Setup on Kodak ESP Printers

I found a similar Kodak printer that used the same print head. So when I changed it, it worked.

CUPS driver / SANE backend for kodak Aio

The print head is easy to remove, it snaps in just like the ink cartridge. Jay Davenport jaydav Finally I got annoyed and took the print head to the sink and ran a tap slowly through the black sponge to clear any debris this just popped out of the printer like the ink cartride did. I made sure not to get the gold plate wet and then dabbed it dry once the water ran clear.

Popped it back in the printer and ran the calibration and sure enough it prints fine. Must have just been some back ink clogging somewhere due to not using it for 6 months. Melissa Carvin. OK read through all these comments and more on other pages. First off I have had my Kodak All in one printer series for almost 10 years now and I love it!!!! The trick is use Kodak photo paper and Kodak Ink and then if people would take the time to adjust their settings to the Kodak recommendations each time they are printing they would get the most out of their Ink.

But that would require people to slow down and take a minuet and Lord knows no one has time for that. Also before you purchase any items for your printing needs take a minuet to look online to see if there are any specials on the items you need. Unfortunately the ribbon has come out of the printer head cartridge on my printer now and I am trying desperately to find a quick fix for it but so far no luck. But I will find a cheap way to fix it one way or another because I love my printer!

Non WiFi and All! I know my post is not a helpful one at first glance, but if you slow down long enough to read it you might get a few helpful hints and not just with printer issues. Susan heis hpalways. You are a lifesaver! I desperately needed to print an application and your quick fix totally did the trick. Rohn Mason.

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