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Software Downloads. GoFlex Desk for Mac. Support rows Support Support. Paragon Driver for Windows The driver provides read and write access for Seagate external drives in Windows without having to reformat. GoFlex Diagnostics Software Software to allow the user to change the sleep time, toggle the lights, and run drive diagnostics on a Windows computer. Enter a Product Serial Number for Firmware downloads. How to use the Windows Disk Error Checking feature on an external drive. Correctly identifying the Apple Thunderbolt port. Will my drive work with Windows 7? The light on my external drive is blinking.

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Seagate USB External drive diagnostics. Browse All Articles. Windows 7 or Vista requests drivers for an external drive. The Device Manager displays a yellow! Power Adapter Specifications for Seagate Products. The serial number on the outside of the box does not match the serial number on the drive. Our Story. Seagate Champions. Software Downloads.

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Seagate makes good on its promise, outs the 3TB FreeAgent GoFlex Desk external hard drive

Knowledge Base. Get Support Now Speak with a Seagate expert by phone or email. Quick Start Product Registration. Is that normal? Can I backup multiple PCs to one external drive? Mac OS Troubleshooting Windows will not allow me to safely remove my drive. Drive reports 'write protected' or 'read only' when trying to save to or delete from it The light on my external drive is blinking. Aug 8, PM in response to vinniefromflatbush In response to vinniefromflatbush. I have the 3TB version and the Firewire adapter but have the same issues.

I've disabled "Put the hard disks to sleep when possible" option in Energy Saver but it still sleeps. The only difference of my config is that it is daisy-chained from another external drive, also using the FW connection. That drive does not sleep but the Seagate drive still sleeps when idle. Aug 8, PM. I ran into this problem on a different Seagate drive, and found a solution and also, I think, the cause of the problem. It's very simple and in fact is no more than a wrapper to a shell script and launch daemon that accesses the drive regularly.

The only trouble with it is that it does keep the drive spinning, rather than letting the drive sleep and then wake up. For my use that was not an issue. The problem with Seagate is that their drive sets its own sleep time, and won't wake up once it has slept, and seems to freeze the Finder. I did find on the Seagate site a while ago a little program that claimed to solve this, but from looking at the elements of the package I was convinced that it did not work.

I did not feel like experimenting, though, but someone else might be more adventurous.

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I used something called "Suspicious Package" which lets you look at the contents of a package installer by Quick Look. It seemed to me that what the Seagate program did was to temporarily install its own driver, use that to reset the sleep time, then remove that temporary driver. But I reckoned that the sleep time need to be set to 0 to ensure that Energy Saver controlled sleep but in fact was set to a non-zero figure.

Aug 9, AM. Aug 9, PM in response to danco34 In response to danco I hadn't even thought about a simple script to access the drive as I was concentrating on how to fix the problem instead of patching it. I've just written my own instead but the Keep Drive Spinning utility is perfect for those that are not comfortable making their own scripts. One down side to the Keep Drive Spinning utility is that it installs as a user script and not a system script so it will only run when that user is logged in. Seagate fixes it. Aug 9, PM. Almost every time I try to transfer files, the drive hangs and forces me to do a hard restart.

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I purchased the drive in August of I contacted support and they told me to run mac diagnostics, which it passed. The support person didn't understand why this is happening and recommended I return the drive while I can. I will try again tomorrow using a FireWire adapter, but I was hoping there was a real fix for this. What is the point of patching temporarily if there might be problems the next time I connect to a different computer?

And having the drive constantly spin seems like harsh treatment for something the drive should do easily. I have 6 other external hard drives and none of them exhibit this type of behavior. They transfer files by drag and drop with no problems.

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Yet my Seagate is super problematic and I don't what to tip toe around it. I am willing to throw in the towel soon, but I really want a solution.

Who knows, maybe some day I will buy a new mac and upgrade to a thunderbolt adapter. Otherwise, I am looking at non-upgradable USB 2.

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  8. Aug 18, PM. Aug 19, AM in response to gogogut In response to gogogut. The O. Below is Seagate's description. You can see that it specifically says that it includes drivers to disable the built-in sleep timer which I think is the cause of the problem. Somewhere in the Seagate discussion forums I think I saw that you don't have to set anything, just installing the relevant drivers is enough.

    As I mentioned previously, it is possible to look at the scripts in the installation package, but I found them too complicated to understand. I agree with gogogut that having the drive spin constantly is not a good solution for most people. I only used that drive for video programs and processing them, so I unmounted and turned the drive off except when I needed it to be active.

    File Version: 1. Simply double click it to install the software. If the software was deleted, it can be downloaded using the link below. This software package includes Diagnostic software for testing the drive, drivers to disable the built-in sleep timer on the drive, and drivers to enable the capacity gauge for GoFlex Desk models. It has now been updated to support bit and bit version of MacOS.