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Or if you just want to view a Microsoft Project file on your Mac, there are some free MS Project viewers for Mac that you can use instead. Here then is our list of the best project management software for Mac that make excellent replacements for Microsoft Project. Teamwork Projects really pushes the boat out when it comes to project management and in our view, is the best alternative to Microsoft Project that Mac users can find. Teamwork Projects has been around and is all about helping employees, teams and PMs be more organized, cooperative and informed without getting in the way.

From the way it feels like something made for macOS to the way it accurately imports and exports MS Project files , Teamwork Projects is also so much better to use than MS Project in almost every way. The Teamwork Microsoft Office add-on not only allows you to import and export to Microsoft Project but even integrate with Microsoft Project in real-time with it too. Combined with clear, color coordinated Gantt Chart and Kanban project views, automated Triggers and Webhooks to alert others when work is complete and Zoho Reports integration, Teamwork Projects is a pleasure to use when it comes to project management.

Although Teamwork is an enterprise project management tool, private individuals or freelancers can use it for free but note that free accounts are limited to just 2 projects and MB of storage. You can find full details here on Teamwork Projects pricing. You can try a 30 day free trial of any Plan with no credit card required. You can also read our full Teamwork Projects review for a more in-depth look. Backlog is already used by some of the biggest companies out there including Adobe, SoftBank and TransferWise.

What we like most about Backlog is the overall simplicity. Backlog makes it very easy to track projects and assess risks. Backlog offers three ways to view your project timelines: Burndown Charts, Git Graphs for developers and of course, Gantt Charts. Again, these are all very simple in layout and presentation but make it easy to focus on the essential tasks.

40 Best Microsoft Project Alternatives

The third party integration is limited in Backlog but still includes major products such as Jira, Slack and TypeTalk. You can try Backlog for free to judge for yourself. Wrike is one of the most popular cloud based project management apps available and used by over 10, organizations worldwide.

Wrike is like a mix between project management tools Trello and Jira but in a slicker and more intuitive interface. Wrike is very flexible and suitable for everything from creative projects to corporate project management and marketing campaigns. There are 4 main versions of Wrike, Free, Professional, Business and Enterprise plus an extra version Wrike for Marketeers which is designed specifically for marketing professionals. You can get more information on Wrike pricing here. You can try it for yourself as all plans have a free trial of Wrike. SmartSheet is a powerful online alternative to Microsoft Project which puts making Gantt charts easy at the center of its design.

SmartSheet is very easy to use and makes it simple to create timelines, calendars and share or collaborate on projects with other users. Managing timelines is also easy allowing you to drag and drop tasks to change duration or completion dates and enter more information. You can also add Milestones and choose whether you want them to have a knock-on effect on the rest of your tasks or not.

The main strength of NobPlan is the ability to cost projects in a simple manner and it can export data into several different formats easily.

It also allows you to import and export Microsoft Project files although only in the XML format that is open to developers — MPX format is not supported unfortunately. The useful thing about ProjectManager. LiquidPlanner is a powerful software-as-a-service SaaS project management application aimed at technology teams. LiquidPlanner is ideal for task management, project scheduling, and team collaboration in one application.

LiquidPlanner is suitable for agile environments but could also be easily deployed in waterfall environments too. The idea behind this is that you end up with more realistic deadlines due to the LiquidPlanner scheduling engine which automatically calculates dates for projects and task across the entire project timeline in real-time.

Your best bet is to try the free trial of LiquidPlanner to judge for yourself before subscribing.

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One of the main attractions of ProofHub is its accessibility and ease of use for all technical abilities. You can navigate ProofHub using the different tabs at the top such as the Tasks bar which allows you to add, modify and set the priority of tasks and jobs. You can breakdown tasks into subtasks with ProofHub and easily assign tasks to different members of your team. If you need to switch to a Gantt chart view of your timeline, you can do using the Gantt tab. Tim wholeheartedly recommends Parallels Desktop, which he has now been using successfully for several months.

Installation was simple, and there are many configuration options that can be changed. For example, the amount of memory dedicated to the Apple or Windows operating system. This gives greater flexibility to the user. He particularly likes the disk cleaning tool, which ensures his laptop is always operating efficiently. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Toggle navigation Home Home.

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It also has issue tracking and prioritization for the items that must rise to the top of the list. It has a nomenclature all its own that may be difficult to learn. Scoro works with a lot of creative teams and offers an advantage if you want to keep your CRM with your project management tasks.

Developers love this one because you have to know Ruby on Rails to implement it. That makes it very flexible, but not necessarily meant for all users. Bitrix24 combines a social intranet, project management tasks and a CRM together. Like if you smashed Salesforce into your project to-do list but wanted something simpler. A big part of Bitrix24 is the ability to keep all the conversations and company updates in one place, along with your projects. They have self-hosted and cloud-hosted versions, but there are storage limitations.

If your looking to move to one of the Microsoft Project alternatives, remember to consider not only the features but how the project management software can help you succeed. You need an option that will make your life easier and less chaotic, not harder.

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