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Native Instruments Kontakt 2

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This virtual instrument, fashioned after the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, provides the sonic properties of the unique originals while meeting the practical requirements of the present day. Inspired by the immortal sound of the synthesizer giants of the eighties, Native Instruments created the PRO to cast in software those qualities that have been such a major influence on popular music in the past twenty years: brilliance, power, warmth and beauty.

Through Native Instruments' creative development philosophy, these timeless aesthetics have now reached the next step in their evolution. The result is the manifest re-definition of an original that was regarded as unrivalled until now. The synthesizer emulation has been vastly improved by a new oscillator technology that offers an even warmer and more brilliant sound. In addition the sonic possibilities have been expanded even further with new features like a high-pass filter mode and an invertible filter envelope. The control surface was also reworked and now shines in a whole new light.

What's New: Oscillators A new oscillator technology makes the PRO's impressive sound even warmer and more brilliant than before. The sonic character of the PRO reaches new levels of quality for virtual analog sound creation. User Interface Larger knobs and switches provide for easier and more ergonomic operation and convenient editing. In addition there are several new elements on the control panel.


The design was also slightly changed: PRO Filter The filter can now be switched from a normal low-pass to a high-pass filter. In addition the action of the filter envelope can be inverted, which allows for sonic colors that were not possible with the PRO PRO as Effect Plug-In Use of the PRO as an effect plug-in to process external signals with its filter and effects has been simplified: a hold button makes entering a long MIDI note into the sequencer to open the envelope unnecessary. The hold function also makes sound programming easier and can be used with the envelope-trigger-function of the LFO.

The set-up connections can be saved in a controller-map. Several pre-configured controller-maps come with the software and can be loaded directly into the PRO The update will follow soon. What's new: no fixed limit to the number of voices, many more savable preset slots, velocity sensitivity, MIDI automation of all available parameters, an additional effects section, a high-pass filter mode, invertible filter envelope, audio input, LFO-envelope retrigger, and the option to run several PROs in parallel.

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Sounds for Any Eventuality The PRO is able to import Prophet-5 SysEx sound data, which means it can read and accurately reproduce all the existing sound libraries made for the original. The subtle deviations from perfect behavior, which are typical of analog circuits and crucial to the sound, can now be fine-tuned. The huge sound library gives the PRO plenty of material for all kinds of musical styles: selected classic and modern analog sounds cover any possibility. In addition, PRO comes with 64 new sound presets, which were specially designed to take advantage of PRO's new features.

The PRO displays a name for each of the presets, unlike the original, which only displayed the preset number. Effects A built-in effects unit adds multi-echo and ultra-fat chorus and flanging effects. This makes the sound of the PRO 'complete' for both live performance and studio production. The included preset sounds make extensive use of the effects. The PRO also has an audio input for processing external audio signals through its filters and effects. Kontakt 4 is the second significant upgrade since EM reviewed Komplete 4 and Kontakt 3 in August and March , respectively. Kontakt 3.

Kontakt 4 ups the ante with 10GB of additional sample content, including the new Choir collection, solo strings from VSL, a concert organ, and a Mellotron. The convolution reverb comes with additional IR samples. Instrument control panels are larger, providing access to more controls see Fig. Furthermore, the GUI is redesigned to accommodate more sophisticated control panels from third-party instrument developers.

Database management is much improved with an attribute-based browser and pre-tagged library a vast improvement over the previous Quick Load system. And proving it''s the little things that count, you can now stretch the GUI at will rather than select just three preset sizes yes! The most significant new feature is Authentic Expression Technology AET , which lets you impose the spectral characteristics of one sound on another and morph between them in real time see Web Clip 2.

Not only does that let you creatively manipulate the harmonic flavor of a sound, it also allows for more transparent velocity transitions than crossfading offers. And Beyond Reaktor is the unsung hero in Native Instruments'' stable. Creating instruments and effects in Reaktor is difficult and time consuming, but it comes loaded with dozens of factory softsynths and effects called Ensembles , and they''re no harder to learn and use than other Komplete 6 elements. Many NI products evolve from Reaktor projects.

The Kore instruments The Finger and Reaktor Spark are just two examples, and the underlying Reaktor Ensembles, which are included with the Kore versions, have more features. The factory offerings are highly evolved, professional Ensembles with full documentation. They include synths, sample manglers, groove boxes, sequencers, and devices that defy description see Fig.

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If you have Komplete, don''t overlook Reaktor; you''ll find sounds and processes you''ll not see in standalone products, including the other products in Komplete. Komplete 6 brings enough improvements to make upgrading a must, and the upgrade price is the same from any previous version. If you have none of the included products, or have older versions of some, getting on the Komplete bandwagon is well-worth considering. No matter what kind of music you make, Komplete 6 is an outstanding collection of sound-production tools.

Len Sasso is a freelance writer and frequent EM contributor. For a komplete sampling of his music, visit swiftkick. Perhaps the most notable addition, though, is the Control Room component, which contains both cabinet models and an array of mic models, and lets you select which mics to use on a cabinet, how to pan them, and more.

Guitar Rig offers myriad options for just about everything, and Control Room is no exception. It gives you a more flexible alternative to the Matched Cabinet and Cabinets Mics components, although it provides fewer cabinet models eight than either of them. It gives you up to eight simultaneous mic choices way more than any cabinet modeling component in previous versions , including emulations of a Royer and a beyerdynamic M —the first ribbon mic models ever offered in Guitar Rig—as well as Neumann U47 and Sennheiser models, among others.

jBridgeM ( for Mac OS X )

Like other modeling software, Guitar Rig doesn''t contain the actual names of the units being modeled, but gives names that leaves no doubt as to what they are modeled from. Each mic in Control Room has its own channel strip comprising a pan knob, a volume slider, and mute and solo switches. You can dial up your own mix of the mics to get the tone you want with no phase problems , and using the pan controls you can set up a pretty wide-sounding track from a mono source great for rhythm guitar parts that you want to sound larger. Control Room is a digital emulation of the carefully phase-aligned multi-mic cabinet setups of German guitar-recording guru Peter Weihe.

Native Instruments Absynth (free version) download for PC

To preserve the phase alignment between mics, Control Room doesn''t offer the ability to move a mic''s virtual positioning, something you can do in some other amp simulators. But you do get global control over Volume, Bass, and Air room sound , and the tweaking possibilities are quite extensive see Web Clip A. The new cabinet models are all Marshall emulations.

Cool Plex which wasn''t in the first release of Guitar Rig 4, but will be introduced in 4. Both sound quite good and add some subtle differences to GR4''s amp palette. By setting its gain switch to Lo, you can get some pretty convincing clean tones, as well. New effects abound, making Guitar Rig even more of a sound-shaping playground than before.

These new components mainly tread into sound-design territory, especially Grain Delay, which uses granular slicing, pitch shifting, and modulation to offer up some pretty unusual sounds see Web Clip B. Twin Delay offers parallel delay lines and makes it super-easy to set up excellent stereo effects.

Iceverb emulates the sonics of an icy cave. It''s pretty cool-sounding no pun intended and gives you an unusual color, but it''s more of a special effect than a bread-and-butter reverb.

Native Instruments Komplete 6 (Mac/Win) Review

Octaverb has eight different small-room emulations and provides some very nice ambience options. Version 4 introduces true-stereo processing to Guitar Rig, which makes it more attractive for use on stereo sources of all types. There is also new support for NI''s Rig Kontrol 2 and 3 pedals I wasn''t able to test this feature , and a new Master FX module also to be introduced in 4. Overall, Guitar Rig 4 Pro especially 4.