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Mozilla Firefox for Mac

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How to Download Mozilla Firefox on a Mac

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Mozilla Firefox 4

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  7. Toolbar Set up Fire fox your way. Drag and drop features in and out of your toolbar for easy access.

    One of the World`s Most Popular Web Browsers for Mac

    Sync your devices Seamlessly access passwords, bookmarks and more. Go to "Firefox", "Preferences" or to the three-line icon located at the top right hand corner of the browser and then "Preferences". Click on 'Privacy and security' and, in the 'Certificates' section, make sure the 'Always ask' option is selected, to ensure that the correct certificate is always selected for pages that require them. Click 'See certificates'. Go to the 'Your certificates' tab and click 'Import Valid file extensions for electronic certificates are.

    Select the file from the location it is saved in, and press "Open". Your browser may ask you to enter the master password which is the password for the Mozilla Firefox certificate store, and by default is not set; if you decide to set one, bear in mind that you will lose the certificate if you forget it. If there is none set, you can leave it blank, but if you have already set one, then you will have to enter it in order to finish importing the certificate. If no message appears regarding the password, proceed. A new window will ask you for the password used to encrypt the backup copy.

    Enter the password and click 'OK'. If everything is correct you will see a message reading 'The files have been restored successfully If you want to use the electronic certificate from other browsers Safari or Google Chrome , the certificate must be installed in Keychain Access. Go to "Start session", "My certificates" and check if your personal certificate appears in this storage.

    Mozilla Firefox for Mac (Mac) - Download

    If not, click on "File", "Import elements" or "Import items", depending on the version. Select the. You may need to enter the password that you established when exporting the certificate.