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The Command keys are immediately to the right and left of the space bar.

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All VoiceOver commands use the Control and Option keys. The Option key is immediately to the left of the Command key on the left side of the space bar, and the Control key is one further left.

Keyboard shortcuts in Word for Mac

These VoiceOver keys will now be referred to as VO keys. There is often more than one way to accomplish a specific task on the Mac. VoiceOver provides many ways to read text. Reading can be done with keyboard keys or with the trackpad, or a combination of both methods.

VoiceOver will continue reading until the end of the document is reached or the Control key is pressed. Typing the character again will say its name phonetically, such as typing S to elicit the response "Sierra. The first time you press the command VoiceOver will say the word. Pressing the W again will have VoiceOver spell the word, and pressing the W a third time will have VoiceOver spell it phonetically.

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  6. MacBooks do not have Home and End keys. To read line by line, use the Down Arrow, and the Up Arrow to read the previous line.

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    When reading by line or character, do not add the VO keys. These gestures are the same as on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

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    To read a document starting from the VoiceOver cursor, flick down with two fingers. To choose the unit by which VoiceOver will read, do a two-finger twist on the trackpad to the left or right until you hear the desired unit. Then, flick down with one finger. Another method of choosing VoiceOver's reading unit on the trackpad is to hold down the Command key and tap one finger on the trackpad.

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    Repeat this gesture until you hear the unit you want. There are many ways to select text, some of which are described below. The guide is the last option in the list. If no text is selected, VoiceOver will say, No selection available. In order to use these key combinations, the keyboard cursor and VoiceOver cursor must be set to move together this is the default setting. If you accidentally select text, type one of the arrow keys alone, but be aware that this can change the cursor position.

    Commonly used keyboard combinations To use one of these combinations Hold the Command key down and strike the letter key Hint: The command key is the one that people often call "open apple" and is found on either side of the space bar.

    Create or Delete a Custom Shortcut in Word

    Open a new word document quickly. Paste - Inserts the contents of the clipboard at the insertion point cursor or whatever is selected. Open a new Word document and type a line of text. If you wish to do so you could copy this line and paste it into the document. Do not reach for your mouse 3. Move your cursor back into the middle of the line you just typed 4. Highlight more than one word Hint: Extend to left or right to highlight more than the cursor width.

    Two Mac keyboard shortcuts for missing Home and End keys

    Cut the highlighted text from the document 6. Open a new Word document 7. Paste the text you cut from the first document into the new document 8. Save the document Each of the steps in the list above should have been accomplished without the use of your mouse. If you reached for the rodent, review the two tables above, go back to step 1 and try again. Good luck. Extensive list of Keyboard shortcuts as a word document. Keyboard shortcuts to use on a Macintosh computer You can avoid reaching for the mouse if you are familiar with keyboard shortcuts.

    If you forget one of these, use the mouse and go to the menu bar. In each pull down menu you will see keyboard commands given in the right side of the window.