Unetbootin not recognizing usb mac

Daniel, I had the same issue. Unmount and eject the disk, and viola; I got the menu option for ESX install. How did you find the correct file to modify? I tried newer versions instead of the 5.

Unetbootin does not find USB

Any sort of help on this would be greatly appreciated. This worked perfectly for me. Executing this actually created a bootable USB on my R I did not have access to a windows PC.

How to use UNetBootin

The only modifications I did was I created a different directory not in documents as it seems documents is a weird folder now that there is cloud syncing in OS. Everything else worked perfectly.

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Same issue add Daniel above. When booting of the USB device the following message or something similar will appear: "Missing operating system" and the process is auto-magically halted.

UNetbootin / Wiki / guide

To get the USB device e. After doing this the USB should then appear as a bootable device while holding in the alt or c key when you are rebooting the computer. Notice that both the computers built in bootloader and rEFIt will identify the USB device as a Windows device, but that's not a problem and expected. A workaround to the-usb-device-is-not-booting-problem is to: Install rEFIt. Create a bootable start disk using Ubuntu and a USB stick. User profile for user: merchamster merchamster. Sep 30, AM in response to Madwida In response to Madwida there is a program that will let you do that, although regretably i got rid of it and no longer have the link.


Go to the forums for the distros you want to install to find out if and how you install them on flash drives. I'm afraid you're in the wrong place. I can of course post this on a Linux forum, but thought I would check here for a Mac app. Sep 30, PM in response to Madwida In response to Madwida I'm not sure why you would think that a LInux program would be found here just because you use a Mac.

Linux runs on different hardware of which the Mac is just one. The software you require is found at the sites that support the particular Linux distros, not this site. Many Linux sites have their own active forums to provide you with help.

UNetbootin is a simple and effective Live USB creator

That's where you need to go. All I wanted was some advice on a Mac app that would allow me to download and then store on a bootable USB drive a Linux distro. That's it. I guess not. Thus I am looking for a Mac app not a Linux one. So, if someone has an answer rather than telling me to go somewhere else I'd appreciate it.

Of course I will also post this question in the Mac forum of the Ubuntu Forum--a place where you can ask questions about other OSs.

How to create a bootable Windows 10 USB on Mac

Thanks for any help. There is no Mac app for what you want. Putting Linux on a flash drive requires modifying Linux, not using a Mac application. It doesn't make any difference what the hardware is you run Linux on. I don't know what's so hard to understand about it.

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  4. I've done this several times using Ubuntu. It isn't done with Mac software. Sure, you can download the distro, you can install it on your Mac, and even boot it from your Mac. But if you want to put it on a flash drive or any external drive, you will need to make that mod from Linux. You can argue with me 'til the cows come home, but this ain't gonna change.