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Directly transferring files to a WD MyCloud: is it possible?

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WD My Cloud 2/3/4TBs how to speed things up - REALACT

We chose the name at the beginning, not because of strange disciplines in the porn industry, but merely, because all our computers have names taken from Greek mythology. Again upgrading the router to Gigabit would increase the wireless transfer rate? I have owned the WD Mycloud for nearly six months and have lost nearly a third of my hair trying to solve the problem. I was poised this weekend to canibalize the drive and try and use it as a fixed external drive forgoing the NAS features and remote access. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Hi Eli — in a previous article you wrote about Ooma, which I have also used for several years now. My question — where does your router sit in relationship with Ooma and WD My Cloud, and what if any adjustments to make it work?

Telstra Smart Modem

Many thanks! Thanks very much for posting this! I am still having issues though. Do I put 20 for external and internal, same for Over kill. The Western Digital My Cloud products are very poor implementation of the implemented technologies. It would be better to purchase a proper NAS Server. Cam someone please help. I dont know how the hoi polloi is ment to have figured that lot out but glad you have. Its a great little device the My cloud. Thanks :. Hi Eli, Thanks for the wonderful help.

I also have a similar kind of issue with WD My cloud 4tb as it is also giving very low transfer rates. I am having a gig lan switch Netgear GS unmanaged switch which connects my pc and wd cloud both are 1 gb lan enabled. I can see that on my pc in Local Area Connection Status and on the Lan led of Drive also the stable light and blinking lights both are green. Hi, I want to ask , what is the file transfer speed when I copy files within Windows or mac, not on a network?

Thank you for the explanation exactly what I needed — for a non IT pro like you, can you expand the Part 2 points… what do you mean by properly setting up the ports? The clean interface is super easy to use.

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It will perform your files transfers quickly and efficiently. It also supports FXP for superfast server to server transfers. Hi, can you help with Mac OSX settings?

Making the WD MyCloud useful!

Currently I am trying to download a large folder gb from mycloud to my desktop. It is taking forever and often crashes after a couple hours just stops working…. Eli- just a quick thanks for this advice. On checking, 3 of the services were set to Manual and were stopped. Changing them all to Auto and restarting the SP3 then the backup has seen speeds increase enormously! So far I went thru and set those 4 main things to Automatic, 1st was set, 2nd was disabled last 2 were started but set as manual, restarted pc but still getting 6mb transfers brutally slow when trying to move 1tb of data.

I am using all cat 6 cable btw on windows 7 pro. The problem is that on wifi in loading files it is super slow so, can you please tell me how to speed things up a little bit. Hello all, I have a wdmc 4T unit that operated well till win 10, Before 10 I could transfer files back and forth to the unit all day using win explorer, No problem, then 10 ….. How exactly are you connecting to the WDMyCloud device? Do you have network discovery enabled in your Windows 10 machine? Also is File Sharing enabled in your Windows 10 settings? Hello Eli, Ok to make things clear, we first purchased this unit before w10, we were running w7 at the time, Comcast modem no problem on the network.

No port forwarding or static IP. I also have a MyBook 2t usb that works like a champ. I made the changes in services you suggested above and found a utube video on how to run the MC4t via network cable directly to my pc bi-passing the network altogether. It was ez with full access and navigation, then the big test ….. Blubrd hmmm I can think of so many reasons that could be causing your issue, first of all, have you tried running the MyCloud device normally behind the router like it was designed to?

Have you checked your cables to make sure they are not damaged? Have you tried turning off security programs such as your Antivirus and anti Malware momentarily and trying a transfer that way? Eli, lets run it down, unfortunately its the same using the router or directly connected to the pc, cables are good and have tried several different all cat5. There is no problem uploading files to the MC, no delay no drop off and no calculating. Only when retrieving files does this problem occur. I use AVG antivirus no malware. I would think if it was a firewall issue or anti-vir firewall there would be no contact or transfer at all.

Hi, I have found this issue several times: If the unit is full 0 bytes free it becomes unresponsive — every operation returns a network timeout. Only solution is to unplug the power supply, then plug it again — only then i can delete some files. Do not open up port 22 to the wdmycloud, you are potentially exposing your entire lan to the internet if a the device is compromised e.

Some of those have lead to frustrating dead ends, some to a degree of resolution. But this single post of yours has far and away surpassed them all in the positive effect it has had on my everyday life.

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