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  • Survive the horrors of the Mount Massive Mental Asylum.

Red Barrels 8 months ago. We've recently expanded our HR team here at the studio Red Barrels 9 months ago. Do you want to go to MEGA?

Gameplay Outlast 2 for PC

All this can be altered by going to the options and customising them to your liking. The psych ward is full of danger and crazy people so no one is predictabe or trustworthy, trust only your guts and run away from anything that looks suspicious. The game also has this crazy back noices which if you are the easy to scare will drive you nuts.. Please dont use the headphones at night and dont play this game with lights off. Just in order to have a funny sleepover with some friends, and to be scared in front of one of the scariest video games ever! Sure thing this will be spooky.

For playing when other games are down for fixing.

Outlast 2 Torrent Download

I Have used terrible ones and they have not been the best at all I Honestly haven't found a better downloading site for outlast the full game. I have not used other programs like this but I would love to try this game. I really hope to download it successfully. Thank you for sharing. I have downloaded slander man before but no other similar programs.

Why is it making me type for characters? I have 28 to go, i just want. What i like most about this program is how you are pretty much blind without looking through your camera, which makes things creepier and i just love the abandon, creepy, haunted theme of the game.

That i can download this and have an excellent time while i play the game because i dont know anything about games so this is pretty chill tbh. I watched this game on youtube from famous youtubers like Pewds or Brad. But i never tried it so this is a perfect opportunity. Outlast is a first person horror survival set in a mental asylum. You will become Miles Upshur, a journalist who investigates the asylum after someone told him that strange things happen in there.

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The title is characterized by the darkness that surrounds you as well as the insanity of every person you find in the center. Prepare yourself for one of those experiences that will make your nightmares be dull and soft as a fairy tale. The graphical aspect of Outlast is very realistic -almost if you were there- with good character modeling.

The scenarios are pretty similar since the main place is the whole asylum but, despite that, there is some diversity in the sewers. The sound aspect is one of the elements that will make your fear to go further in the game.

Outlast 2 Torrent Download

Instead of providing you with weapons, you will have a pretty dear friend: your video camera. With it, you will be able to see in the darkness thanks to its night vision. Patients, darkness and more. This horror game is really scary, especially if you are afraid of darkness.