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On most days, he posts to Twitter while programming at home in California. He can be reached at phil twitmenulet. Our programs In addition to fun programs like Twit Menulet and the Stock Menulet stock ticker for Mac , we create scientific data analysis tools.

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  • Tweetbot 3 is the best Twitter client for the Mac!

Our passion is creating programs that process large amounts of information and present the results efficiently. Our wine We drink pinot noir, nothing more and nothing less. Well, OK, if you must know, we also have a fondness for Gewurz! EDIT: last updated 3 years ago! Never mind then. The dark theme is burning my eyes out.

There is too much contrast. Font color is pure white, make it whitish. Look at other apps with dark mode for inspiration. Take a look at App Store reviews and their color theme, for example.

The best Twitter client for Mac

Much more pleasant to look at. This app is just a web page in bad disguise.

What's everyone saying?

Menus especially don't look nor feel native. Their styling is also always white, even if you select the dark theme in the app. With it being a web app, use "user-select: none", please!

Best Twitter clients for Mac

Often I inadvertently select text and pieces of UI because you are allowed to select everything just like on a typical web page. This is not a good thing. It's OK to be able to copy a tweet, but it should be well defined.

No menu bar icon. Notifications don't show up in notification center.

‎MenuTab Pro for Twitter on the Mac App Store

Yes, it looks like overkill for iPhone, but Two Lives Left created this particular menu for the iPhone version of the app, which requires plenty of menu items. But the same menus could very well work inside any iOS app, regardless of screen size. The iOS menu bar also looks amazing and proves that you could easily replicate the macOS menu bar to deliver an iPad Pro user interface that would actually allow many people to ditch computers in favor of iPads.

Conversely, the same kind of design would allow Apple to create MacBooks with touchscreen displays if it ever wanted to go down that route. On the other hand, existing and future Macs will run iOS apps, no matter what chips they have inside. Apple already confirmed the feature back at WWDC , and the first such apps are already available inside Mojave — the new Home and Apple News apps are two such examples.

Mac Quick Tip: Add/Remove Menu Bar items